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Chapter 2963 Wei Wucai Coughed Awkwardly

Suddenly, a third person appeared.

The two turned around fiercely and saw the apologetic expression of that waiter.

Yan Zhiqing came back to her senses.

She had been in Wei Wucais arms all this time.

She did not feel it before, but now, she felt that her lower back was burning.

It was because Wei Wucais palm was sticking to her lower back.

The heat from his palm passed through her shirt to her skin.

Yan Zhiqings expression changed, and she stepped back immediately.

But Wei Wucai seemed to have forgotten about this.

His hand was on her lower back, with his arm around her.

Even if Wei Wucai seemed like he was unconsciously doing it, Yan Zhiqing still could not get out.

His arms were like iron right now, hard and strong.

Yan Zhiqings eyes twitched.

She realized that because his arm was around her waist, the two of them were extremely close, and her hands were holding on to his body too.

Right now, her hands were holding on to the two sides of his waist.

Wei Wucai was tall and had long legs.

Even his waist was a lot higher than hers.

Yan Zhiqing also did not think much of it just now.

She had simply chosen a place she could grab instantly.

Who knew that it would be his waist

Although she was holding his shirt, this position was too intimate.

Seeing that Wei Wucai had no intention of letting her go, Yan Zhiqing pursed her lips and poked his waist.

She remembered that Wei Wucai had trained at the Mount Lan Compound since he was young.

He must be well-built.

Afraid that her poking would not affect him, after poking once, she even pinched him!

Wei Wucai was speechless.

Even if Wei Wucai was well-built, he could not take it if Yan Zhiqing just treated him like something without flesh and blood.

It was so painful that his eyes were twitching, but he could not show it in front of Yan Zhiqing.

So on the surface, he did not show any reaction; he did not even pant.

Then he saw Yan Zhiqing narrowing her eyes while saying softly, “Let me go!”

Wei Wucai was speechless.

Only then did he realize he was still holding Yan Zhiqing.

Wei Wucai coughed awkwardly.

The feeling of hugging Yan Zhiqing…

She was so soft; its like hugging a soft toy.

It made him not realize that there was a living person in his arms.

Wei Wucai immediately released Yan Zhiqing.

Judging by how much strength Yan Zhiqing had used to poke and pinch him, it seemed like she was really angry.

So after Wei Wucai released her, Yan Zhiqing immediately backed away.

Wei Wucai was speechless.

“Its fine.” Yan Zhiqing smiled at the waiter.

“We dodged it at the last minute.

Its my bad, I didnt look while walking.

Sorry for the trouble.”

“No, no.

Its my bad,” said the waiter immediately.

“As long as youre fine, then its okay.”

Lu Xiuse looked at how polite they were from the side and scoffed coldly inside.

Yan Zhiqing was so good at acting.

If people saw her now, would they not praise her good temper and personality, saying she had a huge heart

“You… you are… arent you…” The waiter recognized Yan Zhiqing and suddenly became excited.

Lu Xiuse watched as the spotlight was being stolen by Yan Zhiqing.

She was a living human being and had been here for so long, but the waiter still had not recognized her.

Her popularity was not that low, right!

Lu Xiuse was unhappy inside, but she showed a sweet smile on her face.

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