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Chapter 2968 You Did Not Do Anything

“I only took a glance and then I looked away.

I am not someone who peeks at others private affairs.”

Yan Zhiqing was worried that Wei Wucai would think that she was evil.

But in the same way, Wei Wucai was also worried that Yan Zhiqing would think that he was someone who liked to peek at others private affairs.

Yan Zhiqing did not know how to reply.

There were still things on her mind.

After thinking for a while, she replied, “Mhmm.

Got it.”

Then, she typed, “I am also not an evil person who plots against others just because.

Its just that… Lu Xiuse keeps on giving me trouble…”

Just as Yan Zhiqing was about to type this, she felt annoyed and did not want to continue anymore.

The history between Lu Xiuse and her could not be explained even if she had three days and nights to do it.

And she did not want to go out of her way to explain it to Wei Wucai.

It would seem like she really cared about it.

Yan Zhiqing did not send this message in the end.

However, Wei Wucai still saw it on Yan Zhiqings phone screen.

So after a while, Yan Zhiqing received a message from Wei Wucai.

“I know about you and Lu Xiuse.” Yan Zhiqing turned her head, surprised.

Wei Wucai also turned his head and smiled at her.

Wei Wucai looked extremely good, even to the point where he could be called beautiful.

It was hard even for women to be this elegant.

With a face like that, it could be imagined how much impact his smile had.

Wei Wucai was usually harsh with his words.

The most annoying thing was that he was so good-looking that others could only stare blankly at his face.

So he rarely smiled at people he was not close to.

Until now, Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai could not be considered close.

So she had never seen Wei Wucais true smile from his heart.

While dealing with people, Wei Wucai would smile faintly.

That was not counted.

So when she saw Wei Wucais soft smile suddenly, Yan Zhiqing was dumbfounded.

She did not know what to do and she stared blankly at Wei Wucai, forgetting to stop herself from looking

Wei Wucai, who had always hated when people stared blankly at him, did not get angry when he saw Yan Zhiqing doing it.

Instead, even his eyes smiled.

Yan Zhiqings ears grew red, and she immediately stopped staring.

Wei Wucais attitude tonight was too good!

Wei Wucai looked down at his phone screen and typed rapidly.

Very quickly, Yan Zhiqing received Wei Wucais next message.

“After all, I am in charge of information in the Mount Lan Compound.

I have to collect various types of information.”

It seemed like he was explaining to her why he would know the history between Lu Xiuse and her.

“So I know what troubles Lu Xiuse has given you previously.” Wei Wucai sent more messages.

“Since she troubled you first, how can you not give it back to her” Wei Wucai said.

“Youre not crossing the line by doing this.

Or would you rather that she feel that youre an easy target to bully”

Wei Wucai said in another message, “I found it strange that you did not do anything when she bullied you like that.

This should not be the case.”

Yan Zhiqing was speechless.

He really felt that Lu Xiuse was bullying her unilaterally

However, Wei Wucai did not feel that she was doing something bad, so Yan Zhiqing was strangely relieved.

She even smiled.

She had clearly relaxed.

Wu Mosen was sitting at the opposite side and saw the reaction between Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai.

He saw that the two were both looking down, as if they had a secret.

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