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Chapter 2976 What Did You Find Out

This time, Lu Xiuse did not embellish it.

She only told Luo Qingxian everything as it had happened.

Lu Xiuse felt that this matter was already damaging enough, so she did not have to add anything

“If their relationship was just ordinary, how could they hug each other for so long” Lu Xiuse sighed.

“I was too close to them, and there were other people there, so I could not take a picture with my phone.

I really wanted to show you.

“But then again, people who have an ordinary relationship would not hug each other for so long.

Besides, there were so many people there, making it even more unsuitable.

Honestly, those who can do that in front of so many people must not have an ordinary relationship.”

Lu Xiuse said, “It hasnt been that long since you met Wei Wucai, right” Luo Qingxian said dryly, “Indeed, it hasnt been long.”

Even if she wanted to guard against Lu Xiuse and knew that Lu Xiuses call was probably not out of goodwill, Luo Qingxian still could not help but care about this.

Through the phone, Lu Xiuse smirked faintly, having no good intentions.

“Think about it.

The two of them couldnt have become this close in just this short amount of them.

There must have been a process when they met or even had a fling for some time.

“But in just that short amount of time, Wei Wucai came to meet you.

What did he want to do Who is he looking down on” said Lu Xiuse coldly.

Although she knew that Lu Xiuse was trying to increase her rage, Luo Qingxian still could not help but feel angry.

When she did not hear Luo Qingxians reply, Lu Xiuse was not impatient.

She knew that Luo Qingxian was holding in her anger, so Lu Xiuse smiled and said, “But from what Ive seen, Wei Wucai doesnt seem to be as ordinary as he appears.”

Luo Qingxian was suffocating from anger, and when she heard Lu Xiuse say this, she got herself together.

“Why” Luo Qingxian subconsciously showed an eagerness to listen.

“What did you find


Lu Xiuse thought to herself, she would not be so good-hearted as to warn Luo Qingxian even if she really found out that Wei Wucai was not ordinary.

Lu Xiuse said, “Thats not it.

Its just that I could see that Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai are too close to each other.

Think about it, if Wei Wucai is really ordinary and is a good-for-nothing, given Yan Zhiqings family background, do you think she will fall for Wei Wucai

“You cant say that its just because he looks good, right There are tons of people who look good in our industry.

If were just talking about faces, he has a long way to go,” said Lu Xiuse.

“Besides, even if she fell for his face and Wei Wucai is actually worthless, even if Yan Zhiqing is happy, will the Yan Family be happy” said Lu Xiuse.

“So although I havent found out anything, just by analyzing it this way, I feel that Wei Wucai is probably not ordinary.

He definitely did not tell you the truth.”

Luo Qingxians heart jumped.

She had had this suspicion from the beginning.

Now that Lu Xiuse said this, her suspicion became larger and larger.

“Is that so” said Luo Qingxian calmly.

“You have seen more people and been through more than me.

I believe in your eyes.

If you feel that way, then the truth definitely wont be far from it.”

Lu Xiuse said, “Our production crews are pretty near each other.

Its convenient for me to go to their side.”

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