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Chapter 2978 How Could His Spirit Be So Weak

If another man had put on Wei Wucais hurt expression, even if it was a male celebrity who looked outstanding even by the entertainment industrys standards, let alone someone who looked ordinary, Yan Zhiqing would have been enraged on the spot.

But Wei Wucai looked good, and he was a guy who looked gorgeous.

Yan Zhiqing was weakest towards this type.

Usually, as Wei Wucai hated it when others say he looked pretty, he always put on a face that looked serious and unfriendly.

However, Wei Wucai knew how much impact his face had.

If he had to use it, he would not hesitate.

Who could take it when such a beautiful face showed such a pained look

Anyway, Yan Zhiqing could not take it; she surrendered to Wei Wucais beauty attack.

“Thats not what I meant,” explained Yan Zhiqing hurriedly.

Wei Wucai gave her a glance and asked pitifully, “Then what did you mean”

“…” Yan Zhiqing said bitterly, “Its just… I just didnt think that you would feel that were close.”

Wei Wucai sighed.

“So it was just my imagination.”

“No, no!” Yan Zhiqing thought in her heart, how could Wei Wucais spirit be so weak when he was from the Mount Lan Compound That should not be the case.

Yan Zhiqing was feeling bitter due to Wei Wucais hurt expression.

The only thing she could do was raise her hand and press it to her chest, her conscience making her say, “I was just afraid that I was overthinking, assuming that were close.

In the end, if you felt that were not, it would have been so embarrassing.”

Yan Zhiqing unleashed her basic skills as an actress, showing that she was extremely unconfident.

But she was not facing the usual audience.

She was facing Wei Wucai.

In Wei Wucais eyes, acting skills did not exist.

Just from Yan Zhiqings eyes, he could see that she was lying.

Wei Wucai did not know whether he should be glad or mad.

At least Yan Zhiqing cared about his feelings and would lie to make him feel better.

This at least proved that Yan Zhiqing still cared quite a bit about him.

This comforted Wei Wucai a little.

But he forgot something.

It was possible that because Yan Zhiqing was kind, she could not bear to see him get hurt because of her.

Of course, Wei Wucai did not think about this.

He was thus happy.

However, he had still seen through Yan Zhiqings lie, meaning that she did feel that she was not close to him.

When Wei Wucai saw through this, he could not help but feel frustrated.

Extremely frustrated, he thought about how nice it would be if he was not so accurate in seeing these things.

At least then, he would be stupidly happy right now.

Wei Wucai thought about Yan Zhiqings words, then he said, “Then you dont need to worry.

I think that were pretty close.”

Yan Zhiqing was speechless.

In a moment, they became close.

“Hehehehe…” Yan Zhiqing laughed dryly.

“Then… then were pretty close.”

Wei Wucai smiled in satisfaction.

Even his eyes were smiling.

This, together with his beautiful face, struck the soul straight away, stripping ones ability to resist.

At least, Yan Zhiqing could not resist.

“Then you have to remember,” said Wei Wucai.

Yan Zhiqing showed a confused look, so Wei Wucai explained, “Next time, if anyone asks, you must remember to say that we have known each other since way back and were pretty close.”

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