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Chapter 2982 I Am Also Not Good with Such a Professional Matter

However, Fang Qiaohan and Yan Zhiqing were not short-sighted like Shi Xiaoya.

Although the two did not know what Wei Wucai did, they knew that he was not ordinary.

They could not just treat him casually.

Now that she heard Yan Zhiqing say this, Fang Qiaohan felt like it must be this way.

She did not know where her confidence in Wei Wucai came from.

Yan Zhiqing thought that it was normal for a person to think of Luo Qingxian.

But Wei Wucai dared to blame her.

“Thats right, the special effects ofLeft Right are going to be done by Ledepic More, so Wei Wucai also joined the crew,” said Yan Zhiqing.

Fang Qiaohan thought in her heart that it was fate, but she did not dare to say it out loud, or else Yan Zhiqing would be furious.

“Oh, right,” said Fang Qiaohan.

“How do you plan to deal with Lu Xiuse”

Seeing that Fang Qiaohan had stopped mentioning Wei Wucai, Yan Zhiqing let out a sigh of relief.

“I just hurriedly looked at those pictures.

I didnt have time to look at them carefully,” said Yan Zhiqing.

“Let me take a look first.”

Fang Qiaohan took out the computer straight away.

“Lets use the computer to look at it.

Itll be clearer and more convenient.

Da Xiong sent me the whole thing straight away.

The ones that I sent you are just a part of it.”

So, the two used the computer to look at the pictures.

In the end, Yan Zhiqing picked a few pictures.

“Crop the pictures.

I just want to teach Lu Xiuse a lesson; I dont want to trouble other people,” said Yan Zhiqing, looking at the pictures.

So Fang Qiaohan started cropping the pictures that were chosen.

After that, Yan Zhiqing felt troubled.

“This… I am also not good at such a professional matter.”

“Should we ask Lu Man for help” Fang Qiaohan suggested.

“Lu Man is pregnant now.

I cant keep troubling her.” Yan Zhiqing scratched her head.

However, after the two thought for a while, they still could not think of a suitable person.

Yan Zhiqing sighed.

“Then Ill trouble Lu Man again.”

“This is not a very complicated matter.

Lu Man should be able to handle it, right” said Fang Qiaohan.

“If its more complicated, I wont dare to deal with it.

If I make Lu Man too tired, Han Zhuoli wont let me off the hook.” Yan Zhiqing scratched her hair.

Obviously, even without the threat of Han Zhuoli, she was embarrassed to trouble Lu Man too much at this time.

After pondering for a while, Yan Zhiqing still summoned up her courage to call Lu Man.


When she got Yan Zhiqings call, Lu Man was joyful.

“You guys are with the crew, right Are you used to it How are the other actors Is there anyone who made you unhappy”

“Nope, were pretty good here.

Xiaoya is also doing pretty well.

Xiaoya, Zhuofeng, and I are looking out for each other here,” said Yan Zhiqing.

Lu Man laughed out loud at what Yan Zhiqing said.

The way Yan Zhiqing said it, those who did not know would think that the production crew was an extremely dangerous place; they even needed to look out for each other.

“How are you feeling Hows your energy” asked Yan Zhiqing.

When Lu Man heard this, she guessed that Yan Zhiqing probably had something that she needed help for.

Lu Man smiled and said, “I am more comfortable than I was a few months ago.

My appetite is better, and these two months arent as difficult as the coming months when my stomach will get bigger.

Its considered a good time.

“And my energy is pretty good.

I am panicking from the boredom at home, and I cant join any acting work.

I am suffering from being restrained at home.”

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