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Chapter 2983 Like Tickling Her

Lu Man did not need Yan Zhiqing to say anything.

She presumed that Yan Zhiqing was embarrassed to do so.

So she was extremely thoughtful and talked first.

“So if you have any work for me, just tell me.

This will also save me, who is rotting.”

How would Yan Zhiqing not know that Lu Man was taking the initiative to speak first just to help her

Yan Zhiqing felt more embarrassed.

She scratched her head and told Lu Man:

“I dont know anything about this, you see.” Yan Zhiqing rubbed her nose.

“And I was impetuous.

I just wanted to go ahead and teach her a lesson.

I havent even thought of how to follow up and I just went ahead with


“In the end, I dont even know what to do next…” said Yan Zhiqing, embarrassed.

“I dont know if the follow-up will be troublesome.

If its too troublesome, then never mind.”

“Tell me, what level do you want” asked Lu Man.

Yan Zhiqing blinked.

“You can handle it based on levels”

It was no wonder she did not know anything.

A professional was indeed a professional.

“Of course,” said Lu Man, smiling.

“Just tell me, what kind of result do you want”

Yan Zhiqing scratched her hair and said, “Actually, I dont want to do too much.

Coincidentally, her production crew is also shooting a movie nearby.

I dont want her to annoy me in the future, so I just want to let her production crew know that while both sides were having a dinner party, she did not go to their production crew but came to our production crew to gain favor.”

She went on, “If the director finds out, he will definitely not feel good.

How he will repay her is none of my business.”

Lu Man laughed.

“Youre not really doing anything to her.

Its like tickling her.”

“I dont want to do too much.

I dont need to eliminate her completely,” said Yan Zhiqing.

“Fine.” Lu Man nodded.

“I know what to do.”

Yan Zhiqing did not care about how Lu Xiuse would suffer.

She only cared about Lu Man.

“Will this be too tiring for you Is it hard to do Is it complicated”

It could be heard that Yan Zhiqing really cared.

And there seemed to be a hint of nervousness.

Lu Man turned her head and saw that Han Zhuoli was right next to her, disagreeing strongly while looking at Lu Mans phone.

He could not go to Yan Zhiqing through the phone straight away.

Or else, it was very possible that this man would have headed over and launched his gaze attack on Yan Zhiqing.

Lu Man had a feeling that Yan Zhiqing cared so much probably because she was scared of Han Zhuoli.

She was terrified that Han Zhuoli would make her pay.

Lu Man held in her laughter and said, “Its not troublesome, dont worry.

This matter is very easy, it wont be tiring.”

She then warned, “However, Im not the one involved.

Its you wholl have to watch out.”

“Why” asked Yan Zhiqing.

“The moment these pictures are out, if Lu Xiuse is not dumb, she will probably think of you.

Then, she will definitely give you a lot of trouble,” warned Lu Man.

“So you have to be careful.

After the news is out, you have to put your guard up against her.”

“Ah, that.” Yan Zhiqing realized it suddenly.

Actually, she could think of that, but maybe just not as fast as Lu Man could.

After a while, even without Lu Mans warning, Yan Zhiqing could also have thought of it herself.

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