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Chapter 2984 Lets Partner Up

But after Lu Man warned her, Yan Zhiqing started paying attention to that.

“I got it.” Yan Zhiqing nodded seriously.

“I will watch out for her.”

Then, Lu Man asked Yan Zhiqing for the pictures.

After these were handed to Lu Man, Lu Man did not straight away bring the topic to its final goal.

She did not even mention Lu Xiuse ignoring her production crews get-together to try to gain favor from Wu Mosen.

She just asked someone to post these pictures online.

They were all pictures of the production crew of “Left Right” getting together.

Even the content exposing her only contained information about the get-together of Wu Mosens new movie “Left Right” in a small restaurant.

Da Xiong was not the only one who took these pictures.

Many paparazzi, who followed this production crew, also took pictures.

The pictures that Yan Zhiqing gave had no other people in them.

However, the other paparazzi did not have these concerns.

The people in the pictures were clear.

According to Yan Zhiqing, at the same time in that same restaurant, Lu Xiuses production crew was also having a get-together.

The paparazzi would definitely take pictures of that side too.

Even if they did not intentionally follow them, they would also take pictures if they saw it.

Compared to Wu Mosens lineup, Lu Xiuses side did not look too good.

So even if the paparazzi were to take pictures of them, it was just done in passing.

So Lu Man went to ask who took pictures of Lu Xiuses production crew in passing.

Lu Man had been making so much noise online for so long.

Not only had she built a good relationship with Da Xiong, but she was also famous in the world of paparazzi.

When she met Da Xiong in the past, she had depended on Tang Zi to be the middle person.

But after Eight Skin Entertainment and Da Xiong made it big, with their position in the gossiping world getting higher and higher, it was natural that they would be connected to Lu Man.

Lu Man had not only given them a huge wave of news from time to time.

Sometimes, when the two ran out of ideas, they would also ask Lu Man to help them come up with some.

The tricks that Lu Man gave them had never been wrong.

When those in the same industry saw that the two were thriving, they could not sit still anymore.

They took the initiative to connect with Lu Man.

In the past, it was Lu Man who went to Da Xiong and Eight Skin Entertainment; the three were in a long-term partnership.

Those who came now obviously could not be compared to Da Xiong and Eight Skin Entertainment.

However, Lu Man would not just ignore them.

It was not wrong to associate with more people.

So she would leak some news to them occasionally as well.

When many partnered up, wouldnt the generated effect increase

This time too, it would coincidentally be useful.

Lu Man immediately contacted them.

As expected, there were a few who had taken pictures of Lu Xiuses dinner party.

Lu Man looked at the pictures that they sent.

Some had Lu Xiuse in the room while some did not.

As Yan Zhiqing had said it beforehand, Lu Man knew that when Lu Xiuse was not here, she was over at Yan Zhiqings side.

She returned afterward, so her pictures were taken.

Lu Man said to them, “I have a piece of news thats not considered huge, but I want to ask for your help to make it huge.

Lets partner up, okay”

Todays was indeed not a huge news.

It was meaningless to post the pictures of those actors getting together.

But they agreed after Lu Man told this to them.

Lu Man added them into a group straight away.

“This is how it goes.

Tonight, coincidentally, the production crew of Director WusLeft Right and Lu Xiuses production crew all had dinner parties at the same place and at the same time.”

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