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Chapter 2987 Almost Did Not Go Crazy

However, he could still contact other connections and strip away Lu Xiuses other resources.

In the industry, there was always a small circle.

But everyone in the small circle had their own circle.

They divided and spread like cells.

If they were to be calculated in detail, the range would be terrifying.

Using every connection that he knew, if he really got serious, he could even blacklist Lu


However, a small matter like tonights would not need Chen Jinglin to blacklist Lu Xiuse, but he must teach her a huge lesson, letting her know that Chen Jinglin should not be shamed.

She had shamed him to gain favor from Wu Mosen.

He really admired Lu Xiuses courage.

Chen Jinglin did things in a straightforward manner.

He did not threaten Lu Xiuse specifically.

He did not warn her about what he would do.

Chen Jinglin felt that that would be too stupid and was not high-class at all.

Who would inform a person before bullying them

So Chen Jinglin did not go to Lu Xiuse.

Not only did he not go to Lu Xiuse, but Chen Jinglin was even silent and did not show any reaction.

When Lu Xiuse saw the news online, her production crew was extremely quiet.

Lu Xiuse thought that Chen Jinglin still did not know about this.

But she did not know that Chen Jinglin had already made a round of calls.

After Lu Xiuse was done with this movie, she should not expect to have any resources.

They would continue to publicize this movie passionately.

In the short term, Lu Xiuse would not be unpopular; she could still keep her popularity and fans.

However, after this movie had scheduled its release and she had outlived her usefulness, Chen Jinglin could completely kick her to the curb.

After Chen Jinglin made a round of calls, he finally ended the last one.

He knew that there were investors behind Lu Xiuse.

After all, it was those investors who had spent money so Lu Xiuse could join this movie.

But after he made that round of calls, it was unknown whether Lu Xiuses investors would still spend more money to fund her.

Just in case, Chen Jinglin even specifically urged his friends to not make this known and stay silent.

After all, Lu Xiuse was still acting in his movie.

It would not be good if it affected the quality of the film.

Besides, if Lu Xiuse found out earlier, she would definitely come to him for atonement, trying to gain his favor.

A person like Lu Xiuse, how could her words be trusted

Chen Jinglin was certain that he would not be soft-hearted, but he would be annoyed if someone tried to gain favor shamelessly by his side when he knew clearly that she was not true-hearted.

Chen Jinglin would only be disgusted.

That was why he had asked his friends to contact each other in secret, not making it such a huge deal that Lu Xiuse would find out.

It would not be too late to let Lu Xiuse know after the filming was done.

Chen Jinglin had already planned out everything.

But he did not want others to say that he was petty.

Lu Xiuse looked down on him, making him a joke.

If he endured it with a good temper, anybody could look down on him.

Even if Lu Xiuse had only wanted to sit around their room for a while before saying that she wanted to give a toast to Wu Mosen, he would not have felt that it was a bad thing.

But Lu Xiuse just had to choose a way that said she completely looked down on him.

How could that be

When Chen Jinglin was thinking about this, Lu Xiuse had already seen the comments of the netizens online.

After she had seen them, she came close to going crazy.

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