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Chapter 3009 This Did Not Stop Him from Laughing at Wei Wucai

But thinking about it, Fang Qiaohan was also there anyway.

One extra person was already a lot.

What was another

So he did not care about having Guo Yujie there as well.

Han Zhuofeng was finally able to be with Shi Xiaoya alone in the car as he wished.

Han Zhuofeng took it slow and even purposely fell behind Yan Zhiqings car.

When they left the production set, he found a roadside to stop by.

“Sister-in-law, we havent finished talking.” Han Zhuofeng was calmer now, so he was more relaxed when he talked.

“You… Why would you think that I… I dont like girls” asked Han Zhuofeng.

“Just because I am single But I am still young.

Back then, wasnt my second elder brother single for a long time too”

Why did nobody suspect Han Zhuoli

“No, no.

Listen to my explanation,” said Shi Xiaoya immediately.

Han Zhuofeng stopped talking, waiting for Shi Xiaoyas explanation.

Shi Xiaoya moved her mouth and said with great difficulty, “Actually… its Zhiqing whos suspecting you guys.”

“Gu… guys” Han Zhuofeng grasped the gist.

“Um…” said Shi Xiaoya.

“Dont tell Wei Wucai.”

Or else, she would really be worried for Yan Zhiqing.

Han Zhuofeng froze.

How was this related to Wei Wucai

“Tell me first.” Han Zhuofeng was cunning and did not let it drop.

However, Shi Xiaoya overlooked Han Zhuofengs foxiness.

“Actually, in the morning, Zhiqing first suspected that Wei Wucai is gay,” said Shi Xiaoya.

Han Zhuofeng was speechless.

“Damn!” Han Zhuofeng was not able to hold back and started laughing out loud.


He was also being suspected.

However, this did not stop him from laughing at Wei Wucai!

Wei Wucai did look too beautiful.

However, he was undoubtedly a straght man.

“W… Why” Han Zhuofeng was suffocating from laughter.

“Why did Zhiqing suspect that Elder Brother Xiao Cai is gay”

Shi Xiaoya told Han Zhuofeng about where Yan Zhiqing got her suspicion from.

Han Zhuofeng was speechless.

“Then… what about me” Han Zhuofeng remembered that he was also a suspected target.


Shi Xiaoya sighed.

“To suspect Wei Wucai is to wrong him.

But you, youre not being wronged at all.

“At noon today, when you approached Wei Wucai during lunch, didnt you hug his arm” said Shi Xiaoya.

Han Zhuofeng was speechless.

“This was seen by Zhiqing,” said Shi Xiaoya.

“She already suspected that Wei Wucai is gay; when she saw how intimate you and Wei Wucai were at noon, she suspected that you two…”

Han Zhuofeng was speechless.

“Plus when we were eating lunch, you held Wei Wucais hand and explained to him, looking as though youre so anxious.

It looked like you were scared that he would get the wrong idea about you.

It totally looks like… like what goes on between lovers.”

Shi Xiaoya was scared that Yan Zhiqing would die in a bad way, so she decided to speak a few words for her.

“However, you cant blame Zhiqing for thinking that way.

Even I almost believed it when I saw how you two were at noon.”

Han Zhuofeng covered his forehead, feeling exhausted inside.

“Thats just almost.

You arent thinking that way, right”

Shi Xiaoya let out a dry cough and confirmed it one more time, “Anyway, you like girls, right Actually, even if you like guys, its fine.

Nowadays, everyone is very open-minded; we cant force you to change anything, right “Besides, dont you have two brothers”

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