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Chapter 3025 The Silence Is a Bit Frightening

Shi Xiaoya covered her face with her hand.

With her hand there, it was as if she had gotten another layer of skin on her face.

She said, “Isnt this because… our relationship is too good To the extent that wed think of each other after not seeing each other for a day”

Guo Yujie felt speechless.

“Oh, Xiaoya, youve changed,” Guo Yujie said, shaking her head and clicking her tongue.

“Youve been led astray by Han Zhuoling.

The old you would not have been able to say such words.”

Unexpectedly, Shi Xiaoya actually nodded and replied, “Actually, I feel the same way.”

Guo Yujie became totally speechless and immediately laughed until she fell back onto the bed.

Ever since Shi Xiaoya started dating Han Zhuoling, her skin had been becoming increasingly thicker.

However, Guo Yujie actually thought this was a very good thing.

Shi Xiaoyas original disposition was already a very good one, and now, she was becoming even more vivacious.

Shi Xiaoya left with her luggage in tow.

She was not particularly bothered by the possibility that she might have left anything behind.

After all, even if she discovered that there was something she had not brought with her, she could always come back to get it.

It was really nearby, so it was convenient for her to do so.

By the time Shi Xiaoya returned to where Han Zhuoling was, it so happened that the latter had just finished with his shower.

He was currently dressed in pajamas, and his hair had already been blow-dried.

So he emerged from the bathroom fresh and cool.

When Shi Xiaoya dragged her suitcase inside, Han Zhuoling wanted to take it from her.

However, Shi Xiaoya stopped him.

“Dont do anything.

You just showered, so youre clean right now.

Its fine if I deal with it.”

Han Zhuoling smiled.

“How can I simply do nothing and watch helplessly while you busy yourself over there”

Shi Xiaoya then said, “But these are my things.

You dont know where to put them anyway.

Just go rest.

Youve tired yourself out today.

Ill be done in a bit.”

Unable to persuade her otherwise, Han Zhuoling could only sit beside the bed and watch while Shi Xiaoya rushed in and out busily.

Fortunately, she did not have many things, so it did not take long for her to finish putting them away.

“Come over here quickly.” When Han Zhuoling saw that Shi Xiaoya was done, he extended his hand towards her.

“You keep saying that Im too tired from being busy the whole day.

But havent you also been busy working with the cast and crew the whole day”

Shi Xiaoya also felt that she was indeed somewhat tired.

She had not been able to rest since she returned to the hotel.

After she was done with work for the day, she had gone to have a meal with Yan Zhiqing and the others.

Then, not long after she returned to the hotel, Han Zhuoling arrived.

Immediately following that was the packing and the unpacking.

Thus, it was only now that Shi Xiaoya had a genuine chance to have a rest.

She supported her lower back with her hand, feeling that it was hurting after repeatedly bending down and standing back up to put away her things.

Shi Xiaoya climbed onto the bed and sat beside Han Zhuoling.

She leaned against the headboard and rested her head on Han Zhuolings shoulder.

With Han Zhuoling present, Shi Xiaoling finally felt at peace.

Her entire body relaxed, and she let out a long breath.

“When I wasnt with you, did anything fun happen around you” Shi Xiaoya asked Han Zhuoling.


It was just work.

After I sent you over here, I returned and went straight to the company.

However, I didnt do overtime.

I took the remaining work home with me,” Han Zhuoling said, seemingly seeking to be praised.

“I remembered your words.”

“So great.” Shi Xiaoya raised her head and kissed Han Zhuolings cheek as a reward.

“But without you at home, Im alone, and the silence is a bit frightening,” Han Zhuoling said.

“With it being so quiet, I wasnt in the mood to work.”

In the past, he dreaded noisiness the most.

Yet now, without the sounds Shi Xiaoya made… he felt that even just hearing the sound of her footsteps would have been good.

He had no desire at all to work when there was not even a single sound.

“Aside from this, theres nothing else.” Han Zhuolings life was truly very monotonous.

When Shi Xiaoya heard that Han Zhuolings life had unexpectedly become so monotonous without her around, her eyes opened wide.

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