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Chapter 3026 Like an Elementary School Kid

But then, she started laughing in happiness.

If her man was this honest, he would have nothing else to do while she was away.

He would go to work as he should and go home right after work.

He would even take his work home.

Because he missed her, he even moved all his belongings here.

Shi Xiaoya was so happy that she held Han Zhuolings face.

She turned his face towards hers and gave him a kiss.

“You are so good to me,” Shi Xiaoya said with a smile.

Han Zhuoling lifted his brow as he didnt think that him being boring could be considered good.

Then, he heard Shi Xiaoya say, “I like you the way you are.”

“What about you Did anything happen to you” Han Zhuoling said with a smile.

“There are many people in the production crew, so it must have been very lively.

There must have been different kinds of people and a lot of interesting things must have happened,” Han Zhuoling said.

Shi Xiaoya gave a heavy nod.


If Han Zhuoling hadnt asked, she would have forgotten to tell him about how Han Zhuofeng had suffered, how Yan Zhiqing had dug her own grave, and how whatever it was had happened to Wei Wucai.

Now that she thought about it, these past two days had indeed been lively and fulfilling.

“In fact, what happened did not involve strangers but people that we know well,” Shi Xiaoya said in excitement.

Han Zhuoling loved it when she was energetic.

“Oh Tell me about it.”

At the sight of her face, Han Zhuoling no longer felt tired.

He just wanted to look at her and listen to her talk.

He did not want to waste his time on sleep.

“Did you know that Wei Wucai is also a member of the production crew” Shi Xiaoya asked.

Han Zhuoling froze for a moment and suddenly realized something.

“Oh, right.

He owns Ledepic More.

Is their company in charge of the special effects in Wu Mosens movie”

Shi Xiaoya did not expect Han Zhuoling to know so much.

“You knew that Wei Wucai is the owner of Ledepic More”

“I know about it.” Han Zhuoling nodded.

“You didnt know”

“Not only did I not know about it, but Zhiqing did not know as well,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“Why didnt you tell me”

“Its probably because Ive known about it for a long time, so I just took the information for granted.

I didnt think it was something surprising, so I forgot to tell you,” Han Zhuoling said with a smile.


“Its nothing,” Shi Xiaoya said in understanding.

“I reacted fine, but Zhiqing was very shocked.”

Han Zhuoling noticed the main point of the story as he said, “However, Wei Wucai is the boss.

There is no need for him to be here.

Why did he come”

Shi Xiaoya squinted and smirked.

“I think he came here because of Zhiqing.

These last two days, Ive noticed that his attitude towards Zhiqing is very different.

“He is always very blunt to other girls.

He would always say things without caring about their feelings and would always give them a lot of emotional damage.”

Han Zhuoling nodded and said in a natural tone, “Why should one care about the feelings of someone who has nothing to do with them”

Shi Xiaoya became quiet.

She did not expect that Han Zhuoling would think similarly to Wei Wucai.

“However, whenever Wei Wucai was interacting with Zhiqing, he would show such a good temper.

The two still argued often, but it seemed more like flirting instead of fighting.

“Moreover, I think that Wei Wucai was intentionally making Zhiqing mad.” Shi Xiaoya wrinkled her nose and hmphed as she said, “They are just like elementary school kids.

I cant believe that a grown man of Wei Wucais age would be so childish.”

Han Zhuoling lifted his brow and asked, “Are you saying that Wei Wucai likes Yan Zhiqing”

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