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Chapter 3034 Never Seen Someone Like Yan Zhiqing

Therefore, Yan Zhiqing, being considerate, walked towards Wei Wucai.

Wei Wucai was halfway there when he saw Yan Zhiqing coming towards him with a bright smile on her face.

This… was the first time.

Yan Zhiqing was taking the initiative and was being very friendly.

Wei Wucai pondered and realized the reason why Yan Zhiqing was being so weird.

The corner of his mouth curved into a smile as he took out his phone and opened the notebook app to add another thing about Yan Zhiqing to the list.

He looked at the note and saw that he had recorded many things that Yan Zhiqing had done.

The first thing on the list was Yan Zhiqing assuming that he was gay.

This morning, Wei Wucai had said inwardly that he was going to keep track of how Yan Zhiqing had wronged him.

Unexpectedly, this was not just a thought.

He actually started recording them.

The notes he had taken this morning already took up half of the page.

By the end of the day, this page would probably be filled up with words.

Yan Zhiqing had no idea that Wei Wucai was recording her wrongdoings.

She just thought that Wei Wucai was contacting someone.

By the time she had walked over, Wei Wucai had already put his phone away.

Seeing that Yan Zhiqing was still holding her lunch, Wei Wucai asked, “Why are you here with your lunch I was about to come and see


Yan Zhiqing looked around before she said in a mysterious tone, “We didnt finish our conversation this morning.

I was worried that it might not be convenient for you while the others are present, so I came to see you.”

Wei Wucai sneered inwardly as he thought about how he had never seen someone like Yan Zhiqing who was so eager to die.

The thoughts that were going through Wei Wucais mind were dark.

However, on the outside, he showed a beautiful face with a grateful smile.

“You are so very thoughtful.”

Yan Zhiqings face lit up as she said inwardly, “I guessed correctly!”

It seemed like Wei Wucai was going to confide to her his deepest secret.

Yan Zhiqing rubbed her hands as she looked forward to what was about to happen.

“Lets find a place where we could eat together,” Yan Zhiqing said.

Initially, Wei Wucai was going to find an excuse to eat with Yan Zhiqing alone.


He didnt even need to say anything as Yan Zhiqing herself had suggested it.

Immediately, he heard Yan Zhiqing say, “Xiaoya and Zhuofeng are still in my car.”

Yan Zhiqing said, embarrassed, “It will probably be uncomfortable for you to eat there.”

With eyes full of gratitude, Wei Wucai looked at Yan Zhiqing and said, “You are so considerate.”

The look appeared very feminine.

Wei Wucai was a pretty boy, so his behavior didnt seem incompatible with his looks at all.

It did not seem weird at all.

Instead, it seemed very natural and didnt give rise to any feelings of repulsion.

Yan Zhiqing was confused.

Wei Wucai always seemed so fierce.

Had he always been a bottom

Seeing how weak Han Zhuofeng looked in front of Wei Wucai, she wondered if Han Zhuofeng could be fierce enough to push Wei Wucai down.

Yan Zhiqing felt herself doubting life.

It was almost as though the whole world had become unfamiliar to her.

Wei Wucai felt his eyes twitching.

If he was not trying to become Yan Zhiqings “gay bestie,” he wouldnt have acted like this.

Just by looking at Yan Zhiqing, he knew exactly what she was thinking!

Wei Wucai didnt say anything about it.

In fact, he asked in a shy and grateful tone, “Where would be the best place for us to eat together”

Yan Zhiqing pondered for a bit and suddenly thought of a perfect location.

“Lets go to my dressing room.

I have a private one.

It is only used when I get my makeup done.

No one else goes there.”

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