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Chapter 3036 As Expected, You Are Very Considerate

He usually trained a lot and required a balanced intake of nutrients.

The Mount Lan Compound did hire a nutritionist that adjusted their meal plans according to their physical state.

Even though it was a meal plan, it had different types of meat and seafood.

Instead of the dieting meals that had reduced oil and salt, their meal plans were very nutritious.

Even the soup was different every day, and the choice of soup would remain different for the entire month.

Due to the mix of herbs in the soup, its smell was always very strong and good.

Although he was not at the Mount Lan Compound these days, he was still exercising at the same rate as before.

Even when he was at the set, his schedule every morning remained the same as how it was when he was at the Mount Lan Compound.

He would wake up early every morning and start the training that he had changed up to be more suitable to the location.

And so, there was no need for Wei Wucai to control his weight.

Instead, he needed to make sure that the food and nutrients he was eating balanced out with the energy he expended.

“I know you have to eat this dieting meal.

If I eat too well, you might feel envious, and then you would suffer while eating,” Wei Wucai said.

“Food should not only satisfy your hunger but also give you joy.

Although you are not allowed to eat other types of meals due to work, I didnt want to make you suffer.”

He added, “And so, I thought I should eat the same type of meal as you.

It might not make your food taste better, but at least it would not be an excruciating meal.

“I figured that if I were to eat very well beside you, you would feel tormented.” Wei Wucai gave her a gentle smile.

Yan Zhiqing froze in shock as she thought of how considerate Wei Wucai was.

He was so considerate.

He was not like those stubborn misogynistic men.

How could she have thought that he had a horrible personality

It must have been because Wei Wucai hid his true nature too well.

Come to think of it, his horrible persona must have been a disguise to prevent others from finding out about his sexual orientation.

Wei Wucai worked so hard…

Yan Zhiqing felt bad for Wei Wucai and blurted out, “As expected of…”

Before she said the two words, Yan Zhiqing suddenly realized that she had almost made a mistake.

“As expected, you are very considerate.”


Wei Wucai could have sworn that he knew exactly what Yan Zhiqing was going to say before she corrected herself.

Wei Wucai said with a shy expression, “Since you already know, I have nothing to hide.

I didnt expect that you would find out.”

Yan Zhiqing said proudly, “Of course! I have very sharp eyes.”

Hearing this, Wei Wucai really wanted to take Yan Zhiqing to the eye doctor.

“Thank you for not judging me.” Wei Wucai smiled shyly.

“I would never,” Yan Zhiqing hastily responded.

“This is nothing weird or strange.

You just fancy a different type.”

Yan Zhiqing said happily, “Now that I think about it, you like the same type as me!”

Wei Wucai sat down with a smile and said, “If so, we have a lot to talk about.”

“Indeed!” Yan Zhiqing nodded excitedly.

“I dont have many friends.

Xiaoya and Lu Man are both married.

In the future, they will focus on their husband, child, and family.

But me, I am single, and I have a lot of time to myself.”

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