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If Shi Xiaoya were unknown and if her career were to be stagnant, Luo Qingxian would have been very happy.

If she were to hear that Shi Xiaoya was struggling, she would have been even happier.

Unfortunately, Shi Xiaoya never had the chance to make her happy.

Later on, Shi Xiaoya started attending dinner parties as Mrs.

Han and Luo Qingxian could not even get near her.

This was because Shi Xiaoya was always beside Han Zhuoling.

As for Han Zhuoling, he was truly someone she was unqualified to speak to…

Only the ones who did business with the Han Family could have a brief conversation with Han Zhuoling.

People like Luo Qingxian were considered mere family members of the invited guest, so she represented no one.

She couldnt approach him at all.

She could only watch Shi Xiaoya talk with women who were even more reputable than her.

She could not get into that social circle at all.

Even if she had the right to attend the dinner parties, she couldnt include herself into some social circles.

Within these social circles, there were strict rankings that no one talked about.

Once, when Shi Xiaoya went to get some dessert at the dessert area with Lu Man…

Luo Qingxian had taken her chance and went to talk to Shi Xiaoya.

She approached Shi Xiaoya using her identity as Shi Xiaoyas classmate.

She also wanted to get to know Lu Man.

Lu Man was the next Madam Han.

Lu Man and Shi Xiaoya were not aloof and cold people.

They responded politely and even had a brief conversation with Luo Qingxian.

Although Shi Xiaoya did not like Luo Qingxian, she wouldnt be disrespectful to her.

On the other hand, Luo Qingxian herself was all smiles when she was in front of them, but her face darkened the moment she turned away.

The jealousy in her heart was so intense that she could no longer prevent it from showing on her face.

In her opinion, Lu Man and Shi Xiaoyas politeness was just arrogance.

They were like the rich giving alms to the poor.

Because they looked down on her, they intentionally appeared easygoing.

Clearly, Luo Qingxians jealousy was so intense that her mind got crippled.

When she heard from Lu Xiuse that Wei Wucai was also part of the production crew and that he was currently engaging in a flirty relationship with Yan Zhiqing…

Luo Qingxian was mindful of what she had been told.

She knew that Lu Xiuse had told her these things to use her as a pawn.

Lu Xiuse and Yan Zhiqing were not in a good relationship.

Everyone in the entertainment industry as well as the netizens knew about this.

Lu Xiuse wanted to keep the hostility between them a secret and remain a fake friend.

Yan Zhiqing didnt care at all.

She didnt care about being liked by some random netizen.

Yan Zhiqing was very tough.

She publicly announced her conflict with Lu Xiuse.

Lu Xiuse was caught off guard.

Before she could even explain anything, Yan Zhiqing had already destroyed her reputation of being in a good relationship with everyone in the industry.

She could no longer pretend to be a fake bestie.

In addition, Lu Xiuse had initially auditioned for the female lead role, but she failed.

And Yan Zhiqing took the female lead role.

In the end, Lu Xiuse could not even get a supporting role.

In Luo Qingxians opinion, Lu Xiuse did it to herself.

Lu Xiuse hated Yan Zhiqing so much because of old and new grudges.

And so, when Lu Xiuse told Luo Qingxian about the flirtatious relationship between Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai, its because she wanted to harm Yan Zhiqing using Luo Qingxians hands.

But Luo Qingxian herself was unsure of whether something was really happening between Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqing.

She wasnt sure if Lu Xiuse had lied to her and was just using her to harm Yan Zhiqing.

Because of this certainty, Luo Qingxian did not come here right away after learning about everything from Lu Xiuse.

However, while she was still away, she kept thinking about it and couldnt let it go.

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