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Luo Qingxian waited for Wei Wucai to show anger towards Yan Zhiqing.

Instead, he appeared generous and mellow as he smiled and said softly, “I am at fault.”

Both Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuofeng were stunned by what they had just seen.

They were dumbfounded as they stared at Wei Wucai.

What happened during noon when Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai were together

Their relationship grew like crazy.

Luo Qingxian also witnessed this.

Her expression changed as she blurted out, “It is true that you guys are dating!”

If not, why would they appear so intimate in public

Yan Zhiqing was a public figure.

Her every action, word, and even her relationship received a lot of attention.

Even if she were to date someone, she would never reveal it to the public until the relationship had progressed to a certain stage.

There were a lot of uncertain factors in a relationship.

If one was lucky, the relationship would last for a long long time.

One could have also beautified the other person because of the affection while the relationship was still ambiguous and completely ignored the bad things and incompatible characteristics.

They fall deeply in love, but they would soon discover things that were incompatible and would eventually give up.

Some might meet the wrong person and get cheated on.

There have been many cases like this.

Even if none of the aforementioned cases happened…

As a celebrity, Yan Zhiqing needed to travel to many places due to work and her schedule was always packed.

She wouldnt have much time to spend with her significant other.

If they spent more time apart than together, their feelings for each other, regardless of how intense they were, would eventually die down.

For people in this field, dating would be a common issue.

Many young couples broke up because of this.

Of course, there were other reasons as well.

It was precisely because a dating relationship usually didnt last long that many celebrities choose not to announce it to the public during the beginning of the relationship.

It wouldnt be good to break up after a few months of dating.

Of course, some celebrities chose not to announce their dating relationship out of consideration for work.

The company and fans were two of the many reasons they might choose to keep it a secret.

From Luo Qingxians perspective, even if Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai were together, they wouldnt stay together for a long time.

Celebrities would never tell the public about a dating relationship that had just begun and was still unstable.

Yet Yan Zhiqing wasnt hiding it at all.

Even in front of so many people, she behaved in a way that showed how close she was to Wei Wucai.

Anyone who saw their interactions would know the state of their relationship.

Yan Zhiqings honesty shocked Luo Qingxian.

Even when everyone was watching, she still did things that were equivalent to publicly announcing her relationship.

This meant that Yan Zhiqing was really dating Wei Wucai.

Initially, everyone thought Yan Zhiqing would feel embarrassed and lash out in anger.

But when Yan Zhiqing heard what Luo Qingxian said, she started laughing.

Could Yan Zhiqing be that happy and excited to announce her relationship with Wei Wucai

Yan Zhiqing was then seen raising her brow.

She laughed twice and said, “You initially said that Xiaoya had feelings for Wei Wucai.

And now, you are saying that I am dating Wei Wucai.

“You are very capable.

You can easily fabricate stories with just your eyes and mouth,” Yan Zhiqing said loudly.

“Just a glimpse is enough for you to acquire so much information” Yan Zhiqing said sarcastically.

“Tell me.

Am I dating Wei Wucai or is Xiaoya dating Wei Wucai” Yan Zhiqing asked in a cold tone.

Luo Qingxian, unable to answer anything, started stuttering.

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