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Luo Qingxian furrowed her brows.

“Im already inside.

What about it Its not like its some big deal anyway.

Do you need to make such a big fuss about it”

This time, it was not necessary for Wei Wucai to speak.

Wu Mosen said coldly, “You just need to say who brought you in here.

My cast and crew are stringent about keeping our filming matters confidential.

No one has ever dared to bring someone onto the set.

“That is to do with my cast and crew.

Isnt this just a mess” Wu Mosen said in an icy tone.

“So I have to look into this matter.

Whoever is wishfully thinking that they got away with this, I want to remind them that no outsiders are allowed on the set.”

Luo Qingxian froze.

She never imagined that Wu Mosen would actually look into the matter.

Was it such a serious thing

She did not know anyone who was part of the cast and crew, so she sought out Lu Xiuse for help.

Upon hearing that Luo Qingxian wanted to go to the set to cause trouble for Yan Zhiqing, Lu Xiuse had been extremely proactive in helping her.

They bribed a set staff and security guard to let Luo Qingxian in.

“Since this place does not welcome me, I will just leave,” Luo Qingxian said, showing a strong appearance on the outside despite being weak inside.

However, Wu Mosen had yet to find out which staff member helped her, so it was impossible that he would let Luo Qingxian go.

At once, he had his assistant block Luo Qingxians way.

“If you dont tell us who it is, you will not be able to leave here today, Miss Luo.”

“Are you trying to detain me” Luo Qingxians complexion paled.

“What youre doing is a crime! You cant do this even if youre a famous director!”

“Were not detaining you.

Its just that, within what is legally permissible, we wish to obtain useful information from you,” Wei Wucai said.

“We have expressly stipulated rules here.

If you dont tell us, we can report this to the police.

“When we find out who the person is through the police and the matter gets big, it will be bad for both you and the person who helped you,” Wei Wucai added.

“Of course, once news of this matter spreads to the outside, we could also let others know that you came to the set just to chase after a man.

“We could even make you famous at the same time.”

When he said this, he did not feel any unease at all.

He totally did not have any of the awkwardness that people usually felt when mentioning this sort of matter regarding someone chasing after them.

However, given what Wei Wucai had said, Luo Qingxian probably would not have much desire to protect the person who helped her.

Ultimately, the one whose image she cared about most was herself.

As expected, Luo Qingxian immediately furrowed her brows after hearing him speak like that.

She clearly did not want to let everyone know what she had done.

After all, she treasured her image a lot.

Luo Qingxian lowered her eyes, covering up her repeatedly morphing expression.

Then she finally raised her head and said, “Fine.

Ill tell you.”

Wu Mosen stared at her and asked, “Who is it”

For some reason, Luo Qingxian looked at Shi Xiaoya unexpectedly.

Shi Xiaoyas expression remained unchanged, but she thought that Luo Qingxian seemed to be intending to frame her for this.

“Its Shi Xiaoya,” Luo Qingxian said.

Initially, when Shi Xiaoya did not agree to help her, Luo Qingxian had thought it was because Shi Xiaoya was just treating her badly on purpose.

Luo Qingxian never imagined that she would see Wu Mosen with such a solemn expression, treating this matter with such seriousness.

It appeared that outsiders truly could not be brought onto the set.

Nevertheless, this did not mean that Luo Qingxian no longer bore a grudge against Shi Xiaoya.

Instead, she wanted to see if Wu Mosen would truly still be this strict, impartial, and incorruptible in investigating the matter if she pushed this matter onto Shi Xiaoya.

Wu Mosen was indeed momentarily startled, but it only took a few seconds for him to realize Luo Qingxian was lying.

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