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The surveillance cameras ruined their plan.

When Xiao Wu arrived, he learned that the production crew found out that he was the one who had let Luo Qingxian inside.

Wu Mosen had decided to fire both of them.

Xiao Wu couldnt help but blame Xiao Yu and Luo Qingxian.

He had pocketed only a few hundred yuan for agreeing to turn a blind eye when Luo Qingxian went inside the studio.

Yet he never expected that he would lose his job because of these few hundred yuan.

“You promised to keep my identity a secret,” Xiao Wu yelled as he glared at Xiao Yu.

“I didnt say anything,” Xiao Yu said with a sullen expression.

He had pocketed only a thousand, just a little more than Xiao Wu had.

As a production assistant, his wage was paid per day.

He couldnt even earn a thousand per day.

Initially, he had thought that though there might be risks involved, the chance of their identity being exposed was very low.

He could earn a thousand by just bringing Luo Qingxian inside.

Xiao Yu really couldnt bear to miss out on such a good deal.

“It was Luo Qingxian who started this,” Xiao Yu said in hatred.

He was just a contractor.

If there were things to do, he would do it.

If there werent anything to do, he wouldnt have to work.

Honestly speaking, Wu Mosen paid them well.

Xiao Yu was happy for the chance to work here.

If he could work here for a few months, he then wouldnt have to worry about his living expenses during those few months of employment.

He never expected that his employment would end so quickly!

“I have asked you to lie low once you are inside the studio.

Everyone is busy and wont pay any attention to you,” Xiao Yu said angrily.

“But you did the complete opposite.

The moment you were inside the studio, you started shouting.

Its like you have no fear of the staff members noticing the presence of an outsider.

You argued with this and that person!

“You werent afraid of our identities being exposed!” Xiao Yu said angrily.

“A dishonest person like you would never be trusted by anyone in the future!”

However, Luo Qingxian didnt bother reflecting on Xiao Yus scolding.

She had paid them, so she didnt owe them anything.

They had been caught because of the surveillance cameras.

She didnt give their names out.

“Pack your things and leave,” Wu Mosens assistant said.

“But dont forget that you have signed a non-disclosure agreement.

You have to keep everything that happened at this studio a secret.

The non-disclosure agreement stated that confidentiality should be maintained until after the release date of the movie.

If there is a breach of contract, you will receive a letter from our lawyer.”

With this warning, Xiao Wu and Xiao Yu obviously wouldnt dare to violate the confidentiality rule.

They had lost their jobs.

If they were to be sued, they could not afford to pay the court fees, nor could they afford to pay the penalty.

The assistant then asked someone to accompany Xiao Wu and Xiao Yu as they went to pack their belongings.

With the entire thing turning into a mess, Luo Qingxian couldnt stay inside the studio anymore.

She could only leave.

Yet, because of this mess she had created, there was not much time left for lunch.

Wei Wucai went back to the dressing room and took the lunchbox to Yan Zhiqings car, asking her to get a few more bites.

If not, she would have to handle the heavy workload while hungry and this would take a toll on her body.

“I bought some biscuits from the tiny convenience store near the hotel.

You can eat some if you are hungry,” Wei Wucai said.

There werent huge supermarkets near the hotels.

It was already considered good to find a convenience store near the hotel.

This would at least prevent her from feeling hungry.

“Very thoughtful of you.” Yan Zhiqing, touched by what he had done, said, “You are so considerate.”

Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuofeng exchanged glances.

They thought that Wei Wucai was quite amazing.

It took only a lunch period for Wei Wucai to transform Yan Zhiqing.

Yan Zhiqing went from being explosively angry whenever the name of Wei Wucai was mentioned to complimenting Wei Wucai on his thoughtfulness.

“Elder Brother Xiao Cai, what did you actually do” Han Zhuofeng asked directly.

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