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“Because of Wei Wucai, that person didnt get to touch me.

It was Wei Wucai who found out that Lu Xiuse and her manager were behind this.”

“Hmmm…” Yan Beicheng was mad, but he still noticed the existence of Wei Wucai in the story.

“When did you become such good friends with Wei Wucai”

Yan Zhiqing gulped and thought to herself, “I was complaining to you and this was the only thing you noticed”

“Well… we work together on set.

Our relationship naturally became better as we spent more time together,” Yan Zhiqing said, intentionally keeping some details out of the story.

When Wei Wucai heard this, he noticed something wrong.

He couldnt hear what Yan Beicheng had said to Yan Zhiqing.

But he could guess what Yan Beicheng had asked based on Yan Zhiqings response.

Yan Beicheng must have asked Yan Zhiqing when she became such good friends with him.

After all, everyone knew that they were incompatible like water and fire.

But Wei Wucai was not satisfied with Yan Zhiqings answer.

She didnt even call him Xiao Cai.

Their relationship was still very good during noon today.

But while talking on the phone with Yan Beicheng, she said that their relationship was only better.

Wei Wucai was not satisfied with this at all.

Wei Wucai had no idea what was going on at the other end of the phone.

At this moment, Yan Beicheng narrowed his eyes and thought that things were not this simple.

“Why do I think that you are hiding something from me” Being the older brother, Yan Beicheng could sense that things were not as simple as Yan Zhiqing had stated.

“Brother, you are focusing on the wrong thing.

Is that what we should be talking about now Shouldnt the focus be on Lu Xiuse” Yan Zhiqing said.

“I havent found any solid evidence that she was the culprit, but I cant let her off the hook like this.”

“That is nothing, so of course Lu Xiuse is not the focus here.” Yan Beicheng waved his hand, indicating that Lu Xiuse was just a small fry that could be easily dealt with.

“It is easy to deal with Lu Xiuse.

I will ask Zuoqiu to check the endorsement and advertisement contracts that Lu Xiuses team is currently negotiating and also find out what resources Lu Xiuse is currently fighting to get.

And then, we will just make sure that she is blacklisted and that all her resources are cut off,” Yan Beicheng said.

Yan Zhiqing was speechless.

Lu Xiuse was not important at all


Now that we are done talking about this, tell me how your relationship with Wei Wucai became better when you have only been on the set for a few days.

Back then, you guys fought like there was no tomorrow,” Yan Beicheng said.

“…” Yan Zhiqing looked at Wei Wucai in embarrassment.

She turned away and said, “We didnt interact much previously and we barely saw each other.

And so, there were some misunderstandings.

“Although I have only been on the set for a short time, we have been seeing each other every day.

We spent a lot of time together and realized that there were some misunderstandings between us.

And now, we have cleared up the misunderstandings and our relationship became better.” To prevent Yan Beicheng from overthinking this, Yan Zhiqing even said, “That is how we became very good friends.”

Yan Beicheng was so mad because of his dim-witted little sister.

“There is no pure friendship between boys and girls.

You have to be careful of that boy.

I think he is up to no good.”

“Brother, dont overthink this.

We are really just friends,” Yan Zhiqing said, trying her best to keep her voice down.

For some odd reason, she felt a little guilty when she was saying this.

But whats the use of her keeping her voice down

Wei Wucai could still hear her.

When Wei Wucai heard Yan Zhiqing explain to Yan Beicheng about their relationship, he sneered inwardly.

He took out his phone and added another note about Yan Zhiqing to the black-colored notebook app.

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