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Tang Zi: Yeah.

Im Just a Small Sockpuppet: Theres a new actress in the crew, shes called Lu Man.

She has hooked up with Sun Yiwu, both of them even went to a hotel together.

Tang Zi: These photos are reliable

Im Just a Tiny Horse: Of course, they are reliable.

Let me tell you, Im a resident living there.

All of us know about this matter between Sun Yiwu and this actress.

Just because we are far away from the city here, the two of them dont even bother covering up.

My classmates younger brother works at the hotel they live in.

He said that Lu Man would go to Sun Yiwu every night, and the next morning, there would always be a lot of condoms found in Sun Yiwus room.

Lu Mans expression instantly darkened.

She called Tang Zi back.

“Did you look through all of them” Tang Zi asked.


“Who did you offend” Tang Zi asked.

All this while not even once did he suspect Lu Man.

Besides, with such a big ‘boss 1 like Han Zhuoli around, how dumb would Lu Man be if she even thought of sleeping with a director just to climb the ranks

Tang Zi was her good friend of many years, after all; he knew Lu Man so well that he never suspected her at all from the very start.

Lu Man closed her eyes and thought for a while.

“I do have someone in mind, but I cant make wild guesses without any evidence.

How about this Send me that sockpuppet account and Ill get Brother Han to check on it.

Ive finished filming all my scenes today, and the director knows about my relationship with Brother Han, so he has always been rather kind to me and even brought the main crew along to bid me farewell.”

“Alright.” Tang Zi hung up the phone.

“Ill try to hold back this matter with the photographs, but I cant do it for too long, Mr.

Han will still have to do something about it after all.”

After not too long, Lu Man received the contact from Tang Zi.

Lu Man called Han Zhuoli and he picked up on the first ring.

“Youre coming back tomorrow, but are you already so desperate to see me”

“I originally was, but right now theres something even more important than this.” Lu Man held back her laughter.

even if she had just got some bad news from Tang Zi, she wasnt stressed at all.

This wasnt something that she couldnt handle.

Therefore, why even bother worrying about it at all.

“What happened” Han Zhuoli was surprised.

“What could be even more important than me”

Lu Man relayed everything Tang Zi had informed her to Han Zhuoli.

“Thats why I need you to help me find out whos behind this account.”

Suddenly, there was an eerie silence with no sound coming at all from the other end of the line.

Lu Man knew that Han Zhuoli was furious.

“Wait for me, Ill immediately get someone to check it out.” Right now, Han Zhuoli could not care about chatting with Lu Man.

Hanging up the phone, he instantly called Zheng Tianming.

“Ill give you half an hours time.”

Stunned, Zheng Tianming looked dead-pan at his phone.

He could only hurriedly get someone to investigate the matter.

As he investigated, he scolded the person, “Who is it! Are they stupid! Even if they had nothing better to do, why think of messing with Lu Man They are sick!”

As expected, after half an hour, Han Zhuoli received a reply from Zheng Tianming.

He had found out that the WeChat sockpuppet account belonged to Bai Shuangshuangs assistant, Xiao Li.

Before this, he had found out from Lu Man that Bai Shuangshuang was always stirring up trouble for Lu Man.

Back then, Han Zhuoli had already thought of dealing with her.

However, he just chose not to make his move yet.

But right now, Bai Shuangshuang just made it much easier for him.

However, Han Zhuoli did not inform the Han Corporations Public Relations Department.

He could not completely trust those people from the Public Relations department.

This matter involved Lu Man, and especially with Xia Mengxuan still in the public relations department, even before the news could leak to other paparazzi teams, it would be leaked out by Xia Mengxuan.

Therefore, Han Zhuoli contacted Wei Zilin instead.

He got him to be in charge of contacting any media outlet which received this fake news and Han Zhuoli personally put some pressure on them.

Those people just thought that Lu Man was an ordinary artiste in Han Corporation.

They didnt know what background she could possibly have to get Wei Zilin to personally contact them and even get Han Zhuoli himself to put pressure on them.


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