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Dong Muping smiled and said, “No.

I just wanted to ask if he was busy with work.

If hes not working, I am going to give him a call.

I dont dare to call him abruptly as I am worried that he might be working and that my call might disturb him.”

Yan Beicheng tilted his head to look towards where Wei Wucai was located and said, “Oh.

Hes not working.”

Wei Wucai was scrolling on his phone and was watching the netizens comments in real time.

Therefore, Yan Beicheng betrayed Wei Wucai without any hesitation.


I got it.” Dong Muping thanked Yan Beicheng and hung up the phone.

She then gave Wei Wucai a phone call.

When Wei Wucai saw that it was a phone call from Dong Muping, he calmed himself down and proceeded to pick up the call.


“Whats going on I saw news about you and Zhiqing potentially dating” Dong Muping asked in excitement.

Although Yan Beicheng had admitted to nothing, Dong Muping didnt believe anything he said.

After all, the girls family usually behaved in a more reserved manner.

“You saw the news too” Wei Wucai said as the corner of his mouth curved up.

“Of course.

Thats the reason for this abrupt phone call,” Dong Muping said with a smile.

“When do you plan to bring her home for us to meet”

Wei Wucai looked up and glanced over at Yan Zhiqing, who was currently being filmed, and said, “I will bring her home when I find the chance.”

“Are you two really dating” Dong Muping sat up in excitement, involuntarily leaning forward.

“Soon,” Wei Wucai whispered as he stared at Yan Zhiqing in the distance.

“Why is your voice suddenly so soft” Dong Muping, thinking that it was weird, asked, “Are you scared of someone hearing you”

Dong Muping paused for a second and said, “Are you whispering because you are scared of others hearing you”

Dong Muping suddenly raised her voice.

“Is this a one-sided love”

Wei Wucai froze.

He said persistently, “Of course not.”

“Hehe! Dont lie to me! Yan Beicheng himself said that you two are just friends!” Dong Muping, feeling sorry for her sons inability to meet her expectations, said, “Look at this! You are not that capable.

Even this crush of yours is one-sided!”

“No, its not,” Wei Wucai said.


Stop being stubborn and just admit it.” Dong Muping sneered and said, “Previously, you drove away so many girls.

And now, you finally met someone you like, but this love is one-sided.

Hehe, how the tables have turned!”

Wei Wucai felt speechless.

Why did it feel like Dong Muping was happy to see him suffer

“Just work hard,” Dong Muping said.

“Zhiqing is beautiful.

She is excellent in so many ways.

Not only does she have a good personality, but she loves herself and lives a clean life.

People love girls like her.

Someone else might take her away first, and you will cry when that happens.”

“Mom…” The corner of Wei Wucais mouth twitched.

What kind of mother wanted her son to suffer

“Dont assume that I was just scaring you,” Dong Muping said.

“Tell me, have you ever experienced courting a girl”

Wei Wucai felt speechless.

Oh no! He was stuck on the question.

“You have a lot of experience driving away girls.

Were there any girls who stayed despite being pissed off by you” Dong Muping continued torturing him with questions.

However, when Wei Wucai heard the last question, he wanted to answer yes.

The girl who stayed was Luo Qingxian, who was most likely mentally ill.

Not only did she stay despite being pissed off, but she also refused to leave him alone.

“Mom, please dont worry.

I will definitely bring…” Wei Wucai said in a fierce and confident tone.

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