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Lu Man nodded.

“I think that acting is pretty interesting.

Im not thinking of becoming an idol or celebrity, I just want to improve my acting skills.

Ive realised that working in this field is rather challenging.

There are plenty of possibilities.”

“Alls good as long as you like it,” Xia Qingwei didnt have any opinion against it.

In the evening, as Han Zhuoli was about to leave, Lu Man walked him to the carpark downstairs.

“Ive already contacted the school for you.

You can start school in summer of the next year.

Youll be starting directly your 2nd year,” Han Zhuoli said.

Lu Man stopped by the side of his car.

“Can I start school in the second semester of the first year after the winter break After all, Ive studied one year less than others, I would miss out on learning a lot of things.

If I start one semester earlier, I can take about half a year to catch up on the content from the previous semester, just in case I cant catch up in the second year.

“Sure, Ill let the school know.

Its perfect that Greedy Wolf Operation would hit theatres during the Chinese New Year period.

If you start school after the new year, your chances will be pretty good,” Han Zhuoli said.

Suddenly, the gaze of the man who was still just talking about serious matters started burning brighter and brighter.

What was going on

Lu Man wittingly scooted slightly to the side, but Han Zhuoli was one step ahead and pressed her onto the car door.

“Finally, Youve come back.

Yet I havent even had the chance to hug you today,” Han Zhuoli lowered his voice

There was a little huskiness and roughness in his deep voice.

Amidst the darkness of the night, it felt a little sexy.

A month had passed by with Lu Man filming and it was already winter in B City and at night it was freezing cold.

The cold winter breeze hit Lu Mans face.

It seemed to make her complexion even paler, almost making her beautiful pale skin translucent.

Han Zhuolis finger touched the back of Lu Mans smooth hand.

Then, he grabbed her hand and placed it in the pocket of his coat.

The originally frozen cold hand instantly warmed up in his pocket.

As if he didnt know whatcold was, Han Zhuoli hugged her waist with both arms and warmed her cold lips with his kiss.

“Brother Han…” Lu Man almost wanted to remind him that they were still out in public after all.

However, as the weather got colder, a lot of people didnt go out at.

Nonetheless, she still felt uncomfortable.

“Call me Zhuoli.

Just my first name, no last name,” Han Zhuoli bit her lips lightly as he said lowly.

His hot breath blew on her lips.

In such a weather, it was exceptionally warm.

Lu Man mumbled, “Youre so much older than me, I cant call you that.”

Han Zhuoli, “…”

Is this brat despising that I am too old

Angrily pressing his hand against Lu Mans lower back, he pressed her into his embrace.

“My age might be greater than yours, but I have something else thats even bigger.”

Lu Mans hand in his pocket trembled slightly.

Why was this man suddenly starting to flirt

It was as if the night he had gone to the small town in South Yunnan had opened a gate to a whole new world where he would just come at her so strongly.

Suddenly, Han Zhuoli lifted her up in his arms, swept Lu Mans feet off the ground.

At the same time, she was pressed her against the car door.

“Shall we… go into the car first”


Well only go in after you call me Zhuoli,” Han Zhuoli was rather stubborn about it.

Lu Man: “…”

“Darling, Hubby, Zhuoli — take your pick,” Han Zhuoli said once more.

“…” Lu Man mumbled, “You are much older than me.

Calling you by your name makes me feel like Im not respecting you.”

“How could you still try to fool me!” Han Zhuoli directly pinched her waist.

It wasnt painful; instead, it felt like an electric shock, the spot buzzing with heat.

How could he not understand this brat

Right from the start, she was already calling him “Han Zhuoli”, yet now…

“Or maybe, just like the first time in the hotel, you can just call meLi.” Just even thinking about it left Han Zhuoli excited.

Back then, when this brat had called himLi, his legs had really gone weak.


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