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“Brother! Your behavior is outrageous.” Sensing his biological elder brothers betrayal, Han Zhuofeng felt disheartened as he said, “When I am of use to you, you ask me to take care of Sister-in-law on set and make sure that no one bullies her.

When I am of no use to you, you kick me away.”

Han Zhuofeng did not care about the cold expression on Han Zhuolings face.

Han Zhuofeng sat in the back and left the passenger seat for Shi Xiaoya.

At this moment, Han Zhuofeng suddenly leaned forward and hugged Han Zhuoling, wrapping his arms around the car seat as well.

“Elder Brother, why have I never noticed your potential to be a heartbreaker” Han Zhuofeng asked.

Han Zhuoling felt speechless.

Han Zhuolings face turned so dark as he shouted, “Get your hands off me now!”

Why would Zhuofeng even hug him!


Stop messing around.” Shi Xiaoya was laughing so hard.

She wondered how her mother-in-law gave birth to these boys.

Did they experience different prenatal education

They received the same education and lived in the same environment.

Why did Han Zhuoling become a cold and lofty person who rarely spoke and smiled

Meanwhile, Han Zhuofeng became a crazy gust of wind.

Similar to the meaning of his name, Zhuofeng was a crazy gust of wind.

“In my opinion, your brother just enjoys roasting you when he has nothing to do,” Shi Xiaoya said while laughing.

Being afraid that Han Zhuoling might actually get angry, Han Zhuofeng hastily released his grip and sat at the back in a well-behaved manner.

He was like a well-behaved baby.

“What is going on Why is being a younger brother so difficult” Han Zhuofeng cried out pitifully.

“When my elder brother is not here during the day, I am in charge of protecting my sister-in-law.

When my elder brother is here during the night, I am in charge of entertaining him” Han Zhuofeng didnt think too much about this previously.

But when he said this out loud, he realized that he did seem slightly pathetic for some reason.

Han Zhuoling felt speechless.

He really wanted to kick his crazy little brother out of the car.

Han Zhuoling continued driving in silence while Shi Xiaoya complained in a petty manner to Han Zhuoling about what Wei Wucai had done.

“Its such a pity that I tried to help him last night.” Shi Xiaoya thought it was funny and started laughing first.

She wasnt actually angry.

She told Han Zhuoling these little things because nothing else happened today.

By doing so, they could then laugh together.

“Forget it.

Hes doing this to court Zhiqing,” Shi Xiaoya continued.

“I will consider this a favor.”

The area around the filming site was not huge.

The restaurant that they chose was also nearby.

Since they had been filming for an entire day, they didnt have the energy to go somewhere far away.

And so, they decided to eat somewhere nearby so that they could go back to the hotel and rest earlier.

If it wasnt because the hotel room was too small and because there were too many people today, they would have ordered delivery.

Han Zhuoling had only been driving for about ten minutes when they arrived at the restaurant.

When they got out of the car, they saw that Yan Zhiqing and the others had already arrived.

Yan Beicheng and his wife arrived in Yan Zhiqings van.

The van was spacious and allowed a lot more passengers.

Wei Wucai, being a shameless person, adamantly got into Yan Zhiqings van.

When they got off the van, Yan Beicheng turned around and saw Han Zhuoling walking towards them.

He then immediately went to greet him.

They knew each other very well, so there was no need to be courteous.

Yan Beicheng waved at Han Zhuofeng and said, “Zhuofeng, do me a favor.”

“What” Han Zhuofeng asked curiously.

“Take a picture for us while we are walking into the restaurant.

Make it seem like it has been taken from the point of view of a paparazzi,” Yan Beicheng said.

“Why” Han Zhuofeng asked puzzledly.

Was Yan Beicheng himself doing something to boost Yan Zhiqings popularity

“Upload the picture online and explain that we are all having a meal together as friends.

The photos of Zhiqing and Wei Wucai being alone together were intentionally cropped out from group photos,” Yan Beicheng said.

Han Zhuofeng immediately gave Yan Beicheng a thumbs-up and praised, “Brother Beicheng, you are so smart.”

At the same time, he mourned for Wei Wucai.

Clearly, Wei Wucai still had a long way to go.

As of now, Yan Beicheng had labeled Wei Wucai as a friend.

Wei Wucai had very sharp ears.

In addition, he wasnt very far away, which was why hed heard Yan Beicheng very clearly.

Wei Wucai finally realized that he was outnumbered.

He stepped further away and went to a corner to give Wei Zhiqian a phone call.

Wei Zhiqian was currently hiding in his office.

He didnt dare to go home.

He was afraid that Old Mrs.

Wei would be waiting for him at home.

Whenever he thought of this, he felt so bitter.

He got trapped in this because he tried to help Wei Wucai.

At this moment, Wei Zhiqian mourned internally as he picked up Wei Wucais phone call.

“Whats wrong” Wei Zhiqian asked bitterly.

Wei Wucai seemed to have not heard the pain in Wei Zhiqians voice when he said, “Elder Brother, where are you now”

“I am in the office,” Wei Zhiqian answered.

Wei Wucai frowned and asked, “Are you busy with work”


What do you need” Wei Zhiqian asked.

He had completed his work.

He just didnt dare to go home.

If Wei Wucai could offer him a place to stay, he would very gladly take the offer!

“Yan Beicheng and Lin Chu are on the set today.

They will be staying here for the night and going back tomorrow.

Han Zhuoling came over as well and all of us are eating dinner together,” Wei Wucai said.

“I was just wondering if you wanted to come over if you have nothing to do.”

“Eh” Hearing this, Wei Zhiqian felt that this was a trick.

He asked, “What made you think of me”

Wei Wucai looked up at the starless night sky and answered, “All of them are supported by their elder brothers.

I just thought I should be supported by one as well.

If not, no one would speak up for me.”

Han Zhuoling always sounded as though he hated Han Zhuofeng, but he didnt really mean it.

If something happened, Han Zhuoling would definitely protect Han Zhuofeng.

Han Zhuofeng would do the same as well.

Yan Beicheng, being Yan Zhiqings elder brother, was here as well.

Yan Beicheng was his future elder brother-in-law.

No matter what happened, Wei Wucai didnt dare to bicker too much with Yan Beicheng.

Therefore, he needed someone of the same generation as Yan Beicheng to support him.

And so, Wei Wucai was reminded of Wei Zhiqian.

He had an elder brother as well.

Although his elder brother was still single…

This did not affect Wei Zhiqians ability to support Wei Wucai.

“Why do you need someone to speak up for you” Wei Zhiqian thought it was weird.

“Whats going on Who bullied you”

Wei Zhiqian stood up immediately and said, “Who would dare to bully you!”

Wei Wucai felt speechless.

No one would dare to bully him.

However, when Wei Wucai heard what Wei Zhiqian had said, he felt emotional.

It did feel different to have an elder brother.

“Erm…” Wei Wucai, rarely feeling emotional because of Wei Zhiqian, told the truth, “I like Yan Zhiqing.”

“I know.” Wei Zhiqian blinked.

Didnt he say that during the day

Because of this, Wei Zhiqian, despite being happy for Wei Wucai, suddenly became wary.

Even his younger brother Wei Wucai had someone to court.

In Wei Zhiqians own words—Considering that Wei Wucai was a good and reliable man, Yan Zhiqing, provided that she was not a fool, would definitely see the good in him.

In addition, what they did today had even caused Yan Beicheng himself to visit the studio.


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