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There was nothing Wei Zhiqian could do.

And so, he could only drag Wei Wucai away.

“Lets just leave first,” Wei Zhiqian whispered.

“They are only staying here for the night, so you still have a lot of chances.”

Wei Wucai gave it a thought and agreed.

He then obediently left with Wei Zhiqian.

Yan Beicheng started nagging and brainwashing Yan Zhiqing in the van.

“No matter how much you trust Wei Wucai, he is still a man.

You have to keep your distance from him.

Dont make me worry for you! Ah!”

“I got it.” Yan Zhiqing wanted to cover her ears, but she didnt dare to do so.

She could only look at Lin Chu with a helpless expression.

She was hoping that Lin Chu could stop Yan Beicheng.

However, Lin Chu could only look at Yan Zhiqing with a helpless expression that communicated her inability to help.

And so, Yan Zhiqing had to listen to Yan Beicheng nag throughout the entire drive.

Yan Zhiqing could only promise Yan Beicheng repeatedly, “Brother, please dont worry.

I will keep this in mind.

Regardless of how Wei Wucai is as a person, he is a man.

I will stay at a safe distance away from him.

I will not go to his room by myself, nor will I allow him to come into my room, especially when its night time.

Yan Zhiqing said, “In addition, its not good if someone took a photo of us.

We still have to be careful even if he is…”

She wanted to say—even if Wei Wucai was gay.

For some reason, the word was on the tip of her tongue, but she could not utter it.

It was unknown as to when she started disliking the thought of Wei Wucai being gay.

She didnt like talking about it nor thinking about it.

Because Wei Wucai was gay, she was able to get along with him without feeling any stress.

However, she didnt know when she started feeling a little sad whenever she thought about Wei Wucais sexual orientation.

She even… wished that Wei Wucai was straight.

She wished that he wasnt gay.

“Elder Brother, please dont worry, okay” Yan Zhiqing said in a helpless tone.

“You have been nagging throughout the entire drive.

I wont forget what you said.”

“Its good if you really keep this in mind,” Yan Beicheng said worriedly.

As of now, in Yan Beichengs opinion, Wei Wucai was basically a wolf.

How could he not worry when Yan Zhiqing was around a wolf

Yan Zhiqing nodded hastily as she replied, “I will really do.”

Yan Beicheng himself felt thirsty from talking so much.

Lin Chu hurriedly handed Yan Beicheng a bottle of water so that he could drink some.

When the group arrived at the hotel, they went to their own rooms.

Even when Yan Beicheng was in his room, he still felt worried.

He said to Lin Chu, “Do you think Wei Wucai would be daring enough to still go to Zhiqings room when he knows that we are here”

Lin Chu replied, “Zhiqing is not stupid.

In addition, shes not the kind of person who would simply allow someone of the opposite gender into her room.”

She comforted, “Even if Wei Wucai wanted to go to her room, he would need a believable excuse, right But he doesnt have any.”

Actually, she really wanted to say that—even if Wei Wucai wanted to see Yan Zhiqing, theres no rush for him to see her tonight.

After all, Yan Beicheng wouldnt be here every day.

He could just wait until after they leave tomorrow.

And by then, Yan Beicheng would not be able to control whatever Wei Wucai did.

But Lin Chu didnt dare to tell Yan Beicheng this.

She was worried that if she were to remind Yan Beicheng of this, he would then visit Zhiqing every single day.

Yan Zhiqing would then suffer so much.

Wei Zhiqian had a chat with Wei Wucai and confirmed that he did have feelings for Yan Zhiqing and was putting in effort to court her.

Wei Zhiqian then left feeling satisfied.

Before Wei Zhiqian left, he gave Wei Wucai a pat on the shoulder and said in encouragement, “Way to go! If you need help, let me know.

If Yan Beicheng is still bullying you, let me know.

I will help you deal with him.”

Wei Wucai realized that Wei Zhiqian was very reliable.

He smiled and thanked him.

Wei Zhiqian walked to the door and rubbed his hands while saying, “You dont have to… thank me.

Just dont tell Grandma about this.”

Wei Wucai felt speechless.

Old Mrs.

Wei had really traumatized Wei Zhiqian.

“I wont say a single word,” Wei Wucai said.

Hes not bored, so why would he even tell their grandma about this

“Good.” Wei Zhiqian felt at ease.

He then reminded him, “If Grandma asks you about this while your relationship with Yan Zhiqing is not yet official, you have to deny it.

Just tell her that it was a misunderstanding.”

Wei Wucai appeared stumped by this request.

When Wei Zhiqian didnt hear Wei Wucai give his promise, he became worried.

“What You two are not in a relationship yet.

Even if you deny it, it shouldnt matter, right”

Wei Wucai still appeared troubled as he responded, “I could deny it.

But if Zhiqing found out that I denied it and reckoned that I have no feelings for her, that would not be good.

“And so, I dont think I can deny it,” Wei Wucai said embarrassedly.

“I dont want her to have the wrong idea.”

Wei Zhiqian felt speechless.

Wei Zhiqian asked, “But I thought she thinks that you are gay” He then said, “So it doesnt really matter even if she gets the wrong idea.”

Wei Wucai felt speechless.

“Thats different,” Wei Wucai said.

“I am willing to be straight for her.”

Wei Zhiqian felt speechless.

Wei Zhiqian thought to himself, “But you have always been straight!”

Wei Wucai made it sound as though he was really gay.

Wei Zhiqian looked troubled as he said, “Considering that I helped you, cant you just help me once If Grandma found out about this, she would beat me until I am bedridden.

If that happens, even if I wanted to help you, I wouldnt be able to do so.”

Wei Wucai thought about it and realized that Wei Zhiqian was quite pitiful.

Wei Wucai couldnt kick Wei Zhiqian to the curb after he had outlived his usefulness.

Wei Zhiqian had at least worked hard tonight for the sake of his happiness.

Wei Wucai then said, “Hows this If Grandma asks me about this, I wont admit or deny it.

I will just be ambiguous.”

“Sure.” Wei Zhiqian nodded hastily as he thought this suggestion was agreeable.

And so, Wei Zhiqian left happily.

He had no idea that Old Mrs.

Wei already found out about this.

She didnt even need to ask Wei Wucai.

Wei Zhiqian was very pleased as he went back to his hotel room.

He took a shower and tidied up.

He then crawled under the covers, turned on the TV, and switched the channel to a funny variety show.

On the bedside table, there was a fruit plate, which the hotel gifted to guests on their first day of arrival.

Wei Zhiqian planned to eat some fruits and watch the show at the same time.

At this moment, his phone rang.

Wei Wucai picked his phone up.

The moment he looked at the screen, his hand trembled and his heart quivered.

He took a deep breath and picked up the call.

In a sweet tone, he called out, “Grandma.”

“Where are you now” Old Mrs.

Wei asked.

“I came to visit Xiao Cai,” Wei Zhiqian said.

“Xiao Cai is now a member of the production crew for Wu Mosens new movie and is in charge of creating the special effects.

I was somewhere nearby, so I came to see him.”

Old Mrs.

Wei laughed and asked, “Then did you see Zhiqing as well”

Wei Zhiqian gave a dry laugh and answered, “Why would I see Zhiqing”

Old Mrs.

Wei smiled sweetly and said, “Didnt you see the news online Zhiqing seems to be dating Xiao Cai.”

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