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“Therefore, I suspect that even before you offended Yan Zhiqing, Yan Beicheng had already hired someone to look into all your work opportunities that are currently under discussion.

“It just so happened that your scheme against Yan Zhiqing last night was discovered.

Yan Beicheng had been wanting to take you down and took this chance to do so.” Liu Yunan was speaking coldly.

“Therefore, it wasnt because Yan Zhiqing couldnt do anything to you.

She has been preparing to deal with you, but you didnt even realize.

Instead of stopping promptly, you became even worse.”

Liu Yunan said in a harsh tone, “I cant help you this time.”

Initially, Lu Xiuse had been plotting against Yan Zhiqing secretly.

She thought that as long as she kept herself well hidden, Yan Zhiqing would never find out about this.

However, after Yan Zhiqing found out about what she did, Lu Xiuse couldnt help but start counting on luck to keep herself safe.

When she was escorting that client, Yan Zhiqing was the only one targeting her.

Yan Beicheng did nothing.

Lu Xiuse then assumed that Yan Beicheng had thought that the fight between her and Yan Zhiqing was not important enough for him to get involved in.

When hes so busy, he must have no time to bother with these trivial matters in the entertainment industry.

Even when it happened the second time, Yan Beicheng did not do anything.

Lu Xiuse then thought that she knew what Yan Beicheng was thinking.

She thought that Yan Beicheng had decided not to bother with whatever happens to Yan Zhiqing in the entertainment industry.

She thought that as long as she didnt overstep the boundaries, Yan Beicheng wouldnt get himself involved.

The things she had done must have been within Yan Beichengs boundaries.

Lu Xiuse thought she had understood everything.

She decided to plot against Yan Zhiqing by doing things that didnt cross the line.

However, she did not expect Yan Beicheng to be waiting for her here.

It was not that he hadnt been doing anything.

Instead, he had planned for a deadly blow.

And now, he had taken away everything from her!

“Then… What should I do We can worry about the work opportunities later,” Lu Xiuse said.

“Let us at least keep our role in this movie.

This way, there will be a chance for us to get more work in the future.

“Because of the mess on the Internet, Director Chen is worried that the movies box office record would be affected.

He is considering replacing me.

I promised him that I will settle this mess on the Internet within two days.

“That is why I was in a rush to ask you about the news.

As of now, its not our top priority to keep those work opportunities.

Lets try to keep our role in this movie before we deal with the lost work opportunities.”

“You still have your brain with you,” Liu Yunan said, “If you are able to think this through, why did you choose to make things difficult for Yan Zhiqing!”

“Sister Liu, please stop talking about this.

I have learned my lesson.

I promise that I will hide from Yan Zhiqing if we get through this.

I will never provoke her anymore,” Lu Xiuse said.

“Actually, I only thought it was so unfair.

She is relying on the Yan Family.

Why do we have to work so hard to get an opportunity when she is able to get it without doing anything Its so unfair.

“If she was capable, she should have fought fair and square for it.

Even when her success today was achieved through her powerful background, she claimed to have achieved her success by working hard.

“If thats considered effort, then what about us who are actually working hard” Lu Xiuse continued in an indignant tone, “Since she had gotten all these benefits, she should have lain low.

Yet she kept showing up in front of me, treating me like I am not worthy of her respect.”

Lu Xiuses eyes reddened.

“If I was privileged like her, I wouldnt have to be an escort and I wouldnt have to keep those CEOs company! Does she think I am doing this willingly If I dont do that, will I have those work opportunities Who gives her the right to look down on me

“Did I willingly escort them because I have no respect for myself She has everything.

Who gives her the right to look down on us who have nothing and have no choice but to think of different ways to struggle through life”

Liu Yunan patted Lu Xiuse on the shoulder and said, “I know.

I know.

But what can we do She was born privileged.

She was good at reincarnating.

You feeling unfair about this will not help in any way and will not change anything.

“And so, if you knew that you wouldnt be able to handle the consequences of provoking her, you shouldnt have done it.

Think about it.

You have worked so hard to get to where you are right now.

Do you want all your effort to go to waste Do you want all those years of hard work to be wasted” Liu Yunan comforted.

“Since you cant fight against her, you might as well stay away from her.

Most importantly, you have to keep everything you have right now.”

“However, lets be candid here,” Liu Yunan said.

“This is the last time I am cleaning up your mess for you.

After this is over, you are going to behave yourself.”

She threatened, “If someone makes things difficult for you, then fine, I will help you.

However, if you are the one seeking trouble, then dont blame me for being ruthless and giving up on you.

I am not a saint.

I dont have to always back you up.

I still have a lot of celebrities under me.

I can easily train a few to replace you.”

“I know,” Lu Xiuse said hastily.

“Sister Liu, dont worry.

I wont cause any more trouble and I will behave myself.”


Then I will help you one last time,” Liu Yunan said.

She once again emphasized, “Keep in mind.

This is the last time.”


Alright.” Lu Xiuse agreed quickly.

Liu Yunan was just about to contact her company by phone.

The call had just gone through and she had only said less than two sentences when Chen Jinglin came over.

When Liu Yunan saw that Chen Jinglin had something to say to Lu Xiuse, she said to the other employee from her company on the phone, “Something came up.

I will give you a call later.”

Liu Yunan hung up the phone and smiled as she said to Chen Jinglin, “Director Chen, you are here.”

“Xiao Liu, good timing for you to be here.” Chen Jinglin showed a faint smile and immediately stopped smiling.

Lu Xiuse felt her heart skip a beat.

Liu Yunan had a bad feeling.

“Director Chen, what is it”

“Since you are here, I will tell you as well,” Chen Jinglin said.

“I just received news from our investors.

The female lead of our movie will no longer be Lu Xiuse.

The investors had requested for a replacement, saying that she must be replaced.

They even found another actress to replace her in the movie, and she has already joined the crew.”

“No…” Liu Yunan said.

“How… how can you replace her on a whim We have signed a contract.

Director Chen, I know that it is because of what happened last night.

Everyone is unhappy over what had happened, and you are worried about the movies box office record being negatively affected by this.

“But we have spent so much to bring up Xiuse.

We have given her so many work opportunities.

We wont watch her suffer.

The company is thinking of ways to suppress that news.

I didnt finish my phone call earlier, but I was discussing with someone about this on the phone.

We were talking about this and thinking about how we can counteract.

“Director Chen, I thought you had promised yesterday to give Xiuse two more days”

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