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“What are you saying!” At that moment, Yu Xingzhous manager shouted, “Dont speak rubbish!”

“Youre still wearing your sunglasses Is it that your eyes cant look at the light” Lu Man insulted Yu Xingzhou.

“After you reached here, did you even greet your fans Look at their age, cant you see that theyre still in school They skipped school just to see you, yet you dont lead them in the right direction! Is it that tiring to say a sentence to ask them to go back to school As long as you say it, theyll definitely listen to you!”

“Who are you!” Wang Lu was angry and flustered.

“An employee of the Han Corporation What right do you have to talk to me here!”

Wang Lu ordered the nearby security officer.

“Quickly send them away!”

Furious, Sister Li said, “I really feel bad for the children who are your fans!”

Yu Xingzhou laughed mockingly, turning his head to ask the fans, “Do you all feel wronged”

“Not at all!” Those fans started to yell loudly.

“Ah ah, Zhou Zhou talked to me!”

“Not wronged at all! Not wronged at all! Zhou Zhou look at me!”

“Good kids, you all are my good daughters,” Yu Xingzhou said, “However, skipping school is not good, the next time you come, remember to ask for leave.”

Ask for leave to chase stars Which teacher would allow that!

Even if these children really asked for leave, they would be lying.

How could it be that Yu Xingzhou did not know

But he was not the kind to teach the right things.

As long as there were people liking him and chasing him, it was enough; as to whether the actions of his fans were good or not, that was not his concern.

Lu Man turned her head to look at the young girl and saw her wobble as if her whole life had lost its meaning.

Lu Man sighed, the girl in front of her, even if what she said had angered her just now, she was just a child who had been lied to, after all.

“Lets go, Ill bring you to the infirmary to put some medicine.” Lu Man took the other hand which had not been hit.

The Han Corporation had its own private infirmary, and Sister Li followed them there.

Looking at the young girl, made her think about her own daughter, and that was why she was so angry.

Once she goes home, she really needed to educate her daughter properly, she could like anyone in the world but just not this Yu Xingzhou.

Lu Man brought the young girl to the infirmary, by the time the doctor saw the injury on her hand, it had already swollen so much that it looked like a baguette.

“Who hit her so hard”

“Ah! Yu Xingzhous bodyguard.” Sister Li immediately told the doctor what had happened just now.

As the doctor helped the little girl put on medicine, he said, “You said that you were injured because of that celebrity, but do you know how much your parents would be hurt Child, listen to this Aunties advice, its alright to chase celebrities, but you need to chase someone whos worth chasing.”

The little girl started to cry, feeling sad.

When she raised her head, her eyes were full of tears.

She looked at Lu Man and her mouth trembled twice before she finally asked, “Older sister, is it… is it that he is really not worth liking”

“You already saw everything just now, ask yourself, if hes worth it or not,” Lu Man sternly said, “However, since you asked that, it means that you already have the answer in your heart.”

Taking the paper towel from Sister Li, the little girl wiped her tears dry.

“Actually, I saw everything just now, I was standing with you both, and I saw that his smile was especially mocking.

But as soon as he turned around to face the fans, his smile changed.

He… probably… is really different from what I imagined.”

“Its good that you clearly know now, so do you know what to do now” Lu Man asked.

Seeing that the little girl was not very sure and hesitating a bit, Lu Man said, “Now, take the medicine and return to school, go to class, and from now on, just to chase celebrities, no matter how much you like them, you cant skip school.

Of course, if its a celebrity who is worthy of your admiration, they would not agree to let you skip school and would also convince you to go to school.

If you really like them, then you must work hard to improve yourself, and in the future, if you might have an opportunity where you can use your own ability to get close to your idol.

Then you can work by your idols side or become someone who collaborates with them, there are several different possibilities.”


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