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“No-nothing.” Yan Zhiqing kept her hand up and turned around.

She had a head full of questions.

It felt so real just now.

Was it just her hallucination

Or… was it because she had missed the way they used to talk, and so she imagined this

Yan Zhiqing couldnt understand.

She did really feel it, but what she saw the moment she turned around was totally different.

Seeing Yan Zhiqings confusion, Wei Wucai didnt explain and pretended that nothing had happened.

Yet all of this had been observed by the silent Fang Qiaohan at the side.

Fang Qiaohans eye twitched.

She debated whether to tell what actually transpired to Yan Zhiqing afterwards.

She felt that if this kept on, Yan Zhiqing would be walking into the traps laid by Wei Wucai.

But if she secretly told on Wei Wucai to Yan Zhiqing, shed look like a gossipmonger spreading tales about Wei Wucai.

And when Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqing got together in the future and Yan Zhiqing recalled today, would she think she was trying to ruin their relationship

Hence, the hesitation on Fang Qiaohans part.

As she walked towards the entrance, she finally decided not to tell.

This was just Wei Wucais trick, nothing big.

He wouldnt hurt Yan Zhiqing.

Moreover, it could frankly count as flirting between them.

Who was she to interfere

Having thought this through, Fang Qiaohan decided to forget what she had witnessed.

Wei Wucai naturally wouldnt dismiss her.

He took in her shock, her indecisiveness, and her calmness.

Shock, because she saw how he had approached Yan Zhiqing and retreated.

Torn, probably on whether or not to tell Yan Zhiqing the truth.

And calm resolve, likely because she had thought things through.

As for what that was, Wei Wucai had no certainty.

But seeing the calmness on her face, it seemed likely she was going to pretend she saw nothing.

Thinking for a moment, he then approached Fang Qiaohan.

Fang Qiaohan saw him and quickly whispered, “I… didnt see a thing.

I wont say a thing.”

Wei Wucai raised his brow.

He hadnt said anything.

Why did she look so afraid of him

But Wei Wucai was still satisfied, getting the answer he wanted.

As for whether or not Fang Qiaohan was scared of him, Wei Wucai didnt bother with such small matters.

And so they walked like this towards the entrance.

Past the gates, they could see the Luo family being blocked outside.

An older couple beside Luo Qingxian was peering in through the gates.

The lady would occasionally vent her anger on the security officers.

“You are really making things up to suit yourselves.

Arent you just guarding the gates Who are you to stop us from entering!

“Were not some common people.

Were also people with status! You think wed go in to make a scene Were here to talk to Yan Zhiqing.

We dont care about whos inside filming what!

“You think we rarely see such actors Theyre the ones licking our boots.

Were not interested in them at all, much less would we leak anything about the filming.

Weve seen more than enough of this in our daily lives.

Its nothing to us!

“So what need is there for you to stop us!

“Youve never interacted with people of our status, so you naturally wont think about the people we usually interact with.

The stars and celebrities you all care about are nothing to us! Us going in wont affect the production crew at all.”

The security guards all watched Mrs.

Luos performance silently.

But theyd already rolled their eyes internally countless times.

Theyd never seen someone so self-important.

This whole family really treated themselves too seriously.

No wonder Yan Zhiqing targeted them.

If it were up to them, it was best if Yan Zhiqing did not forgive Luo Qingxian.

Seeing their attitude now, its clear they did not realize their mistake.

They were merely scared and forced to bend their heads to Yan Zhiqing.

And once she forgave them and they had overcome this challenge, theyd surely be acting as before.

This was a family of unreasonable people.

They thought themselves high and mighty and looked down on the security officers, and unknown to them, they were looked down upon by the officers.

Even Yan Zhiqing couldnt stand it and quickly went over.

She first told the security officers, “Sorry for the trouble caused.”

“Its fine, its fine,” a security officer quickly answered.

The ones causing trouble wasnt Yan Zhiqing but the three outside.

Seeing Yan Zhiqing, Luo Qingxian was about to open her mouth.

But she saw that Wei Wucai was here too.

Following Yan Zhiqing like a puppy.

But just as Yan Zhiqing was about to exit the gates, Wei Wucai suddenly took a big step and went in front of her.

He blocked Yan Zhiqing like a bodyguard.

Was he afraid theyd eat her up

Luo Qingxian was furious, her eyes shooting daggers.

If this was in the past, shed have been disgruntled because she thought Wei Wucai had nothing to his name, not even a proper job.

It was only because he rejected her that she clung onto him and refused to give up.

But now, she really had her sights on him.

Knowing Wei Wucai was the boss of the famous Ledepic More made him shine like gold in her eyes.

Wei Wucai wasnt an unaccomplished man anymore.

He was successful, handsome, and rich, and he had the backing of the Wei Family.

Wei Zhiqian even went out of his way to come out and clarify that Wei Wucai was a member of the Wei Family.

This showed that he wasnt as invisible to the family as he had originally stated.

Even more so, he was very important, or at least, he had a good relationship with Wei Zhiqian.

If anything happened, Wei Zhiqian would be willing to help him.

Everything changed now that he himself was capable, further supported by the Wei Family.

If she was with Wei Wucai, the eight great families would consider their relationship with the Wei Family should any of them want to target the Luo family.

They wouldnt be as passive as they were now.

Luo Qingxian felt the unfairness.

Yan Zhiqing could be so arrogant precisely because she had the Yan Family, and the seven other families were on good terms with them.

Otherwise, why would the Luo family be bullied

This was particularly unfair.

So she yearned to be with Wei Wucai even more.

And seeing how Wei Wucai was clearly protecting her now, Luo Qingxian hated Yan Zhiqing even more.

Yan Zhiqing didnt expect Wei Wucai to block her.

Raising her eyes, all she could see was his wide shoulders and back.

She couldnt even see the Luo family.

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