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Her view was completely blocked by Wei Wucai.

Yan Zhiqing sighed, lightly poking his back.

Wei Wucai turned, saying, “It tickles.”

Yan Zhiqing felt speechless.

Did he want her to scratch his back for him or what

“Youre blocking me,” she said.

Wei Wucai was speechless.

This little wretch.

Wasnt he being considerate for her safety!

“At least let me see them,” Yan Zhiqing said.

“Youre blocking me so well that I cant even see them.”

Wei Wucai was speechless.

He then shifted slightly to the side.

He neednt be so worried, though.

No matter what the three Luos did, Wei Wucai was more than enough to react and deal with them.

But because he cared too much, he was so anxious.

The security officers opened the gates from inside and the couple walked out.

Yes, they could speak through the doors.

However, it would seem like the Luo family was visiting a prisoner.

The moment Yan Zhiqing stepped out, Luo Yonggang spoke.

“Hello, Miss Yan.

Im Luo Qingxians father, Luo Yonggang.”

Luo Yonggang took out a name card and handed it to Yan Zhiqing.

Before Yan Zhiqing could move, Wei Wucai had already snatched his name card away.

Without even looking or letting Yan Zhiqing read it, he slipped it into his pocket.

He planned to throw it away afterwards.

Yan Zhiqing didnt need to see another guys name card.

Yan Zhiqing gave a bland greeting.

“Hello, Mr.


Yan Zhiqing knew what Luo Yonggang did.

But she wasnt from the business industry, and so she didnt greet him as CEO Luo like the others did.

“Its our first time meeting.

Who could have expected itd be here under these circumstances Its truly a regret,” Luo Yonggang said.

“We specially picked this time, considering its the early afternoon and your work shouldnt be interrupted.

Its lunch time as well.

“Miss Yan, would you do us the honor of having a meal with us

“And this must be Mr.


Ive long heard of your name.

Youre really a handsome young man,” Luo Yonggang said.

“Why dont Mr.

Wei join us too”

Luo Yonggang had no inkling of the one-sided love-hate relationship Luo Qingxian had towards Wei Wucai.

He only thought Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqing seemed to have a good relationship.

Who knows They might be dating.

Inviting only Yan Zhiqing wasnt good.

Itd make him look selfish and rude.

Moreover, Wei Wucai obviously wasnt thrilled about letting Yan Zhiqing go alone with them.

But Luo Yonggangs suggestion coincidentally met Luo Qingxians goals.

“Its alright.” Yan Zhiqing gave a bland smile.

“Our lunch break is very short.

Once its finished, well be filming immediately, so its inconvenient to eat out.

“If Mr.

Luo has anything to say, here is fine.”

She glanced at the three.

“I was about to dig in, but Xiao Liu came to find me unexpectedly and said you all insisted on seeing me.

I was told you wont leave otherwise and even wished to force entry.”

Xiao Liu was the security officer who went to inform her.

Xiao Liu didnt expect Yan Zhiqing to recognize him and couldnt hide his smile any longer.

“Our production crews rule is that non-related personnel are unable to enter, no matter how high your status.

I cant let others have a hard time just because of my personal affairs, much less trouble Director Wu,” Yan Zhiqing said.

“So I havent eaten anything yet and came out.

“You three insist on seeing me, so why dont you cut to the chase If youre really considerate and think Im tired from filming, you should let me go back earlier.

Who knows I might still get to eat some hot food.

Another 30 minutes and Ive got to shoot.”

Yan Zhiqing had painted it clearly.

Everyone was busy.

Its not that they couldnt eat out but that they had no time to do so.

Luo Yonggang was just talking about how they chose the afternoon break to see her, like they were really considerate.

Thus, Yan Zhiqing directly said that if they were to keep harassing her, it would interrupt her work and make her miss lunch.

And they called this being considerate of her and wanting to apologize

This was making things difficult for her.

Yan Zhiqings words clearly erased all good intentions from Luo Yonggangs words.

Luo Yonggang paused, finally appraising Yan Zhiqing fully.

He had never interacted with Yan Zhiqing, so he knew nothing about her.

Before he came, he had assumed Yan Zhiqing was just a young lady.

Though she was in the entertainment industry, because of the Yan Family, she was well-protected and not exposed to the negative side of things.

And nobody dared to bully or take advantage of her, or let her get involved in the dark side of things.

The people who dared to bully her, like Lu Xiuse, didnt they all become nobodies

Because she had never experienced these hardships, it had always been smooth-sailing for Yan Zhiqing.

Hence, Luo Yonggang thought that Yan Zhiqing was surely a naive girl, inexperienced and easy to deal with.

If she were to really get scared into submission and get taken advantage of, there would be no one to blame but Yan Beicheng for overprotecting her.

Who knew Yan Zhiqing would be a tough nut to crack

This lass was too wily.

A tough cookie.

Luo Yonggang hid his contempt and was still smiling.

“My apologies.

I didnt think things through.

“Its because I didnt know your job well enough, so I had no idea you all have such tight working schedules.

“Frankly, after knowing this, I should be meeting you on another day, but truly, the circumstances dont allow me to!” Luo Yonggang said with a troubled face.

“So why dont you state your intentions” Yan Zhiqing said patiently.

Rather than saying all this useless fluff, wasnt it better to hurry and finish speaking and save her time

Luo Yonggang removed his smile and put on an extremely serious face before saying gravely, “Miss Yan, were here today to apologize.

I know that whoever exposed the news today, mine or Qingxians, they have to do with you.

“Im not here to blame you, nor do I dare to, much less create trouble.

I even know very well, Qingxian and I are facing such trouble because of Qingxian herself.

“She caused trouble for you and youre merely retaliating.” Luo Yonggang continued with a sincere expression, “Indeed, it wouldnt make sense if she kept up her bullying and you did nothing.

“Weve got nothing to say about your retaliation, and we take responsibility.

“Its just… our losses are indeed great.

Qingxian is being attacked and I…” Luo Yonggang sighed.

“I cant face anyone anymore.”

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