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Regardless of how unfair she felt it was, she just didnt want to give Wei Wucai the chance to laugh at her and look down on her at this very moment.

“If that is all you intend to say, then we are done here,” Yan Zhiqing said.

“I have to go back quickly.

I have not eaten lunch and I have to start filming again in ten minutes.

I am sure you wont be so inconsiderate that you would ask me to skip lunch for your personal matters, right”

After saying this, Yan Zhiqing started walking inside.

However, this concerned the survival of the Luo family, which was obviously more important than Yan Zhiqings lunch.

At least, that was what the members of the Luo family thought.

Therefore, Luo Yonggang hurriedly called out to Yan Zhiqing, “Miss Yan! You cant leave like this!”


Luo quickly pinched Luo Qingxian.

After all, she was the one who had caused these issues, so she had to be the one to say something.

Luo Qingxian had no choice.

She hastily said, “Miss Yan, lets talk! Since… you are not available during noon and have to rush back, are you available tonight”

She continued, “We wont be leaving today.

We will stay here for the entire afternoon.

You will have time after you are done filming, right We can have dinner or even late-night snacks.

Then we can take our time and talk more about the details.”

She added, “We wont be disturbing your lunch or work.”

“But you might disturb her rest.” Wei Wucai was not happy about this.

He wanted to spend time with Yan Zhiqing.

The three members of the Luo family had already taken up this time during noon.

Did they intend to take up her time at night as well

What kind of absurd thinking was that!

“She wakes up at five every morning to film.

Filming usually ends at around ten at night, and she would then have to go back to the hotel to get ready for sleep.

She barely gets enough sleep, yet you still want to take up more of her time for that **show of yours” Wei Wucai humphed ruthlessly.

“I dont think you are here to ask for peace.

You are here to intentionally cause trouble.

You dont want her to sleep enough or rest enough so that she wont do a good job when filming.

Because your lives have been ruined, you dont want her to live a good life either!” he said scoldingly.

The members of the Luo family were speechless.

Those words were totally unreasonable!

Luo Yonggang glanced at Luo Qingxian with an expression of dissatisfaction.

Didnt she know what the right thing to say was!

Now Wei Wucai was holding something against them, describing them as people with evil intentions.

If Luo Qingxian had known what to say, Wei Wucai would have never been able to criticize anything against them! Things would not have been this difficult!

Indeed, if itelligence was something she had, she wouldnt have stupidly offended Yan Zhiqing.

“Thats not what I meant.” Luo Qingxian had gritted her teeth grudgingly as she listened to every word Wei Wucai had uttered for the sake of protecting Yan Zhiqing.

“How could I have known that Miss Yan would be working until late at night I just thought that she would be available tonight, which was why I chose that time,” Luo Qingxian explained.

“You even mentioned late-night snacks.

How can you not know that she works until late at night” Wei Wucai humphed.

With Wei Wucai here, Yan Zhiqing had no chance of showing her potential combat strength.

He saw Luo Qingxian opening her mouth.

It seemed like she was going to provide further explanation.

But Wei Wucai ruthlessly took back her chance of explaining as he said, “Stop bothering her.

Zhiqing was very clear.

Her matters with you have been resolved.

I will also not expose any more of your secrets to the public.

“As for your companys business, that is your problem.

Yan Beicheng never asked those people to stop working with you.

Are you going to blame Zhiqing for your business going downhill

“Your daughter wrongly accused Zhiqing.

Now that your business is going downhill, you are blaming her for that too.” Wei Wucai sneered coldly and said, “I guess Zhiqing should take responsibility for everything that happens to the Luo family.

If the Luo family earns less income, should Zhiqing pay you for the amount of money lost

“Why dont you change your surname to Yan while youre at it Just ask the Yan Family to spoonfeed you!” Wei Wucai mocked, “You probably want that to happen, but dream on!”

Luo Yonggang felt speechless.

Wei Wucuai had spoken on and on.

He even answered his own questions!

Did he give them the chance to answer

“That is not our intention,” Mrs.

Luo said.

“We just want Miss Yan to make an announcement that her family and my family are on good terms.

Its not something difficult to do!”

Yan Zhiqing thought, yes, it wouldnt be difficult, but she was unwilling to do so.

She was just about to say something when Wei Wucai spoke before she could.

“I have proven to you all that I know many of your secrets.

I am sure you dont doubt that.”

The three members of the Luo family remained silent, basically allowing their silence to serve as agreement with what Wei Wucai had said.

They just didnt understand why Wei Wucai would say this.

“If you bother Zhiqing again…” Wei Wucai didnt give them any chance to interrupt as he immediately said, “No matter where you are… It doesnt have to be here…

“Regardless of the location, if you bother Zhiqing again, I will expose your secrets to the public.

If you bother her once, I will expose one secret.

If you bother her twice, I will expose two of your secrets.

If you do it three times, I will expose four of your secrets.

“You dont have to worry about me using up all the evidence I have against you.

After all, you all have done too many things in the past.” Wei Wucai smiled sarcastically and said, “Everything you have done in the past provides me with more than enough.

“And considering how you all like digging your graves, I am sure there will be more in the future.

Dont doubt it.

If you do anything that cannot be publicly known in the future, I will find out about it.

“In addition, the secrets I mentioned will not be as simple as the secrets concerning your personal lives.

“I have leaked out those secrets only because I wanted to warn you guys.

Regarding the business dealings of the Luo familys corporation, there are many more things that are much more serious and cannot be known publicly.

If you do not want the public to know about them, then stop bothering her.”

Luo Yonggangs face suddenly looked very horrible.

He didnt know if Wei Wucai was merely bluffing, but he didnt dare to risk it.

And so, he could only choose to believe him.

“I suggest that you dont hire someone to target him.

If not, you will regret it,” Yan Zhiqing said at the side.

She was really worried that Luo Yonggang would be pushed to his limits and choose to use some disgusting methods, such as hiring someone to hurt Wei Wucai.

Although Wei Wucai had a high-level combat strength, accidents might still happen.

What if there were too many people

What if they managed to trick and trap Wei Wucai in their schemes

When Yan Zhiqing thought about this, she couldnt help but worry about Wei Wucai.

No matter how powerful he was, he was still made of blood and flesh and would never be able to prevent an accident from happening.

The thought of this possibility left Yan Zhiqing shuddering in a cold fright and feeling very scared and anxious.

She didnt even dare to think about it.

She could not accept the possibility of something bad happening to Wei Wucai.

She couldnt even bear the thought of that.

Therefore, she gave this warning first.

“If he is capable enough to know so many of your secrets, do you think he is an ordinary man” Yan Zhiqing narrowed her eyes as she spoke.

“In addition, if something were to happen to him or if someone were to attack him, you will be the people I think about first.”

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