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Therefore, it was hard for Shi Xiaoya to tell this to Wei Wucai without careful consideration.

Shi Xiaoya said, “When I was doing Zhiqings makeup today, I asked her about it.

Of course, I didnt think she was avoiding you when I asked her.

I only asked her why she didnt tell you that she had left earlier.

“Zhiqing told me that she forgot about it because she was busy.

She thought that since we would be together, I would tell you about it.

When she was reminded of this, she didnt message you because she thought that we would arrive on the set soon.

“I thought her answer was very normal.

There are times when I am forgetful.

There were times when I forgot to tell Zhuoling certain things.

Are you maybe overthinking this”

“Did she tell you anything else” Wei Wucai asked.

Shi Xiaoya shook her head and said, “No.”

She thought about it and asked, “How can you be certain that Zhiqing was hiding from you What if you misunderstood”

Shi Xiaoya had only guessed that Zhiqing was avoiding Wei Wucai, but she was not sure.

Wei Wucai then told Shi Xiaoya what had happened earlier.

“When she was facing the members of the Luo family, she seemed smart.

But when that dummy was avoiding me, she behaved so awkwardly.” Wei Wucais voice deepened as he said, “In addition, I was still around when she closed the curtain.

She didnt even want me to look inside the van.

“Its not like I have never gone inside.

I had lunch with her every day inside that van.

But why did she suddenly refuse to let me look inside” The thought of this made Wei Wucai feel really angry.

“I think she just feels guilty.”

“Why would she feel guilty” Shi Xiaoya asked in a soft voice.

“Heh!” Wei Wucai sneered and said, “She feels guilty for avoiding me.”

“Why is she avoiding you” Shi Xiaoya asked.

Wei Wucai appeared to be struggling when he glanced over at Shi Xiaoya.

“Thats why I came to ask you.”

Shi Xiaoya was speechless.

Wei Wucai was very straightforward as he said, “I am a guy, and I might not be as thoughtful and might not be on the same page as her.

Maybe what I think is different from what is actually going on in her mind.

“Thats why I came to ask you if she had told you anything.

You are both girls and see things from a similar perspective.

Can you help me figure out why she is avoiding me”

Seeing the serious expression on Wei Wucais face, Shi Xiaoya couldnt help but ask, “You do like Zhiqing, right”

Wei Wucai glanced at Shi Xiaoya with an expression that was basically saying that the response could not be said in a few words.

The meaning of that expression was obvious.

He was saying that she had asked an unnecessary question.

If he didnt like her, why would he put in so much effort for Yan Zhiqing

Shi Xiaoya then struggled slightly before she asked, “Then… you are not gay, right”

Wei Wucai was speechless.


Although I didnt think you were gay, I had to confirm it.” Shi Xiaoya thought she had just dug her own grave.

“What if you were”

She must have been around Yan Zhiqing too much.

She had been affected by Yan Zhiqing and had started developing the habit of digging her own grave.

“…” Wei Wucai gnashed his teeth and said with a stern expression, “I am not.”

“Then… Do you know that Zhiqing thinks you are…” Shi Xiaoya hesitated.

She didnt want to tell Wei Wucai Yan Zhiqings secret.

She just thought that Wei Wucai would be smart enough to know what Yan Zhiqing was thinking.

Yan Zhiqing must have not been able to hide this from him.

This was why Shi Xiaoya dared to ask this.

As expected, Wei Wucai didnt look surprised.

When he heard what Shi Xiaoya said, he looked very serious as he proceeded to take a deep breath.

“I am aware of that.” Wei Wucai gnashed his teeth as he uttered those words.

“We are talking about the same thing, right She thinks that you are…” Before Shi Xiaoya finished her sentence…

“Gay,” Wei Wucai interrupted, finishing it for her while looking very annoyed.

“Cough!” Thankfully, Shi Xiaoya had not been drinking water.

If not, she would have spat it all out.

“But why didnt you explain and clear things up with her”Shi Xiaoya asked.

“Previously, she would always glare at me and behave angrily when she saw me.

Our relationship only became better after she thought I was gay.

She was no longer careful around me and was no longer biased when she was interacting with me.”

Wei Wucai felt helpless.

“Therefore, I didnt explain it.

If I had, what if she distanced herself from me again I thought I would explain it to her after wed gotten on well together.”

“But your relationship with her has gotten better.” But there was still no explanation

Shi Xiaoya never finished her sentence, but Wei Wucai understood.

Wei Wucai was speechless.

It was because he didnt dare to explain.

Their relationship had just gotten better, but it was not solid.

If Yan Zhiqing found out that he was lying to her, the relationship that had taken him so much effort to build would then break.

Therefore, Wei Wucai wanted to wait until his relationship with Yan Zhiqing became deeper.

He wanted to tell Yan Zhiqing after he had successfully built a solid foundation for their relationship.

Unexpectedly, Yan Zhiqing had started ignoring him even before what he was waiting for became a reality.

Shi Xiaoya thought that Wei Wucais trick was very unique.

If you like someone, then make them think that you are gay.

“But this would make her think that you wouldnt like someone of the opposite gender.

You would never be able to start a romantic relationship.

Even if you two became close to each other, you would only be as close as friends could be.”

Shi Xiaoya thought about it and said, “Have you ever thought about whether Zhiqing might like you but think that it would be impossible for you to like her, so shes trying to stop herself from liking you You pretty much…”

Shot himself in the foot!

Wei Wucai was speechless.

Wei Wucai raised his brow and said, “So are you saying that Zhiqing likes me”

“I didnt say that.” Shi Xiaoya hurriedly shook her head and said, “I am merely guessing.”

“Even if she doesnt have feelings for me, she definitely has a good impression of me.” Wei Wucai recalled the details of his interaction with Yan Zhiqing and felt very confident.

Shi Xiaoya was speechless.

She was just guessing, but Wei Wucai had already filled in all the gaps in the story.

He was indeed very thick-skinned.

He didnt need Shi Xiaoya to further analyze the situation.

Wei Wucai started analyzing it himself.

“Zhiqing must have noticed that there is a possibility of her liking me and mistakenly thought that I wouldnt like people of the opposite sex.

She thinks that there is no chance of us dating no matter what happens.

“She is afraid that she might fall too deep into this.

If that happens, she might not be able to control her feelings.

While her feelings for me are not yet strong, she might as well retreat as early as possible and keep her heart safe.”

While Wei Wucai was analyzing this, he realized that Yan Zhiqing was truly not an ordinary person.

They were fine last night, but everything changed today.

This meant that it had taken only one night for Yan Zhiqing to make this decision.

Moreover, Yan Zhiqing had still needed to sleep.

He definitely had not caused her to spend a whole night thinking about this.

Even if Wei Wucai was confident, he was not thick-skinned enough to think that Yan Zhiqing would have stayed up all night for him.

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