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In addition, Yan Zhiqing left really early the next morning.

She did not even have enough time to think about this.

Therefore, Wei Wucai thought it most likely happened after he had left Yan Zhiqings room that night—

Between then and the time before Yan Zhiqing went to bed.

That was all the time it had taken Yan Zhiqing to ponder and make a decision.

And she immediately set into action the things she had decided last night.

She didnt hesitate at all.

Her decisiveness clearly showed that she was someone who could accomplish great things.

Even if she had never started a career in the entertainment industry, she would still have been very impressive in whatever line of work she chose.

She would never ruin the Yan Familys reputation.

Wei Wucai didnt know if these thoughts were brought on by pride or if they were sarcasm.

Shi Xiaoya was speechless.

Shi Xiaoya looked up at the sky as she couldnt be bothered to look at Wei Wucai.

Although what he had guessed was most likely right, the way he answered it still made him seem really thick-skinned.

“These… are just your guesses,” Shi Xiaoya hurriedly said.

“I have said nothing!”

Wei Wucai nodded.

He then heard Shi Xiaoya ask as she looked at him, “So what do you plan to do”

Now that they were done analyzing the situation, Shi Xiaoya started paying close attention to get the newest gossip.

Wei Wucai looked away and stared at Shi Xiaoya from the corner of his eye.

Shi Xiaoya was speechless.

The expressions he made caused him to look as though he needed a beating.

She even felt regretful for helping him analyze things earlier.

“I cant tell you.

What if you tell Zhiqing” Wei Wucai said.

Shi Xiaoya was speechless.

Wasnt he kicking her to the curb after she had outlived her usefulness

“Hehe!” Shi Xiaoya was determined to let Wei Wucai know that she wasnt someone who could be easily sent away.

“Arent you scared that I would tell Zhiqing that you are pretending to be gay and wont explain the truth even though you know that she had misunderstood”

Wei Wucai was speechless.

If Shi Xiaoya was not Han Zhuolings wife, he would have killed her right now.

Shi Xiaoya was not afraid at all.

No matter what, Wei Wucai could not do anything to her, right

In addition, she didnt cross the line.

And so, Shi Xiaoya stopped joking around.

With her elbows on her knees and her hands supporting her chin, she smiled and stared at Wei Wucai with a curious expression.

Wei Wucai gnashed his teeth as he thought to himself about how he would not be able to win against Shi Xiaoya.

And so, he could only tell the truth.

“I will just allow her to avoid me for now.”

“Eh” Shi Xiaoya didnt understand.

“You were in such a rush to discuss this with me when she had only spent an entire morning avoiding you,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“But now that you have deduced what had happened, you are not in a rush anymore”

“Since she wants to avoid me, I will let her have her way.

She will know through personal experience if she can forget about me and stop caring about me by simply avoiding me.”

Wei Wucais smile looked very beautiful.

His smile caused everything else around him to look colorless.

“In time, she will know her own heart even more clearly.

Plus, she is trying to avoid me, so if I continue to be in hot pursuit of her, it might instead evoke a sense of rebellion in her, resulting in her not wanting to see me even more and feeling more disgusted by my presence.

The more I pursue her, the more likely she will escape and move even farther away from me.”

Wei Wucai rubbed his fingers and started analyzing Yan Zhiqings thought process.

His analysis of the mind was very accurate.

Shi Xiaoya watched as Wei Wucai started openly talking about his plan.

She couldnt help but feel bad for Yan Zhiqing.

She was no match for Wei Wucai.

“So you are going to let her continue to avoid you.

And after a long time of avoiding you and not seeing you, she will gradually become used to you not being there.

Little by little, she will stop thinking about you.

And then, her feelings for you will gradually fade away, and she will eventually stop liking you.

What are you going to do then” Shi Xiaoya asked curiously.

Wei Wucai was speechless.

Why did he feel like Shi Xiaoya didnt want him to live a good life

As for Shi Xiaoyas concern, Wei Wucai was not worried at all.

“Why would that happen We are still going to be working on the set together.

We will be working together for a long time and well be at this location daily.

Where can she hide She will still be seeing me.” Wei Wucai had already figured Yan Zhiqing out.

“I wont pursue her of my own accord and appear in front of her to cause her to think that I am annoying.

However, I will appear in front of her accidentally or somewhere far away where she can see me.

I will make my presence known every now and then.

“Even if she doesnt talk to me, she will see my face every day.

She will not be able to forget me even if she wanted to.”

Shi Xiaoya was speechless.

“Are you sure youve never dated before” Shi Xiaoya felt confused.

“What do you mean” Wei Wucai asked, puzzled.

“You have as many tricks as those players.

You seem very experienced,” Shi Xiaoya said.

Wei Wucai was speechless.

He silently controlled his breathing while repeating to himself that this was Han Zhuolings wife, someone whose life he could never end.

“I am just smart.

It has nothing to do with experience,” Wei Wucai explained on his own behalf.

He was no longer willing to stay in the same place as Shi Xiaoya.

The things Shi Xiaoya said were too infuriating.

He was worried that he might die of anger because of her!

Wei Wucai had gotten the answer he wanted and had managed to figure out that Yan Zhiqing wanted to be more than friends with him.

She wanted him to be her boyfriend.

And so, he felt very pleased.

He no longer felt the frustration he had in the morning.

He looked up at the hazy sky and took a deep breath.

He didnt even feel suffocated.

And so, Wei Wucai did not go see Yan Zhiqing anymore.

Yan Zhiqing spent her entire afternoon worrying about this.

Her behavior during noon was too obvious, which meant that Wei Wucai must have figured out what was up.

She was really worried that Wei Wucai would come to her asking questions, or being really angry.

But then, she realized that she had been overthinking.

Wei Wucai never asked her to explain, nor did he keep a straight face.

While Yan Zhiqing was filming, she saw Wei Wucai in the distance.

Occasionally, he would be concentrating really hard on his work, using his laptop or some other tools.

He would even joke around with his colleagues.

Hed have a smile on his face and look easygoing.

He didnt look mad at all.

Wei Wucai didnt pursue her.

Instead, Yan Zhiqing herself couldnt help looking at what Wei Wucai was doing.

She then realized that Wei Wucai never even looked at her.

That night, when they were done with work, Shi Xiaoya and Yan Zhiqing prepared themselves to go back to the hotel.

Shi Xiaoya saw Wei Wucai in the distance and called out to him.

When she saw Wei Wucai looking back at them, she immediately waved at him.

Yan Zhiqing was beside Shi Xiaoya.

She couldnt help but hold her breath as she watched this nervously.

She wanted to avoid Wei Wucai.

If she wanted to do what she had intended to do, she would have walked away right now.

But she couldnt move her legs.

She stood beside Shi Xiaoya and remained frozen in place.

She waited for Wei Wucai to walk over.

Wei Wucai didnt avoid making eye contact with Yan Zhiqing.

But it wasnt like how it was in the past when he would always look at her first.

Now, he wasnt prioritizing anyone.

The expression in his eyes communicated that he viewed everyone as friends.


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