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He smiled and greeted them.

“We are going back to the hotel.

Lets go back together,” Shi Xiaoya said.

During noon, Wei Wucai did say that he would allow Yan Zhiqing to avoid him for a while if she wanted to do so.

Shi Xiaoya was still trying to be a good friend and was still trying to make arrangements for Wei Wucai.

Although Yan Zhiqing was avoiding him, there should at least be chances for them to interact with each other.

Yan Zhiqing, who stood at the side, started getting nervous.

After she had decided to avoid Wei Wucai, having a face-to-face interaction with him made her feel even more nervous than when she would spend time with him before.

But she didnt expect to hear Wei Wucais response.


I have a dinner party with my coworkers.”

Seeing the surprised expression on their faces, Wei Wucai started explaining, “We didnt have dinner gatherings because the work had just started and the schedule was tight.

I was worried that they might not have enough energy and would make mistakes on the job.

“But now, we have made good progress with our work.

The most difficult part of the job has been done.

These past few days, they have worked hard so I am going to buy them a meal.

Its rare for us to end work early, so today is a good day to do this.”

“I see.

So should we just go back first” Shi Xiaoya suddenly remembered something.

“You arrived here in Zhuofengs car this morning.

You didnt drive here, so how are you going to go…”

“My coworkers drove here.

You dont have to worry,” Wei Wucai said with a smile.

And so, there was no need to continue behaving courteously toward Wei Wucai.

Shi Xiaoya thought to herself, she had tried to create an opportunity for Wei Wucai, but he declined it.

He must be determined to be cooperative and allow Yan Zhiqing to avoid him.

If Wei Wucai wanted to leave with them, he wouldnt even care about a dinner gathering with the coworkers.

Without saying anything, Shi Xiaoya immediately followed Han Zhuofeng and got into the car.

Yan Zhiqing stepped into her van as well.

But for some reason, there was this feeling of emptiness.

She quickly forced herself to make an adjustment.

She was the one who wanted to avoid Wei Wucai.

And now, she couldnt stop thinking about it when Wei Wucai had already stopped bothering her.

Wasnt she acting like a player

She had no intention of being a player who breaks things off with people while also keeping them hanging onto them.

But Wei Wucai wasnt really giving her the chance to become a player.

After all, his sexual orientation was different.

Even if she wanted to mess with his feelings, he didnt want her.

She came by herself this morning.

Han Zhuofeng drove his own car.

Therefore, when they were going back to the hotel, Shi Xiaoya still rode in Han Zhuofengs car.

Yan Zhiqing had no choice but to stay with Fang Qiaohan.

The lively laughters and chatters, as well as the many people that normally gathered in the van after work, were no longer there.

And now, it immediately felt very cold.

The inside of the van felt cold and empty.

It felt lifeless.

There were no laughters.

Yan Zhiqing felt so empty inside.

When Yan Zhiqing arrived at the hotel, she no longer had to eat dinner with Wei Wucai.

She started eating her diet-plan meal, which was boring and tasteless.

Fang Qiaohan ate normally.

So Yan Zhiqing wouldnt feel hungry, she even rinsed her mouth with mouthwash after she finished her food.

When Fang Qiaohan stepped inside the room, Yan Zhiqing was doing her nighttime skincare routine.

Fang Qiaohan immediately asked, “Zhiqing, did you see what happened online”

“Eh” Yan Zhiqing froze and asked, “Why Is it something to do with me”

Fang Qiaohan immediately said, “Yes.

Luo Yonggang and Luo Qingxian have both posted on Weibo that they are now on good terms with you and that it was all a misunderstanding.

They have sincerely apologized to you and asked you for your forgiveness.

Your relationships are fine now.

They even tagged you in the post.”

Yan Zhiqing scoffed and said, “They asked me to make a post.

I refused and told them that they can make posts by themselves.

I didnt expect them to actually do it.”

“So what are you going to do Are you going to cooperate with them” Fang Qiaohan said.

“I wont say anything,” Yan Zhiqing said.

“Even if I saw that, I wont respond.

Someone will naturally interpret the meaning of this accurately.”

And so, Yan Zhiqing didnt bother with this.

Fang Qiaohan then returned to her room.

Yan Zhiqing rested early.

She was getting more sleep than usual, which rarely happened.

Maybe it was because she was too tired.

Yan Zhiqing was not able to wake up half an hour earlier like she did yesterday.

She woke up at the usual time.

If she left at this time, she would bump into Wei Wucai.

After spending some time pondering about this, Yan Zhiqing stopped worrying.

She glanced at the time out of habit and noticed that this was the time when Wei Wucai usually called her.

Yan Zhiqing opened the door and it was just as she had expected.

There was no sight of Wei Wucai.

She waited for a while.

Ten minutes went by and Wei Wucai still didnt come downstairs to her room.

While Yan Zhiqing didnt get to see Wei Wucai, she got a phone call from Shi Xiaoya.

“Zhiqing, why arent you downstairs Did you go to the film site by yourself again” Shi Xiaoya asked.


I am just about to go downstairs.

I accidentally woke up late today,” Yan Zhiqing said as she hastily closed the door and rushed downstairs.

She then realized that Wei Wucai was not there.

Shi Xiaoya, Han Zhuofeng, Guo Yujie, and Fang Qiaohan were there.

The only person missing was Wei Wucai.

In Shi Xiaoyas opinion, the picture of the group today was completely opposite from that of yesterday.

Even before Yan Zhiqing asked anything, Shi Xiaoya already said, “Wei Wucai has to arrive on set earlier with his colleagues.

There are some special effects that they need to create for an important scene, so they went earlier to prepare for it.”

Yan Zhiqing nodded and said, “I see.”

When she didnt see Wei Wucai, something didnt feel right.

The group then all went into Yan Zhiqings van.

Yan Zhiqing had nothing to do, so she went to check the netizens reactions to the post that Luo Yonggang and Luo Qingxian had released about them being on good terms.

Luo Yonggang and Luo Qingxian did post about them being on good terms again and even tagged Yan Zhiqing.

However, Yan Zhiqing never responded.

Therefore, the netizens became really excited.

“Are they really on good terms Why isnt Yan Zhiqing responding”

“Are these two just imagining things”


They slandered Yan Zhiqing that way.

Dont you think it would require a very good temper for someone to forgive that quickly In my opinion, Yan Zhiqing is not a saint.”

“They tagged Yan Zhiqing, but she didnt even bother to reply to them.

Its clear that this father-daughter duo are hyping themselves up.”

“They are so scared of Yan Beicheng that they became delusional.

Do they think that things will be fine if they one-sidedly announce that they have fixed their relationship with Yan Zhiqing”

There were so many netizens commenting under Luo Yonggang and Luo Qingxians posts.

“You two are quite dramatic.

Its a pity that you are not making a living as an actor.”

“On good terms Is Yan Zhiqing responding to you guys”

“You could have lived a good life, but you just wanted to mess with her.

And when she fought back, you realized that you are no match against her.

If you had known about what would happen today, you wouldnt have made such mistakes back then.”

Luo Yonggang naturally wouldnt sit and watch himself and his daughter get mocked by people.

He hired someone to pretend to be a netizen and to comment back at those netizens who had mocked them.

“Yan Zhiqing is filming.

Its normal for her to not see these.”

A netizen immediately argued, “If they are really on good terms, they would naturally be on the same pace and would clarify together.

Its impossible for her to not know about this.

Even if she was filming, it is impossible for her to not have any time to say something.”

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