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When Wei Wucai saw her acting this way, he sat down and held her in his arms, allowing her to sit while leaning on his chest.

“You have to go.

Your fever is too high,” Wei Wucai said.

“And you have scenes to film tomorrow.

If this continues, how are you going to film tomorrow Are you going to ask for a day off And have the entire crew and cast wait for you”

This was Yan Zhiqings soft spot.

As a very professional person, Yan Zhiqing wouldnt dare to delay the progress of the filming.

And so, the person who had been acting up earlier suddenly opened her eyes and said, “Lets go to the hospital.”

Wei Wucai was speechless.

So nothing he said was as convincing as the statement that she still had filming to do tomorrow.

Yan Zhiqing was wearing his pajamas.

Considering her current situation, it was impossible to ask her to change again.

And so, Wei Wucai took a long hooded down jacket out of the closet and put it on Yan Zhiqing.

He then pulled the jacket hood over her head and tightened the drawstring of the hood.

He then took out a mask and put it on her face.

He wrapped Yan Zhiqing up very tightly.

If one didnt look closely, they would think that it was a bear sitting on the bed.

Even without looking in the mirror, Yan Zhiqing knew how tightly wrapped Wei Wucai made her.

She probably looked like a kid.

There was “cold,” and then there was “Wei Wucai thinks that she is cold.”

Yan Zhiqing had nothing to say.

Wei Wucai held her up and started walking outside.

Yan Zhiqing didnt say that she would walk by herself this time.

Because she couldnt even muster up the energy.

She had a fever and she was feeling cold.

She nudged her head forward onto his chest and hid her face in it.

She could feel the warm and thick down jacket on her back, and even her face was completely blocked by Wei Wucais chest.

Because Wei Wucai was much taller than Yan Zhiqing.

His long down jacket on Yan Zhiqing was an extra long one.

It was so long that the jacket covered her feet and extended even further down.

It was as though Yan Zhiqing was wrapped in this jacket.

Her body was wrapped up in this jacket, and her face was blocked by Wei Wucai.

She was completely sealed inside.

She looked very warm and didnt seem like she was ever going to freeze.

Wei Wucai had wrapped her up like glutinous rice dumplings in bamboo leaves and carried her to the car.

He then drove her to the hospital nearby.

They checked her temperature first, and her fever was high, just as he had expected.

The fever was up to 39.5 degrees.

Wei Wucai was afraid that if the fever was to go up a little higher, Yan Zhiqing would have her brain fried.

The doctor prescribed an infusion therapy, and Wei Wucai took Yan Zhiqing to get the infusion.

He then took the time to call Han Zhuofeng and ask how they were doing.

Shi Xiaoya and the others all caught a cold.

But thankfully, Wei Wucai had delivered the medicine in time.

Shi Xiaoya and the others drank the ginger sugary water made with black sugar and ginger powder and took the cold medicine.

This was because Shi Xiaoya and the others werent dressed in costumes and were wearing very thick jackets.

This was why they only caught a cold.

Yan Zhiqing was wearing a very thin costume because she was filming and only got to wear her jacket during break.

She had been really cold.

And then, the storm started.

The blows struck her down repeatedly, not allowing her to even have a moment to breathe.

This was why she had a high fever and suffered worse symptoms than other people.

Yan Zhiqing lay on the hospital bed, feeling hazy.

Soon, she fell asleep.

Wei Wucai remained by her hospital bed and kept her company.

There was a mercury thermometer on the bedside table.

Wei Wucai took a glance at the infusion bag and noticed that it was still half-filled.

He then saw that Yan Zhiqing was sound asleep.

Therefore, Wei Wucai took this time and went to buy an ear thermometer.

If he wanted to check her temperature, he just needed to test the inside of Yan Zhiqings ear.

With the traditional mercury thermometer, Yan Zhiqing would have to hold it under her armpit.

It wouldnt be troublesome, but Wei Wucai didnt want to take advantage of her while she was sleeping.

If he used that, he would have to touch her to check her temperature.

It wouldnt be appropriate to do it while she was sleeping.

Wei Wucai hurriedly returned after the purchase.

When he saw that Yan Zhiqing was still sleeping, he let out a sigh of relief and stayed by her bed.

Occasionally, he would check Yan Zhiqings temperature on the forehead.

Finally, the infusion bag was empty and the needle was removed.

Wei Wucai checked Yan Zhiqings body temperature again.

Her body temperature finally went down and she no longer had a fever.

Even if her fever came back, it would be okay since he had bought the fever relief medicine.

Wei Wucai then took her back to the hotel.

When all of these were done, it was already 9:40 at night.

Yan Zhiqing was sleeping the entire time she was being administered the infusion therapy.

Wei Wucai bought some porridge and tried to wake her up to eat, but she didnt want to get up.

She didnt eat any even after the porridge had turned cold.

As of now, Yan Zhiqings fever was gone and she finally had a little more energy.

And so, Wei Wucai had ordered some porridge and some side dishes before he even left the hospital.

This way, the food would have arrived as they arrived back at the hotel.

If they went back at this time, there would be enough time for Yan Zhiqing to rest after eating.

However, Wei Wucai intended to go back to his room once they arrived at the hotel.

Yet Yan Zhiqing said, “I just messaged her.

Qiaohan is not asleep.

I will go ask her for the keycard.

You have spent so much time caring for me, so you should go to bed early.”

Wei Wucai frowned and said, “But what if your fever comes back Therell be no one to take care of you if you stay in your room.

If the fever was recurrent, it would be very concerning.

Dont say that you are going to ask Fang Qiaohan to take care of you.

She is sick with a cold and she needs to be taken care of.

How is she going to have the energy to care for you”

“I was not going to ask her to take care of me,” Yan Zhiqing mumbled.

“Although she is my assistant, I am not so ruthless.”

“Thats not what I meant,” Wei Wucai said.

“Its just that everyone is sick.

I am the only one who is okay and can take care of you.

As for the others, even if they wanted someone to take care of them, they wouldnt even be able to find anyone.”

Of course, Shi Xiaoya was the only exception as she was being cared for by Han Zhuoling.

“In addition, do you not trust me” Wei Wucai said.

“Its fine if you dont trust other guys, but how can you not trust me”

Yan Zhiqing couldnt even argue against what Wei Wucai had said.

Wei Wucai wouldnt do anything to her.

If she still didnt agree even after what Wei Wucai had said, she would be ungrateful and would be unfairly judging Wei Wucai.

“Or are you guarding yourself against me as well” Wei Wucai asked in a hurt tone.

“Obviously not,” Yan Zhiqing hurriedly said.

“You didnt rest at all because you have been taking care of me.

You arent sick, but you were in the rain.

If you tired yourself out for my sake and relaxed only later, there is a chance that you would feel really sick.”

She continued, “I think you should get some rest as soon as possible, just in case you fall ill after I recover.

I would feel so bad.”

Wei Wucai smiled and said, “Its okay.

You dont have to worry.

The training Ive had since I was young is even more difficult than what happened today.

“Ive had to jog in the sea during winter and train on the mountain during the coldest time of winter every day.”

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