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He was being so fierce to a sick person.

Yan Zhiqing seemed rather fussy when she was sick.

Wei Wucai saw that the little girl became unhappy and even started ignoring him.

She had her back facing him.

Why did she seem so cute

Wei Wucai bent down and supported himself on the bed with one hand.

He leaned over to look at Yan Zhiqing.

Yan Zhiqing had her back facing him and naturally could not see what he was doing.

She could feel the bed behind her sinking down and could hear the squeaking sound of the mattress when it was pressed down.

Yan Zhiqing thought it was weird.

She was nervous and didnt move.

Suddenly, she felt a hand on her forehead.

There was even the refreshing smell of a male skincare product.


You are not heating up,” Wei Wucai said.


I will sleep on the sofa.

If you dont feel well or if you need to drink water, let me know.”

Wei Wucai thought about it and said, “Just call me if you need me.

Dont be courteous, got it Dont let me see you needing me for something but not calling me.

If not—”

“If not what” Yan Zhiqing subconsciously turned and looked at him.

She saw Wei Wucai bending down.

His face was right above her face.

Although his face was not very near her face, they were on the bed.

Yan Zhiqing immediately felt nervous.

Her palms started sweating as she held onto the blanket tightly.

“You will know if it happens.” Wei Wucai stared at her deeply.

Although he didnt actually say it, it scared Yan Zhiqing.

Just one glance from him immediately psyched her out.

She didnt dare to challenge him.

“I will definitely call you! Dont worry!” Yan Zhiqing said.

She had felt embarrassed initially.

She wanted him to get a good sleep.

She obviously couldnt wake him up when he was sleeping, right

But who would have thought that she would have no choice but to wake him up

Wei Wucai nodded and went to lie down on the sofa.

Yan Zhiqing turned around.

If she opened her eyes, she would see Wei Wucai.

However, when she turned around, she immediately made eye contact with Wei Wucai.

“I am going to sleep.

You should sleep earlier,” Yan Zhiqing said immediately.

“Good night.”

Wei Wucai smiled and said, “Goodnight.”

Yan Zhiqing quickly closed her eyes.

She wanted to turn around, but she couldnt bear to do so.

She had a tiny urge to see what Wei Wucai looked like when he was asleep.

If she had her back facing him, she wouldnt be able to see anything.

Even if she fell asleep, she wanted to sleep facing him.

Yan Zhiqing waited for a while.

She secretly lifted her eyelids slightly and peeked at Wei Wucai.

But Wei Wucais eyes were very sharp.

Even though she was carefully squinting her eyes, Wei Wucai still saw it clearly.

He could even see her eyelashes fluttering.

Wei Wucai thought to himself, if she was secretly watching him, should he take this chance and take off his clothes to let her see his good physique

He remembered seeing the light and amazement in Yan Zhiqings eyes when she came out of the bathroom and saw his physique this afternoon.

But before he had even gotten the chance to do it, Yan Zhiqing had already closed her eyes.

This girl was such a coward.

Soon, Yan Zhiqing opened her eyes again.

After this happened a couple times, Wei Wucai felt helpless.

He opened his eyes and suddenly stood up.

Yan Zhiqing, feeling guilty, quickly closed her eyes.

She thought he was going to the bathroom.

However, a while went by and she didnt hear anything.

She didnt even hear the sound of the bathroom door opening and closing.

Out of curiosity, Yan Zhiqing moved her eyelids, opening her eyes slightly.

She was just about to search for Wei Wucai when she suddenly froze.

There was no need for her to search as Wei Wucai was right in front of her eyes.

He was right by the bed at this moment.

When Yan Zhiqing lifted one eyelid, she saw two long legs standing before her eyes.

She was shocked and quickly shut her eyes tight.

She didnt know what Wei Wucai wanted to do.

“Why arent you sleeping You keep looking at me.

Is it helping you sleep” Wei Wucais voice rang above her.

Yan Zhiqing froze and shut her eyes tight, refusing to admit that she had been pretending to be asleep.

She used her acting skills and relaxed her eyelids, pretending to have no idea what had been going on.

She mumbled, appearing to be sleep talking.

She then turned around and guiltily hid her face in the pillow, refusing to let Wei Wucai see.

She pretended to be sound asleep.

Yan Zhiqing didnt even dare to move.

The room was completely silent.

She didnt know if Wei Wucai had gone back to the sofa.

He never made a sound when he walked.

Because she was not sure, she didnt dare to move easily.

At this moment, she heard Wei Wucai laughing behind her.

He seemed to have laughed through his nose.

If it wasnt because the room was so quiet, she wouldnt have heard this snigger.

He seemed to know that she was pretending to be sleeping and was laughing at her.

However, even so, Yan Zhiqing wanted to keep her act up until the very end.

She definitely did not want to face Wei Wucai at this moment.

It was so embarrassing to be caught peeking at him while he was sleeping.

While she was thinking about this, she heard the mattress behind her squeaking again.

At the same time, the bed behind her sunk.

Yan Zhiqing naturally slid down the slope.

She felt that the bed was sinking down even more than earlier.

Because she couldnt look back, she didnt know if Wei Wucai was pressing down on the bed like how he did earlier or if he had moved up onto the bed.

Yan Zhiqing was extremely nervous.

She then realized that the bed was sinking more and more.

Yan Zhiqing held her breath.

Did he actually climb up on the bed

While she was feeling nervous, he suddenly flicked her forehead.

She could feel Wei Wucais hot breath of air in her ear.

She then heard Wei Wucais voice ring beside her ears.

“Quick, sleep.”

She finally had the time to sleep early, but she wouldnt do it.

Of course, it was because she wanted to look at him.

Therefore, Wei Wucai was still in a very good mood at this moment.

Yan Zhiqing realized that what she had done had failed to fool Wei Wucai.

Since she had been putting on an act until now, she might as well pretend that he had woken her up.

She frowned and whined a couple times before she woke up.

“What happened” Yan Zhiqing touched her forehead.

“Why did you flick me”

Wei Wucai thought about how Yan Zhiqing was addicted to keeping up with this pretense.

Did she think that she could use her acting skills on him

“Sleep well.

You rarely get such a good opportunity to rest,” Wei Wucai said.

When she saw that he stopped mentioning that she had been secretly looking at him, Yan Zhiqing stopped pretending as though he had just woken her up.

She rubbed her forehead while saying, “Maybe its because I slept for a while earlier and I cant sleep now.”

“Are you not tired” Wei Wucai asked.

Unknowingly, he had moved and sat on the side of the bed.

Yan Zhiqing only needed to lie down or lie on her side and look up to see Wei Wucais face.

This intimacy could not be described with words.

“Not mentally tired,” Yan Zhiqing said.

Wei Wucai raised his brows.

Yan Zhiqing just couldnt see his expression clearly in the dark.

Yan Zhiqing didnt even realize that they were in a completely dark room.

They didnt turn on any lights.

This environment seemed a little too flirty.

“You are not mentally tired.

Just physically tired” Wei Wucai said.

One could hear the laughter in his voice.

Yan Zhiqing immediately said, “Its probably because of the fever earlier.

My muscles feel sore.”

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