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Sister Li glared angrily at Xia Mengxuan.

It was one thing for her to make a huge fuss in the office as usual but it was absolutely disgusting to see her do the same in front of outsiders, behaving as if she was desperately wishing for Lu Man to die!

“What are you called” Wang Lu pretended to have forgotten her name and pointed at Lu Man.

“Submit a couple of proposals first for us to see whether you really match our standards.

If not, Ill still have to find another company.

Dont waste our time.”

His arrogance even made Chen Shimian become furious.

No one here owed him anything, yet he was being all smug and snobby, pointing fingers and criticizing everyone!

He wanted to help Lu Man rebuke, but was held back by Brother Zhang.

Brother Zhang shook his head at him, telling him not to be too rash.

Even Wu Lize frowned.

He, too, didnt like Wang Lus attitude.

Earlier on when he first met him, he already felt that Wang Lu was rather arrogant, but he didnt expect him to cross the line even more.

Just as he was about to speak, Lu Man coldly asked.

“Did I agree to anything”

“Why” Wang Lu was taken aback.

“You still dont wish to take the case”

“Ive already said so earlier.

I wont take the case and its not that I dont have the time to do so.

Right now, I am really not busy, but I will not help someone like Yu Xingzhou,” Lu Man was firm and decisive, she rejected him right away.

“Who do you think you are Even if you accept the case, well still have to see if your proposal is good or not.

Yet here you are already putting on airs and being haughty.

You better not regret it!” Furious, Wang Lu berated Lu Man.

Lu Man directly stood up.

“I wont regret it.

Regarding Yu Xingzhous image crisis, I will not help him settle it.

You can find someone else.

This is Han Corporation.

Even if I have to receive a punishment for this, it is still our companys internal matter.

As an outsider, stop pointing fingers and ordering people around here.”

“Lu—” Xia Mengxuan still wanted to disgust Lu Man with some lousy argument of hers, but ducked away in fear with just one glance from Wu Lize.

“Lu Man is right, this is our company.

Whether or not Lu Man receives any punishment, it is still our companys internal affairs.

Im sorry that no one in our department wishes to accept your case.

I cant do anything about it either,” Wu Lize said coldly.

He was a professional in Public Relations.

It didnt matter whether the client was right or wrong, only the case mattered.

However, solely because of Wang Lus attitude, even if they did accept the case, they definitely wouldnt be able to avoid any trouble in the future.

Even Wu Lize himself didnt want to take up the case.

“Hmph, you all better wait and see!” Wang Lu swung his arm angrily and stormed off.

After leaving the PR department, Wang Lu made a phone call in the corridor, “President Yu.”

President Yu was actually the Vice-president of Han Corporation.

However, he didnt like hearing the wordvice in his title and hence everyone called him President Yu.

Upon hearing Wang Lus complain, CEO Yu didnt take it to heart.

“Sure, Ill help you settle such a small matter.”

Wang Lu hung up the phone.

Then, he walked smugly towards the Public Relations Department.

“Now, all of you, tell me, why wont you accept Yu Xingzhous case He just behaved arrogantly and acted like a diva and got some bad comments, thats all.

Its not a very difficult case, right” Wu Lize asked.

They had received countless cases like this where celebrities acted like a diva.

Thus, Sister Li explained Wu Lize what happened downstairs, “Manager, perhaps you might think that we arent separating our personal feelings from work, but Yu Xingzhou himself doesnt feel that theres anything wrong with his attitude.

Therefore, we will not help him.

Helping him is equivalent to harming a bunch of kids.”

Wu Lize pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Anyway, Yu Xingzhou isnt any big-shot, and the company doesnt value him a lot either.

Ill forget about this time, but you definitely cant do this next time.

Could it be that because you all are too tired that you guys all wont work However, you cant reject any case just because of your own personal feelings or because you dont like the client.”

No matter what their thoughts were, at that moment, everyone agreed.


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