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Wei Wucai was speechless.

Was this girl treating him like a bolster

Wei Wucai looked down and saw her wrapping her arms around his waist.

She was almost burying her face in the upper part of his thigh.

Immediately, he realized he was doomed.

If… she had continued lying like this for the entire night, he would not be able to endure it.

However, Wei Wucai didnt dare to move.

If he moved, he might wake her up.

If Yan Zhiqing noticed how she was hugging him, it would be even harder for her to face him, and she would avoid him even more.

However, if he sat stiff and tense like this without anywhere to lean on, it would feel really uncomfortable.

It might have been because Yan Zhiqing had held him when he was just about to get up.

At this moment, Wei Wucai could only carefully edge towards the back.

Finally, his back leaned on the headboard.

At least he felt a little more at ease.

He looked down and saw Yan Zhiqing sleeping and not knowing what was happening.

Wei Wucai could no longer endure it as he lifted his hand and placed his hand on the top of her hair.

He caressed her hair softly and closed his eyes.

Yan Zhiqing had a very good and warm sleep.

While she was dreaming, she felt as though she was hugging a warm heater.

It was extremely comfortable.

Yan Zhiqing felt as though she was hugging a huge human-shaped bolster.

It was the type that was extremely expensive and of good quality.

She rubbed the bolster with her legs and realized that the bolster was really long.

And so, she lifted her leg and wrapped it around Wei Wucais leg.

Wei Wucai opened his eyes and saw that Yan Zhiqing had held him with both her arms and legs.

She was like a koala who was using all her force.

Immediately, even though it was winter, Wei Wucai felt really sweaty.

It was really because Yan Zhiqing was too close to him.

Wei Wucai was a young man with so much vigor.

As a straight and vigorous man, how could he endure this

Unfortunately, even if he couldnt take it anymore, he still had to endure it.

Wei Wucai grabbed the phone by the bed and saw that it was already past five.

He was just about to wake Yan Zhiqing up when he saw a WeChat notification.

Wu Mosen said in the groupchat that since everyone was in the rain yesterday and a lot of people fell ill, they would take a break today and allow everyone to get some rest.

Work would resume normally tomorrow.

Wu Mosen had not only mentioned this in the groupchat.

He was worried that people might not have seen the groupchat message, so he privately notified each individual.

When he sent this text, it was ten minutes past four in the morning.

He must have been worried about them waking up and leaving early.

He was worried that they might waste a trip to work if the message was sent late; hence, the early message.

Wei Wucai replied and said that he would tell Yan Zhiqing, Shi Xiaoya, and the others.

Wu Mosen knew that they normally left in the morning together.

And so, he felt at ease.

He was worried that Yan Zhiqing would not have seen the message and would waste a trip there.

Wei Wucai placed his phone down and looked down at Yan Zhiqings head.

He could no longer fall asleep.

Wei Wucai sighed.

He could distinctly feel his body reacting to it, and the reaction was becoming stronger and stronger.

His libido was clearly on the rise.

Wei Wucai rolled his eyes helplessly and gave a deep sigh.

If Yan Zhiqing woke up and sensed his erection, wouldnt it be extremely awkward

Wei Wucai, feeling such mental exhaustion, closed his eyes and thought that maybe he should sleep a little more.

He didnt need to work today anyway.

If he fell asleep, this physical reaction might go back to normal.

Those were some good thoughts in Wei Wucais mind.

But if he could sleep with Yan Zhiqings soft figure in his arms, then he might as well be dead!

He was able to sleep last night because Yan Zhiqing wasnt being so reckless when she was hugging him.

He could still hold it in at first.

But now, Yan Zhiqing was holding him so tightly, even rubbing his body while she was dreaming.

At this moment, her face was not on his waist but had moved to his chest.

Wei Wucai was no longer sitting on the bed.

Instead, he was lying down.

Wei Wucai took a deep breath and calmed himself down.

She wrapped her arm around Wei Wucais chest and started touching his shoulder.

Then, while she was still touching him, she moved her hand from his shoulder to his chest.

Wei Wucai was speechless.

This girl really thought that he was lifeless and was just using him as a human-shaped bolster!

Yan Zhiqings hand moved from his chest to his stomach.

She would rub and squeeze continually.

Thankfully, her hands stopped at his stomach and remained still.

It seemed like she was going to continue sleeping.

Wei Wucai exhaled as he thought to himself: he had no idea that this girl could still torture people while she was asleep.

And now, he didnt even dare to do anything.

Wei Wucai gnashed his teeth and promised himself that he would get back at her for this in the future.

He would lock her in his arms and do all kinds of things to her!

Because Wei Wucai couldnt sleep, he thought about a lot of things, and while he was thinking about these things—

Yan Zhiqings hand suddenly moved.

Her hand continued moving down.

Wei Wucai immediately felt horrible.

While Yan Zhiqing was still sleeping, she realized that there was something wrong with what she was holding in her palm.

Initially, she was dreaming about herself holding on to a bolster, and it felt really comfortable.

Eventually, as she was holding on to the bolster, it suddenly turned into a game console.

She held the handle of the console and was having so much fun.

But the gaming console seemed to not be functioning well because after a long time of her playing with it—

It heated up like a phone that had been used for a long time.

The handle that she was holding became burningly hot.

She wanted to let it go in the dream.

But the burning sensation on her palm felt stronger and stronger and seemed more and more real.

It didnt feel like a dream anymore.

Because of this sensation that felt so real, Yan Zhiqing gradually woke up from her dream.

She blinked.

While she was half-awake, she realized that something didnt make sense.

She should be on the bed, but what was she currently holding

She should be lying down by herself.

In addition, she didnt have a habit of sleeping while holding something.

But now, what she was holding felt warm, flexible, and firm.

After a while, she realized that the thing beneath her head was moving up and down, and she could hear rhythmic lub-dub sounds.

Yan Zhiqing finally opened her eyes and realized what was wrong.

She seemed to be lying in someones arms.

She regained her senses due to this shock and recalled that she had gone back to Wei Wucais room last night.

She had slept on his bed.

Wei Wucai definitely wouldnt have let anyone else in here and sleep on the same bed as her.

Therefore, even without looking, Yan Zhiqing knew that the person she held was none other than Wei Wucai.

Yan Zhiqing turned and immediately saw Wei Wucais face.

Wei Wucai thought to himself that it would be useless if he pretended to be asleep while in this position.

And so, he didnt pretend.

Thus, when Yan Zhiqing looked over, she immediately made eye contact with Wei Wucai.

Wei Wucai was looking at her with a complicated expression.

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