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Wei Wucai gnashed his teeth and said, “Can you let go first”

“Eh” Yan Zhiqing still seemed slightly confused.

She didnt realize what was going on.

She saw Wei Wucai looking down.

Yan Zhiqing looked down as well.

Yan Zhiqing felt as though her brain had exploded.

It could have been due to the high fever she had yesterday.

Although her fever went away, she was still affected by it.

Her muscles ached, and she didnt have much strength.

She had bounced up too quickly and too forcefully.

Because she had just sat up, her head ached, and she started to black out.

Wei Wucai really was not in a position to move.

And so, he wasnt able to help Yan Zhiqing in time.

Of course, even if hed managed to help her, it honestly wouldnt have made a difference.

Because Yan Zhiqing fell directly onto his chest.

She hit his chest forcefully.

But this pain felt so good and sweet.

“How are you Are you alright” Wei Wucai still wasnt able to move freely.

However, because he cared about her, he still started nagging her.

“You had a fever yesterday.

You dont have much strength, and you only had porridge last night.

Its normal to not have any energy now,” Wei Wucai said.

“How can you be so careless as to make such big movements”

Wei Wucai nagged while supporting her shoulder.

Of course, if Yan Zhiqing wasnt in his arms, it would not have been so awkward.

But now, the two were in such an intimate position.

Yan Zhiqings face reddened as she sat up quickly.

However, this time, she was careful and didnt make any big movements.

“I… You… How did we…” Yan Zhiqings face was flushed.

Especially when she thought of how it had been earlier… and his reaction…

Why did he have such a big reaction!

With a complicated and strained expression, Wei Wucai said, “You do remember asking me to tell you stories about my days at the Mount Lan Compound, right”

Yan Zhiqing nodded.

But she still felt uncomfortable and didnt dare to look at Wei Wucai.

If she didnt know that he was gay, she would not have been able to stay on the same bed while listening to his explanation.

However, what did telling her stories about his life at the Mount Lan Compound have to do with them sleeping while hugging

He obviously could tell that Yan Zhiqing was confused.

Wei Wucai thus said, “Last night, you fell asleep while I was telling you the stories.

I was just about to stand up and go back to sleep on the sofa when you suddenly wrapped your arms around my waist.

Then, you even used my leg as a pillow.” Wei Wucai was struggling even while he was talking about this.

The thought of the feeling of Yan Zhiqing sleeping on his legs immediately caused Wei Wucai to feel something wrong.

While Yan Zhiqing wasnt paying attention, he grabbed the blanket and covered his crotch area.

However, Yan Zhiqing had been really trying not to look at places she shouldnt be looking at.

And so, she didnt really notice.

But then, when Wei Wucai pulled the blanket over, his movement was too obvious.

Even if Yan Zhiqing didnt want to see it, she still did.

When she saw that there was even a need for Wei Wucai to cover it up, she immediately lowered her head.

She hoped that she could bury her head in the ground.

She could barely look at him.

Yan Zhiqing heard what Wei Wucai had said, but she didnt really remember it herself.

After all, she was the one pressing on Wei Wucai this morning.

Wei Wucai looked so helpless.

It was obvious that he had been forced!

“I didnt dare to wake you up.

I was worried that you might feel awkward because of the situation earlier.

In addition, you were sick and had finally fallen asleep,” Wei Wucai said.

“And so, I sat against the headboard of the bed and waited until you were sound asleep to move your hand away slowly.

“However, I didnt persist.

Soon, I fell asleep while sitting down.”

It seemed like he was not trying to make himself seem pitiful.

When Yan Zhiqing heard this, she couldnt even bother to think about the awkwardness she felt due to their intimacy.

Immediately, she felt really guilty towards Wei Wucai.

He was worried about waking her up and actually slept while sitting up.

That must have been so tiring.

In addition, he had been busy taking care of her.

She had already slept while she received her infusion treatment.

However, hed had to help pay attention to when the infusion bag was almost empty, and when they came back, hed had to take care of her for a long time.

It had been much more tiring for him than her, a sick person.

Even if he didnt leave and slept while sitting up…

Yan Zhiqing couldnt blame him.

Whose fault was it that he had not been able to even get a good sleep

She had taken his bed.

It was already horrible that hed have had to sleep on the sofa.

But he had ended up spending the whole night taking care of her.

And now, he hadnt even been able to sleep while lying down.

“Sorry,” Yan Zhiqing said guiltily.

“I am not saying this to make you feel sad.

I am just explaining so that there wont be a misunderstanding,” Wei Wucai said.

“I also fell asleep accidentally.” Wei Wucai spoke in a regretful tone, seeming to be saying that he shouldnt have fallen asleep.

If he had just spent an entire night staying awake and guarding her, this would have never happened.

She was the one who did it first and made him feel so guilty.

Yan Zhiqing felt even more embarrassed.

“I slept sitting up until it was almost morning.

Thats when you suddenly started pulling me down,” Wei Wucai said.

This… She had memories of this.

Because it was a dream she had at around the time before she woke up, she remembered it pretty clearly.

She dreamt that she was holding onto a bolster, and that bolster was near the headboard of her bed and not exactly in her arms.

She wasnt having a good time holding onto it, so she started pulling the bolster down into her arms.

“I saw you pulling me while sleeping.

I woke up and checked the time, and it was about an hour before your usual wake-up time.

Since there was only an hour left and you were sleeping so well, I thought I should let you sleep.

“Therefore… you dragged me down.

But then, I didnt expect you to do that… while you were sleeping.

“By then, I had even more reasons to not have the courage to wake you up.” Wei Wucai thought that he was really innocent.

Yan Zhiqing thought that Wei Wucai was innocent as well.

Given what Wei Wucai had said, what she had done was like the act of raping someone.

She didnt remember what happened last night.

But she still remembered the dream she had this morning.

She remembered treating Wei Wucai like a bolster and hugging him with her arms and legs.

She was not being courteous at all.

She had not been awake at that time and had been dreaming.

However, if the bolster in her dream was Wei Wucai, then the truth was obvious.

“Say no more…” Yan Zhiqing buried her face in her palms.

“This is not your fault.

Its because I am a bad sleeper.”

Wei Wucai moved his mouth and said while looking weak and pitiful, “It is my fault… I should have woken you up.”

Yan Zhiqing shook her head and said, “No matter what, it is my fault.”

Wei Wucai stopped talking.

Yan Zhiqing had no idea that this person had secretly kissed her while she was asleep.

And now, he was playing the victim.

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