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Yan Zhiqing felt slightly guilty, but then she felt that something didnt make sense.

Something didnt seem right, but she couldnt remember what it was.

She then heard Wei Wucai say, “I just checked WeChat.

Director Wu said that since everyone is sick, we all have today off to feel better.

Work starts again tomorrow.

“Therefore, since theres nothing to do, you dont have to wake up this early.

You can recuperate from your illness.

It is only 30 minutes past five in the morning.

Sleep more.

You can sleep until you naturally wake up today.”

Yan Zhiqing didnt expect such joyous news.

She could actually get more rest.

She lay back down happily.

But then, she realized that Wei Wucai was still on the bed.

Yan Zhiqing finally realized what didnt make sense.

“You…” Yan Zhiqing didnt even know how to say it.

“Hm” Wei Wucai responded.

At this moment, he felt better and could finally control himself.

He then sat up and asked, “Whats wrong”

“How… how did you…” Yan Zhiqing couldnt help but glance at his crotch area.

Wei Wucai naturally knew what Yan Zhiqing was talking about.

But then, he still pretended to be stupid and asked, “What”

Yan Zhiqing felt speechless.

She looked up and saw Wei Wucai with an innocent expression.

He looked even more innocent and pure than those prude girls.

Why did it seem so weird!

“Just… you… You shouldnt be aroused by women, right” Yan Zhiqing said with difficulty.

Why was there a reaction to her

When Yan Zhiqing said this, her face turned so red.

Wei Wucai was speechless.

He really wanted to let this girl witness that the arousal was not the only thing he had.

He wanted her to see how big the arousal was.

Wei Wucai gnashed his teeth and took a deep breath.

He then looked at Yan Zhiqing with a puzzled expression as he said, “I… I dont know what happened.

I was just… suddenly aroused!”

Wei Wucais mood suddenly turned gloomy.

She made it sound like he had erectile dysfunction.

Yan Zhiqing felt speechless.

Was Wei Wucai a bisexual

He suddenly felt sexually aroused towards women

Yan Zhiqing knew that gays could be sexually aroused.

They just couldnt be sexually aroused by women.

But just now, was he able to feel something

Wei Wucai, the person whom Yan Zhiqing was still debating internally on whether he could be sexually aroused or not, had no idea that she was secretly digging a grave for herself.

Wei Wucai paused and suddenly looked shocked.

It was unknown as to whether he was happy or surprised.

“How… how did I suddenly just…

“I had offended you earlier.

However, I really didnt expect that…” Wei Wucai looked really innocent while he scratched his head.

“This has really never happened before.”

Yan Zhiqing recalled what Wei Wucai had said before about not feeling anything towards both men and women.

But now, he felt something suddenly…

“Do you perhaps like women” Yan Zhiqing asked.

If… If this was the case, then this would be such a joyous surprise.

If so, she would have the opportunity, right

Was it possible to accidentally turn Wei Wucai straight

Yan Zhiqing felt such joy.

She was hoping that Wei Wucai had turned straight.

While she was thinking about this, she suddenly heard Wei Wucai say, “However, I really dont know if its just because of you… or…”

Wei Wucai was speaking hesitantly.

However, Yan Zhiqing got the message.

But she couldnt allow Wei Wucai to use her as an experiment.

Of course, she couldnt allow Wei Wucai to experiment on other girls as well!

“Therefore, you are not sure if you like women” Yan Zhiqing, feeling torn by his response, asked.

Like a petite wife, Wei Wucai nodded shyly.

“It is my first time experiencing such feelings.

Therefore, I am not sure as well,” Wei Wucai said, embarrassed.

“Of course, maybe I really do like women.”

“Then… then how can we confirm this” Yan Zhiqing asked stupidly.

Wei Wucai looked down at himself, then looked at Yan Zhiqing before looking back down at himself.

He then stared at Yan Zhiqing with such an eager expression.

Wei Wucai sighed and said, “Never mind.

Never mind.

We are good friends.

I cant… Sigh!”


Since when do you talk hesitantly like this” Yan Zhiqing couldnt handle Wei Wucai being so fussy.

“What are you thinking Just say it frankly!” Yan Zhiqing was worried.

It was rather weird to be discussing this with a man on a bed in the early morning.

But she finally found hope that Wei Wucai could like girls and she didnt want to give up on this chance.

Wei Wucai, feeling embarrassed, sighed and said, “Never mind.

Thats not good.”

“What is it Just tell me!” Yan Zhiqing was so anxious.

Wei Wucai shook his head and said, “No.

I cant do that.

We are good friends.”

“Are you saying it or not!” Yan Zhiqing gnashed her teeth as she spoke.

Wei Wucai cast a glance at her like a petite housewife and said, “I was just thinking, I must have been sexually aroused because you hugged me earlier, right”

“Eh” Yan Zhiqing waited for him to finish what he was saying.

“Can… can you help me try again” Wei Wucai said.

“A hug is fine” Yan Zhiqing blinked.

Surely, a hug was nothing.

Dont good friends hug when they see each other normally

Its like a courteous handshake.

Wei Wucai looked at her with an expression that seemed to be saying that her thoughts were absurd.

“Do you think guys are savages If just a hug is able to trigger a reaction, then they are just a beast.” Wei Wucai pouted.

This girl was too innocent.

Of course, it was better for her to be innocent.

Yan Zhiqing felt speechless.

She looked at Wei Wucais face and thought that his expression looked savage.

“Then why dont you say it” Yan Zhiqing asked with her eyes narrowed.

“This…” Wei Wucai, feeling embarrassed, tried to hide his face as he said, “There should at least be some kissing…”

Yan Zhiqing felt speechless.

She suddenly grabbed the pillow beside her hand and smashed it towards Wei Wucais face.

It smashed right on his face.

The pillow was so soft that it didnt hurt at all.

It just bounced away from Wei Wucais face.

Wei Wucai rubbed his face.

With his athletic skills, if he didnt allow it to happen, Yan Zhiqing would have never been able to hit him with anything.

“Dream on!” Yan Zhiqing said angrily.

Wei Wucai still put on an act and withdrew his neck as he said, “Thats why I said that I shouldnt tell you.

I even made you mad.

“However… I have no intention of taking advantage of you.

You know my situation.

Such things normally dont work on me.”

Thankfully, Yan Beicheng was not here.

If Yan Beicheng were to find out about this, he would die from anger.

Wei Wucai was the kind of guy who typically refused to admit that they had received a benefit.

“No way… Impossible!” Yan Zhiqing quickly glanced over at Wei Wucai.

“I know.

I was just saying.

Dont think too much about it,” Wei Wucai said with a smile.

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