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Wei Wucai quickly dragged a chair over and sat by the table obediently.

Seeing him like this, Yan Zhiqing just felt mentally tired.

For a moment, she felt mentally and physically tired.

“If you do want to stay, its not an absolute no,” Yan Zhiqing said, despite feeling that it was too late to utter these words.

Couldnt she see that Wei Wucai had already sat down

At this moment, even if she wanted to kick him out of the room, it would be quite impossible.

This was basically the same thing as allowing a wolf into your own house.

However, Yan Zhiqing still continued, “However, you have to remain quiet.

Didnt you say youll let me calm down by myself But you broke your promise and came in again.”

Wei Wucai was speechless.

“Therefore, it is fine if you want to eat here, but you have to be quiet,” Yan Zhiqing said.

“If I am not talking to you, you cant talk.”

Wei Wucai was speechless.

“Sounds good.” Wei Wucai nodded.

At this moment, Yan Zhiqing was the boss.

Whatever she said, he would agree.

Once hed gone back, he would record everything in his black notebook.

Wei Wucai thought about it and realized that it might be too late if he took notes later on.

And so, he took his phone out and started taking notes right in front of Yan Zhiqing.

This was whats written on the screen:


Zhiqing refused to let me talk to her.

Poor Yan Zhiqing was watching this and just thought that Wei Wucai was messaging someone on WeChat.

She had no idea that Wei Wucai was keeping tabs on the things she did.

Of course, she had no idea that Wei Wucai had already noted down 108 things.

And now, the number of things was one greater than the number of good men on the Liang Mountain!

Yan Zhiqing then sat down.

She saw Wei Wucai open his mouth, appearing like he wanted to talk to her.

But when he thought about what she said, he forced himself to shut his mouth tight.

He placed the porridge in front of Yan Zhiqing while showing a gentle and pleasing smile.

The pleasing smile instead made Yan Zhiqing feel guilty.

She wondered if she had been too harsh towards Wei Wucai.

Perhaps she had been too unkind.

She did feel mad about him constantly breaking his promises.

However, he took care of her while she was sick.

He was busy with so many things and even went to buy breakfast for her.

Yan Zhiqing realized that her attitude was not very nice.

She then saw Wei Wucai open the box that contained the buns.

The seller had even considerately labeled the flavor on top of every box.

Wei Wucai realized that it was so difficult to not talk to Yan Zhiqing.

He also opened the box that contained the side dish.

Wei Wucai couldnt talk to Yan Zhiqing, so she sent her a WeChat message.

“You caught a cold.

I was worried that your throat might not feel good, so the side dishes I chose are not spicy.

They are sour, sweet, and refreshing.

Try them.”

Yan Zhiqing heard her phones notification sound and opened it without thinking.

She then noticed that it was a WeChat message from Wei Wucai.

She thought to herself, he was right in front of her.

Why wouldnt he just say it Why would he send a WeChat message

But then, she recalled that Wei Wucai could not talk to her.

When she remembered this, she understood why Wei Wucai had sent her a WeChat message.

If he couldnt talk to her, he would message her.

Yan Zhiqing, feeling speechless, opened the message and saw what Wei Wucai had sent her.

She looked up and saw Wei Wucai looking at her with a careful smile.

Yan Zhiqing picked up a bun with her chopsticks and proceeded to hold it with her hand, freeing up the use of the chopsticks.

She then used the chopsticks to take some pickled bamboo shoots.

It was slightly salty, sour, and sweet.

It was also crunchy.

She stared at Wei Wucai.

She thought about how Wei Wucai had bought this and saw him looking like he wanted to talk but trying hard to endure it.

Yan Zhiqing sighed and said, “Never mind.

You should just talk normally.”

If the two just ate without talking, Yan Zhiqing would think that it was depressingly silent.

The moment Yan Zhiqing said this, Wei Wucai felt as though he had been freed.

He hurriedly asked with a smile, “Is it good”

Yan Zhiqing nodded as she responded, “Its good.

Not very salty.

Just the taste I like.”

“I remember you liking sour and spicy flavors.

Although you cant eat spicy food now, you should be able to eat some sour things,” Wei Wucai said.

“Try the buns.

I remember you liking corn and other vegetable stuffings.”

Yan Zhiqing was shocked.

She had never told him what she liked to eat.

Wei Wucai had never asked before.

Yet he remembered it so clearly.

This meant that whenever she ate with him, he would pay attention to what flavors she liked and would remember all of them.

This could not be done simply.

Only those who have the intention to do so would pay attention and try to remember these things.

“How did you know that I like to eat these” Yan Zhiqing asked.

She thought that something didnt seem right.

But she couldnt exactly pinpoint what was wrong.

The reason why she asked was because she just wanted to know.

She was curious, so she asked.

At this point, Wei Wucai didnt notice anything wrong as he answered, “I noticed it when we were eating.

Although you normally eat a diet-plan meal, there were times when you couldnt help it and would eat something yummy.

Because of that, I noticed the flavors you like.”

“Did you also notice everyone elses” Yan Zhiqing asked.

Wei Wucai said ruthlessly, “Why would I care about what they like to eat”

“Then why did you pay attention to mine” Yan Zhiqing finally realized what was wrong.

Wei Wucai was gay.

He didnt like her previously, so why would he even bother to pay attention to what she liked to eat and what she liked to do

Wei Wucai was speechless.

Wei Wucai immediately realized what Yan Zhiqing had meant.

He immediately explained, “We are good friends.

Of course I have to pay attention to what you like.

My relationship with them is not as good as my relationship with you.”

Wei Wucais expression was clearly saying that they were best friends forever.

Yan Zhiqing felt speechless.

Wei Wucai then continued, “In addition, didnt we eat together with just the two of us several times Therefore, I was able to notice even more things.

When everyone was eating together and you were eating your diet-plan meal, I didnt notice it while they were eating and creating a whole mess.”

Yan Zhiqing thought the explanation was reasonable.

She didnt ask any more questions and just took a bite of the bun.

The skin of the bun was white and soft.

Its texture was very good.

The bun had absorbed the soup of the stuffing, and the skin of the bun smelled really good.

The fragrance of the flour and the smell of the stuffing were mixed together.

In addition, the bun was filled with so much stuffing.

The vegetable stuffings were rather loose and tasted different from the meat stuffings.

However, she really liked to eat the handful of flavors that Wei Wucai had bought.

Whenever she was sick of the meat buns, she could then take a few bites of the side dish to balance the flavor.

And then, she would take a sip of the hot porridge with century eggs and lean meat.

After all that, she felt her entire body warming up and she felt so relaxed.

Wei Wucai then sliced the salted duck egg in half.

Half an egg was just the right amount.

One whole egg was a little too much for a person to eat.

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