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Wei Wucai was speechless.

Hao Donghuai felt speechless.

“While youre at it, record their reactions when they see the empty computers as well,” Yuan Jiangyi finally added.

“Sure,” Hao Donghuai said with a nod.

Wei Wucai was surprised that Yuan Jiangyi had made his request the secondary task, but he could not be bothered pointing it out.

“Alright, hurry up and crack the program.

Im going to hang up the call,” Wei Wucai said.

After the call ended, Hao Donghuai complained to Yuan Jiangyi in a quiet voice, “Its as I expected.

As I said, such a sinister thing had to have been done by Xiao Cai.

No ones as awful as him.”

Yuan Jiangyi expressed that he totally agreed.

After that, he returned with Hao Donghuai.

Hao Donghuai took out his phone and started recording a video.

As paparazzi, Hou Wu and the others were extremely sensitive toward anything with cameras.

Upon seeing Hao Donghuai take out his phone to record a video, their senses were immediately pricked, and they asked, “What are you taking with your phone”

Hao Donghuai was unafraid of Hou Wus questioning though.

He replied with total calmness, “Im recording the program cracking process, of course.

We have to record it whenever we do an assignment.

“Furthermore, its to avoid any misunderstandings from occurring.

This will be an important piece of evidence in our possession.

Of course, Im not saying youll renege on making payment.

Its just in case any needless misunderstandings occur.

We can avoid unnecessary trouble by recording the whole process from start to finish.”

What Hao Donghuai said was reasonable and justified, so Hou Wu did not say anything more.

Of course, they wouldnt renege on making payment.

Who would dare do that to the Mount Lan Compound

So they just watched Yuan Jiangyi input commands into a computer with an extremely fast typing speed.

Moreover, Yuan Jiangyi was unafraid of having Wu Sheng and Yu Mingxin watch him from the side.

Its just that the two people couldnt pick up any of his methods even though they were watching him.

This was because Yuan Jiangyis typing speed was almost inhumanly fast.

Dense strings of characters appeared on the computer screen like lines of ants.

Before the two people could even finish reading them…

Those lines of characters had already climbed up swiftly.

They disappeared in just a few seconds.

Wu Sheng and Yu Mingxin stared at the screen until their eyes stung, but they still couldnt figure out anything.

They thought this had to be the difference between them and a programming expert.

Otherwise, why was it that Yuan Jiangyi could instantly crack the program they were unable to

Yuan Jiangyi worked for just a while longer.

Then, he leaned back and lifted his hands off the keyboard.

“All done.”

Just as he finished speaking…

The normal desktop screen indeed reappeared on the screens of the offices computers.

Everyone in the office, including Hou Wu, felt so moved that they wanted to burst into tears.

After a busy afternoon, the matter was finally resolved.

They could now work normally again.

Everyone almost cried tears of joy.

“Hang on, somethings not right.” Someone was looking at a computer screen.

The wallpaper on the desktop was the same as before, but that person kept feeling like there was just something different about it.

After staring at it for a long while, they finally realized what was different.

All of the softwares icons had disappeared!

Hearing that persons words, everyone else went to look simultaneously.

Then they heard him say, “What happened to all the software icons on our desktops”

Of course, Yuan Jiangyi knew where all the icons had gone.

They werent just gone from the desktop; the softwares were completely gone from their computers!

Yuan Jiangyi played dumb and put on a puzzled expression.

He stood up and said in bewilderment, “I dont know! I didnt do anything.

I just cracked the program so that you can use the computers normally.

I didnt touch a single thing that was in the computers.”

Yuan Jiangyi even raised both hands up to the sides of his face, expressing that he was innocent.

“If you dont believe me, you can ask those two.” Yuan Jiangyi pointed at Wu Sheng and Yu Mingxin.

Hou Wu looked at Wu Sheng and Yu Mingxin.

“Indeed, we saw all the commands hed input earlier.

Furthermore, its impossible to delete all these things just like that.

Its not possible to completely wipe out the computers in such a short amount of time,” Yu Mingxin said.

“Moreover, he was just forcefully taking back the administrative rights.

Its only possible to delete these things after regaining them, so there simply wouldnt have been enough time,” Wu Sheng added.

“The only possibility is that it was the person who was attacking us.

At that time, he had all of the administrative rights.

Additionally, we had no way of taking back the administrative rights for that whole period of time.”

“The materials.

All our materials and files.

Look, quickly.

Theyre all gone!” Hou Wu yelled hastily as his expression turned sour.

“Hang on,” Yuan Jiangyi said.

“Regardless of whats happened to your files, thats your problem.

You need to settle the bill first.

Ive cracked the program for you.”

Hou Wu was currently extremely anxious, but he still did not dare to offend the Mount Lan Compound.

Furthermore, Hao Donghuai was currently filming this.

Hou Wu couldnt help but suspect that the two of them had long since known things would play out like this, so they started recording a video earlier.

Nevertheless, Hou Wu simply transferred the money to Yuan Jiangyi.

Just as he made the transfer, he heard Yu Mingxin say, “Theres nothing.

Theres nothing at all in the computer.

Its been completely wiped clean.”

Hou Wu staggered and rushed over to that particular computer.

“Quick, everyone, look at your computer and see if this is also the case!” Hou Wu said.

There were different materials in everyones computer.

Perhaps there was a computer that managed to get through the net.

One by one, everyone returned to their computer hurriedly and looked at it.

The result was that everyone shook their heads with a grave expression.

“Theres nothing on mine either.”

“Theres nothing on my computer.”

“Theres nothing at all.”

Hou Wu got so angry that his complexion became ashen.

“Should I be thankful that he at least left us with a Windows operating system That he didnt let us return straight back to a Dos operating system” Hou Wu said furiously.

Yuan Jiangyi thought, “Thats because Wei Wucai wants to see your wonderful expressions.”

Otherwise, he wouldnt have left them with even a Dos operating system.

He would just have given their computers blue screens!

“Haha, were done with our assignment here, so well be leaving now.” Yuan Jiangyi waved his hand.

“You dont need to see us off.”

Going by those words, it seemed that he was feeling a lot better.

Earlier, Hou Wu had coughed up some blood in silence, but now, all of their files were gone.

He was currently feeling terribly bad.

Who would be in the mood to send Yuan Jiangyi off!

Hou Wu didnt even feel like giving the latter a reply.

It was only after Yuan Jiangyi had lifted his leg and was about to step outside that Hou Wu suddenly took action.

With a sudden large stride, he rushed over to Yuan Jiangyis side and grabbed his arm.

“Wait, wait!” Hou called out urgently.

“What is it” Yuan Jiangyi got a fright.

“If theres anything you want to say, calm down before saying it.

Let go first.

Whats a grown man like you hugging me for”

Hou Wu was just grabbing Yuan Jiangyis arm!

The corner of Hou Wus eye twitched as he released his grip.

He said, “Dont go yet.

Can you see if you can help us retrieve the files Ill pay you whatever you want! Those materials are very important to us.”

All the hard work they had put in for so many years had gone to waste.

They wouldnt be able to make up for the financial losses they suffered.

They had agreements with some celebrities for some of the information they had.

They had accepted money in exchange for not publishing the information.

However, they had still kept the materials anyway.

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