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However, these celebrity news accounts still tried to find a way out for themselves.

When they were talking about this, they would add phrases like “spreading on social media” and “still waiting for verification.”

When Hou Wu saw the time when the creators of the celebrity news accounts posted this, he realized that it had only been two hours.

He then said, “Oh.

Its okay.

They only started posting this two hours ago.

There is still time to salvage this.”


Elder Brother Hou.” Another person came over with his phone.

“These celebrity news accounts werent the first to post about this.

Some unknown small accounts did it first.”

Why did the person say small accounts

Because these accounts were really small.

Its so obvious that these accounts were alternate accounts.

They werent following anyone and had no fanbase.

They didnt buy membership.

The accounts were even at level one.

They would be fools if they couldnt tell that these were someones alternate accounts.

“These alternate accounts posted our transaction records around three hours ago,” someone said.

“I looked at it.

They were the first to share this.

No one else did so before them.


“Initially, no one paid attention to their post.

However, they paid to have their post boosted and more people saw it.

The people who saw the post shared it, resulting in the post spreading to more and more people on social media.

“These celebrity news accounts posted even later than some netizens who were sharing the post.

“The hacker who attacked our computer must have done this.

He could have just sold the information to those celebrity news accounts, but instead, they made alternate accounts and posted this.

They even paid money to boost the post.”

Hou Wu was so angry that his hands were trembling.

Whom had he offended that he would be the target of such revenge!

They were trying to kill him!

“Normally, they would make a chat history and pretend like they received news from an insider.

But this time, the hacker just posted the entire financial records.

“Obviously, he is not someone from this industry.

He doesnt bother using any tricks.

He chose simple and brutal methods to beat us down.”

Hou Wu nodded, agreeing with his colleague.

“Let me contact someone to remove all these posts.” Hou Wu had been in this industry for a long time.

He was able to achieve this because he had enough connections and respect from people.

However, before Hou Wu could even make the phone call, he received a lot of calls.

All the calls were from the agencies that had been mentioned in the transaction records.

The transaction records were still leaked, so what did the celebrities pay him for

The celebrities obviously did it because he had blackmailing material on those celebrities.

The netizens had no idea what blackmailing materials Hou Wu had.

But they could tell how important the materials were based on the amount of money in the transaction.

If there was more money, it meant that the blackmailing material was something of a bigger deal.

If they were willing to spend so much money on it, the material must not be something good.

It must be something that could not be known by the public.

The netizens had no idea what the information was, but it didnt stop them from making guesses.

Because they didnt know anything, they started making wild guesses.

For a moment, they were making all kinds of speculations.

Some guesses were even worse than the actual information.

Anyway, no matter what, to the netizens, all these famous celebrities became celebrities with a dark past.

This worried the celebrities so much.

They had spent so much money, but they still didnt dodge this bullet.

And so, they all asked their managers to question Hou Wu.

How could Hou Wu explain it

Could he say that his computers were hacked

If so, who would believe him

He would never leave this industry.

He still had to follow up on other news.

If others found out that the computers in his office were hacked and all the materials were gone, there was no doubt that they would come after him to take revenge.

Who would trust him and work with him then

Hou Wu felt so much pain that he could not describe it.

He could only promise to solve this as soon as possible.

He had just hung up on one call when another call came through.

Unfortunately, he could only turn off his phone.

However, even when his phone was turned off, the telephone in the office kept ringing.

They didnt even have to pick up to know who had made these calls.

They werent just calls from the celebrities agencies.

There were calls from the other reporters who worked in the same industry as him.

When Hou Wu heard this, he was so angry that he wanted to laugh.

He had been one of the paparazzi for a long time, and he couldnt believe that there would be a day in which he would be interviewed by someone in the same industry as him.

“Let me tell you, I am not done with you!” a celebrity roared into the phone before hanging up abruptly.

“If you dont have the skills, why do you blackmail others You better wait! I wont let you off the hook!” another celebrity said.

“This time, you have offended many people.

I want to know what you intend to do after offending almost half of the people in the entertainment industry! You did not just offend one or two celebrities who are scared and wont dare to do anything to you.

You offended so many at once.

I am not the only one who is mad!” someone else berated.

Hou Wu had instantly offended half of the people in the entertainment industry.

Even if he found ways to remove these trending posts and delete all the information posted on social media…

The netizens had already seen them.

And the people who saw the posts could just explain it to people who had not seen them.

The people who had seen the posts could just conveniently save and share them.

There were numerous big and small self-media operations.

Theyd spread all over the corners of social media.

Hou Wu couldnt thoroughly erase this news from the web.

This was something he couldnt clean up thoroughly.

However, even if he removed posts on the web, Wei Wucai no longer bothered with it.

Later on, he stopped doing anything and just handed it all over to the people who held a grudge against Hou Wu.

Now that Hou Wu had so many enemies, there was no need for Wei Wucai to do anything.

In addition, Hou Wu was not Yan Zhiqing.

Why should Wei Wucai even bother to pay attention to him

Therefore, Wei Wucai waved his hand.

He kept his name hidden and all the work he had done a secret.

He stopped paying any attention to Hou Wu.

He looked at the time and said, “Lets go out and eat.

Its already late.”

Everyone checked the time and saw that it was 8 PM.

“Then Qiaohan and I will be leaving first,” Mou Danqiong said as she stood up, giving them space.

“Elder Sister Mou and Xiao Fang are one of us,” said Wei Wucai.

Mou Danqiong was speechless.

Fang Qiaohan was speechless.

Mou Danqiong thought about how today was the first time she met Wei Wucai, and Wei Wucai had always seemed cold and aloof.

Why did he suddenly behave like he was someone familiar

He was even calling her Elder Sister Mou

It was true that she was much older than Wei Wucai.

But Mou Danqiong had a lot of experience and knew people well.

At first glance, she knew that Wei Wucai was not someone who would become familiar with people easily.

And now, he was willing to act familiar because of Yan Zhiqing.

Mou Danqiong felt the corner of her mouth twitching.

Even Fang Qiaohan felt horrible, not to mention Mou Danqiong.

Mou Danqiong had no idea, but Wei Wucai had never referred to Fang Qiaohan with such familiarity.

He had always called her by her surname and given name and was never this courteous.


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