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Wu Mosen very happily allowed them to be part of the film crew.

While Shi Xiaoya was doing Yan Zhiqings makeup in the dressing room, there were courteous greeting sounds being heard from outside.

Soon, someone knocked on the door of the dressing room.

Shi Xiaoya stopped what she was doing and Fang Qiaohan opened the door.

A few people stood at the door, blocking the way.

The one in the middle was Chen Zeqing.

“Teacher Chen,” Fang Qiaohan greeted courteously.

“Why are you…”

Chen Zeqing was a young celebrity who had recently gained popularity.

He was very beautiful, but his acting skills still required much improvement.

However, there was clearly something wrong with this person.

Did he not know the level of his own acting skills

Who was he to ask people to call him teacher

Chen Zeqing was only 25 years old, but people had to refer to him as Teacher Chen as an indication of respect for him and his status.

Chen Zeqing had to attend events, interviews, and record shows.

The team would first communicate with the others about rules and limitations.

There were questions that couldnt be asked.

They would instruct the other party on the time that they would arrive and the time that they must leave.

There was one most important requirement that must be fulfilled—everyone had to call him Teacher Chen.

Fang Qiaohan naturally knew about this.

This matter had secretly spread throughout the entertainment industry.

So many people laughed at him.

He hadnt even reached that level, yet he wanted people to refer to him as teacher

How shameless could he get!

Fang Qiaohan even told Yan Zhiqing about this.

Normally, Chen Zeqing would behave elegantly and say very witty things during interviews.

But it was truly unexpected that he was secretly a person like this.

The moment Fang Qiaohan saw Chen Zeqing, she immediately greeted him, which caused an expression of satisfaction to creep up his face.

Fang Qiaohan was secretly complaining, but Chen Zeqing obviously wouldnt have to know about it.

Chen Zeqings assistant was going to say something, but Chen Zeqing spoke first.

“I have been cast as Young Master Chen.

I came a few days later because they were not filming any scenes with my role.”

Young Master Chen didnt have a lot of scenes in this movie, so Chen Zeqing didnt have to be on set right away.

“I see.” Fang Qiaohan nodded.

Chen Zeqing smiled and said, “I heard that Zhiqing is here, so I came over for a visit.”

As far as Fang Qiaohan knew, Chen Zeqing and Yan Zhiqing were just acquaintances.

However, Chen Zeqing was at the door, so she couldnt stop him from seeing her.

And so, Fang Qiaohan smiled and quickly moved away.

“Yes, yes.

Please come in.

I was too surprised.

That was rude of me.”

Chen Zeqing smiled to show that he was a generous person and didnt mind at all.

Shi Xiaoya was going to stop, but Yan Zhiqing secretly pulled her and hinted that she should continue.

Yan Zhiqing and Chen Zeqing were just acquaintances.

If she was still getting her makeup done, it would show that she was busy and she wouldnt have to chat too much with Chen Zeqing.

“Teacher Chen,” Yan Zhiqing greeted, using the same term of address as well.

Chen Zeqing hurriedly responded, “Hey! Arent you mocking me They were just calling me that as a joke.

I already told them not to call me that.

At my current level, I am not a teacher, but they wouldnt listen to me.

No matter what, they still refer to me as a teacher.

I feel so embarrassed.”

The corner of Shi Xiaoyas mouth twitched.

People in the entertainment industry were exceptionally shameless.

Yan Zhiqing showed a respectful but awkward smile.

“I am already calling you Zhiqing, yet you are still referring to me like a stranger.

This wont do.

Just call me Zeqing,” said Chen Zeqing.

“That wont do.” Yan Zhiqing did not agree out of respect for Chen Zeqing.

“We are often under severe scrutiny by reporters, and everything we do is overanalyzed,” Yan Zhiqing said with a smile.

“If I had called you that and someone had heard me, they would talk about it and come up with some new scandal.

That would not be appropriate.”

Still smiling, she added, “If it is something that can be avoided, why should we bother causing such inconveniences for ourselves, right”

She knew that Chen Zeqing was taking this chance to get close to her.

Yan Zhiqing was not someone who felt really good about herself.

But Yan Zhiqing could very clearly see the ambition in Chen Zeqings eyes.

Whatever Chen Zeqing wanted to do, she would not allow him to use her to achieve his goal.

Chen Zeqings smile appeared stiff for a second before he immediately said, “You are too careful even with private interactions.”

“Its better to be careful.

You know I care about this,” Yan Zhiqing said frankly.

Chen Zeqing thought to himself, if she cared a lot about this, how did she get into a scandal with Wei Wucai

Why was she pretending here

She was just trying to distance herself from him.

Chen Zeqing smiled and tried to give himself a way out.

He then said, “Since you have not finished with your makeup, I wont disturb you.

I have to go have my makeup done as well.”

Yan Zhiqing smiled and said, “Alright.

Well talk later.”

After Chen Zeqing had left, Shi Xiaoya smiled and said, “You dont know him well, do you”

Yan Zhiqing scoffed and said, “Not only do I not know him well, but I have also never worked with him before.

You know actors and actresses work together when filming but might not become friends.

Everyone would stop contacting each other when they are done filming.”

Yan Zhiqing pouted and said, “I am not familiar with even the actors I have worked with, not to mention him.”

Shi Xiaoya thus had a good idea of what had happened.

She quickly finished doing Yan Zhiqings makeup.

Yan Zhiqing then went to prepare herself for filming to start at any time.

Yan Zhiqing sat there and waited.

Chen Zeqing had had his makeup done and was fully dressed in costume when he came out.

When he saw Yan Zhiqing, he immediately started walking towards her.

“Zhiqing.” Chen Zeqing immediately started to come over and then sat beside Yan Zhiqing.

“I dont know the others well,” Chen Zeqing said.

“I only know you in this production crew.”

Yan Zhiqing smiled and thought to herself, she didnt know him well either.

“You all have been working together for a while.

I have just joined and I am just a newbie.” Chen Zeqing smiled towards Yan Zhiqing as he said, “Please take care of me.”

“Everyone is very friendly.

You dont have to worry,” Yan Zhiqing said, “I am being taken care of by the seniors.”

Chen Zeqing secretly gnashed his teeth.

In his opinion, Yan Zhiqing was just like a pond loach, slipping away from the conversation.

She was so cunning, not creating any pretext for conversation.

She didnt give him any chance to start a conversation.

“I am a newbie, after all.

Although I am older than you, I am not as experienced and successful as you.

However, I think we are the closest in age in this cast and crew,” Chen Zeqing said with a smile.

“I think Ill have an easier time talking to you.”


There are many young actors and actresses here.

They are not as famous, but the fact that they were cast in this movie shows that they have a bright future,” Yan Zhiqing said with a smile.

“Of course.” Chen Zeqing naturally couldnt say things that would offend others.

Even if he really looked down on those people.

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