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Chen Zeqing one-sidedly indicated that he was having a very good conversation with Yan Zhiqing.

Of course, this was not the case for Yan Zhiqing.

However, to people who didnt know and were looking at them from afar, they did look well-acquainted and seemed to be having a good conversation.

That was at least what Yuan Jiangyi thought when he saw their interactions.

Yuan Jiangyi hastily dragged Wei Wucai and said, “Xiao Cai, someone is trying to steal your girlfriend!”

“…” Wei Wucai almost tripped when Yuan Jiangyi pulled him.

He stared at Yuan Jiangyi angrily and said, “What do you want”

“Look at that guy!” Yuan Jiangyi dragged Wei Wucai and looked over at Yan Zhiqing as he said, “I have been looking at them for a while! The guy keeps trying to talk to Zhiqing.”

Yuan Jiangyi dragged Wei Wucai over and was almost hugging him.

Wei Wucai, feeling contemptuous, pushed him away.

“Hey! Stop messing around!” Yuan Jiangyi held Wei Wucai with contempt as well.

“Why are you still bothering with such small matters during such a moment You deserve to be single!”

Wei Wucai was speechless.

He glanced over at Yuan Jiangyi with a speechless expression.

Its almost as though he was not single.

“Look there!” Yuan Jiangyi had no choice but to point towards Yan Zhiqing.

“Look at how that young fellow keeps getting close to Zhiqing.

He obviously doesnt have any good intentions!”

Wei Wucai was speechless.

He saw that Chen Zeqing was good-looking.

Chen Zeqing kept smiling at Yan Zhiqing.

If Chen Zeqings eyes were hooks, it would seem like he was hooking onto Yan Zhiqing and never letting go.

This was what Wei Wucai thought.

Most of the time, Chen Zeqing was talking and Yan Zhiqing was listening.

Chen Zeqing was very good at talking.

His mouth kept talking and never stopped moving.

He looked again.

He didnt know what Chen Zeqing had said, but it made Yan Zhiqing laugh.

Did Chen Zeqing say something that funny

“Look at that.

Look at that.” Yuan Jiangyi joined in on the fun.

“If Chen Zeqing wanted to sit, he could sit anywhere.

Why did he choose to sit so close to Zhiqing”

He added, “I think Chen Zeqing is aiming for Zhiqing.

Look! Look for yourself.” Yuan Jiangyi dragged Wei Wucai again as he said, “Xiao Cai, you have to move faster.

If not, someone might steal your girl.”

Wei Wucai was speechless.

Yuan Jiangyi saw that Wei Wucai was silent.

He then said, “Xiao Cai, you shouldnt feel unconcerned and think that your relationship with Zhiqing is confirmed.

“As you can see, Zhiqing is very pretty and famous.

If I have to be shallow, I think even dating Zhiqing and going out with her is something that can satisfy ones pride.

Not to mention the number of people who desire to be related to the Yan Family that supports Zhiqing.

“I am not being practical.

Its not just about pursuing fame and wealth.

I am just telling you what goes on in most peoples minds.

“Even if we dont look at those additional benefits, just Zhiqing herself, being a beautiful girl, would be loved by so many men.

However, those additional benefits make her look even more attractive.”

“I know,” Wei Wucai said calmly.

Even without Yuan Jiangyis warning, Wei Wucai had already sensed how dire the situation could be.

“Anyway, I have nothing to do now.

Lets go check it out!” Yuan Jiangyi said.

“How can you watch as other men take advantage of the situation How can you allow them to target Zhiqing”

While he was saying that, he placed both his hands on Wei Wucais shoulders, appearing to be seizing the opportunity to go with him.

“…” Wei Wucai swung his hands off his shoulders as he said, “I can go by myself.

Why are you following”

“…” Yuan Jiangyi immediately felt a sense of urgency as he said, “No… How can I not go with you This is a huge matter for you.

We are brothers, so I have to go with you!”

The corner of Wei Wucais mouth twitched as he said, “I think you just want to go to watch the fun.”

“This…” Wei Wucai was right, but Yuan Jiangyi still answered, “Thats not possible! I am just going to support you.

I just want that guy to see that you are not alone and that we are not to be provoked.”

Yuan Jiangyi showed a sanctimonious expression.

“An extra person gives you extra strength.

Dont you think so”

If Wei Wucai believed what he said, he would be a fool.

Yuan Jiangyi raised his chin as he said proudly, “We should let that guy know that we are many in number and irresistible!”

Wei Wucai was speechless.

What did he mean when he said irresistible

Its almost like they were going to do something to Chen Zeqing.

Thankfully, Yan Zhiqing didnt hear what Yuan Jiangyi had said.

If not, Yan Zhiqing would have started imagining things again.

She would start suspecting that there was some indescribable relationship between them and Chen Zeqing.

Before Wei Wucai could say anything, Yuan Jiangyi had noticed Hao Donghuai.

He called out to him, “Hao Zi! Here!”

Hao Donghuais eyes lit up, and he immediately started walking towards Yuan Jiangyi.

Considering how excited Yuan Jiangyi looked, there must be some new gossip.

“What What” Hao Donghuai hastily trotted over and stared at Yuan Jiangyi and Wei Wucai with an expression of anticipation.

Yuan Jiangyi pointed towards Wei Wucai and said, “Look.

Someone is targeting Zhiqing.

He obviously wants to steal Xiao Cais girlfriend.”

“The audacity!” Hao Donghuai immediately straightened his back and said, “Lets go! We have to let that guy know how powerful his opponent is! Not only will he be facing Xiao Cai! But he will also be facing us and everyone at the Mount Lan Compound!”

Hao Donghuai spoke with such passion and force.

But it took Wei Wucai only one second to weaken Hao Donghuais momentum.

“Its none of your business.”

Obviously, these two just wanted to watch the fun.

“Didnt you two say you were here to help with work” Wei Wucai said.

“You have been here for such a long time, but you have not done anything serious.”

They had only been gossiping.

“Good timing.

I will go see Zhiqing.

You two can stay and help with work.” With just a few sentences, Wei Wucai had made arrangements for the two.

Hao Donghuai felt speechless.

Yuan Jiangyi was speechless.

Soon, the two watched as Wei Wucai started walking towards Yan Zhiqing.

However, how could the two be satisfied with hiding and watching

Even if they could see, they wouldnt be able to hear what Wei Wucai had to say to his love rival, right

They were very curious as to what Wei Wucai wanted to say to Chen Zeqing.

Wei Wucai had always been rude.

And now, he had encountered someone whom he held a grudge against.

Considering this, how much ruder would Wei Wucai be

And so, while Wei Wucai could not see them behind him, the two hastily followed.

They were really careful.

Whenever they were near things or areas that could act as camouflage, they would hide.

Once they were sure that Wei Wucai didnt notice them, they would move forward and secretly follow him.

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