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“Hide! Hide!” Hao Donghuai hastily warned Yuan Jiangyi.

They saw that Wei Wucai had already stepped in front of Yan Zhiqing and Chen Zeqing.

And so, the two chose another place that could act as camouflage.

There happened to be some props piled up on the ground in front of them.

The pile of things was as tall as half a human.

Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghuai then stooped down and hid behind the pile of props.

They looked up and secretly stared at Wei Wucai, revealing only their eyes.

Wei Wucai had just walked over.

He heard Chen Zeqing ask Yan Zhiqing, “Zhiqing, what are you eating for lunch”

“What do you mean” Yan Zhiqing was a little confused by Chen Zeqings question.

And so, she asked, “Qiaohan is going to order food delivery.”

“Where are you eating Lets eat together during lunch,” Chen Zeqing hastily said.

Yan Zhiqing smiled and said, “Sure.

So many of us eat together during lunch.

You can join too.

The more the merrier.”

“Many people” Chen Zeqings smile froze.

Yan Zhiqing didnt think much of it as she nodded and said, “Yeah.”

“But I need your advice on so many things in this film production.” Chen Zeqing suddenly whispered, “How about… you ask Qiaohan not to order your food delivery for lunch”

He added with a smile, “I will buy you lunch.”

Yan Zhiqing obviously wouldnt agree to this.

However, before Yan Zhiqing could say anything, Wei Wucai could no longer tolerate it and he stepped forward.

“Buy her lunch Where are you going Do you mind an extra person” Wei Wucai said coldly.

His voice didnt sound friendly.

By the tone of his voice, it was obvious that Wei Wucai did not ask to join with friendly intent.

It sounded like he was just here to mess things up.

Of course, Chen Zeqing didnt want Wei Wucai to come along.

Chen Zeqing knew who Wei Wucai was.

After all, Wei Wucai was in a scandal with Yan Zhiqing!

Yan Zhiqing had no idea that Chen Zeqing had been paying close attention to her.

Ever since Chen Zeqing found out that he would be working with Yan Zhiqing in the same cast crew, he had been preparing.

He wanted to use the limited amount of time he had with this crew to get Yan Zhiqing to be his girlfriend.

He wanted to try his best to court her.

Even if it would be difficult, he would try for it.

If he couldnt get her to be his girlfriend, he would try to be better friends with Yan Zhiqing.

With much ambition, Chen Zeqing had made his plan and set up his goal.

He didnt actually hold any malicious intent towards Yan Zhiqing.

After all, the two never really had the chance to interact.

This was just a rare chance.

There were many with ulterior motives when interacting with Yan Zhiqing.

Not only had they been doing it for Yan Zhiqing, but they were also doing it for the benefits that she could give them.

All these things attracted Chen Zeqings attention.

Chen Zeqing obviously had such thoughts and wanted to seize his chance.

And so, since he had such thoughts, he started paying attention to Yan Zhiqing.

He saw the scandal between Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai.

Chen Zeqing then secretly went to ask around.

He was scared that Yan Zhiqing would become someone elses girlfriend before he even had the chance to make his move.

That would be really unlucky for him.

Thankfully, after he had asked around, he didnt receive any news of Yan Zhiqing being in a relationship.

He even asked the staff members that worked in Yan Zhiqings agency.

The staff member had no idea either.

Chen Zeqing then felt a sense of relief.

However, he realized that he needed to move faster and work harder.

And so, on the first day of his arrival on set, he urgently set out to butter up Yan Zhiqing.

Maybe he was moving a little too fast.

However, he had no choice!

Wei Wucai had joined the crew much earlier than him!

And now, the moment Chen Zeqing invited Yan Zhiqing for lunch, Wei Wucai appeared.

His attitude was very bad.

It was so obvious.

Chen Zeqing could tell that…

Wei Wucai had similar intentions towards Yan Zhiqing!

Chen Zeqing immediately felt a sense of urgency.

Chen Zeqing gave a cold smile as he asked Wei Wucai, “You are”

Even if he knew who Wei Wucai was, he still asked.

Wei Wucai stood there while Chen Zeqing remained seated.

In terms of height, Wei Wucai had an advantage.

From a superior point of view, he looked down at Chen Zeqing.

Wei Wucais prideful attitude made Chen Zeqing furious.

It was especially because Wei Wucai didnt seem pretentious at all when he was showing such a prideful attitude.

It was like he naturally belonged in a superior position.

With such an imposing manner, Wei Wucai had won.

Chen Zeqing didnt think of himself as someone amazing.

But as a public figure, he had seen many things.

He knew that such an aura was natural.

Ordinary people would be no match to someone with such an aura.

Chen Zeqing knew that Wei Wucai was the CEO of Ledepic More.

Even so, Wei Wucai shouldnt belittle him like this, right

Chen Zeqing secretly frowned.

However, at that moment, he couldnt stand up.

If he stood up, it would indicate that he had lost and he had been intimidated.

“So youre Zhiqings friend,” Wei Wucai said as he smiled calmly.

Chen Zeqing chuckled and responded half-heartedly, “Nice to meet you.”

He continued, “I want to invite you to lunch as well, but it is not very convenient for you to join us for lunch.

There are some things I must say to Zhiqing.

Raincheck I will invite you out for lunch another day with just the two of us.

It will be a formal invitation.”

“What do you have to say to her alone” Wei Wucai asked coldly.

Chen Zeqing thought, how shameless Wei Wucai was being.

He no longer responded courteously.

“This is something between me and Zhiqing.

I dont have to report it to you, do I”

Chen Zeqing paused and said, “You two are just friends.”

The corner of Wei Wucais mouth curved up into a grim smile.

He didnt say anything in response.

He just glanced over at Yan Zhiqing.

Yan Zhiqing moved her mouth.

If Wei Wucai asked her if she would eat lunch with Chen Zeqing at this moment…

Even if Yan Zhiqing was still mad at Wei Wucai and even if he would potentially be forcing her to make a decision…

Yan Zhiqing thought about it and realized that she would still answer that she would not go with Chen Zeqing.

When Chen Zeqing contemptuously said to Wei Wucai earlier that she and Wei Wucai were just friends…

Yan Zhiqings first reaction was to feel a desire to tell Chen Zeqing that Wei Wucai was not just her friend.

She wanted to tell Chen Zeqing not to feel too good about himself.

Her relationship with Chen Zeqing was nothing in comparison.

Yan Zhiqing hesitated and waited for Wei Wucai to ask.

If so, she would answer him.

But unexpectedly, Wei Wucai only cast a glance at her.

He didnt ask her any questions.

“I got it.” He then turned and left.

Chen Zeqing felt so proud of himself.

He thought that he had forced Wei Wucai away.

In addition, based on Wei Wucais attitude, he knew that he and Yan Zhiqing were just friends.

He hadnt expected to figure out Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqings relationship with just a few sentences.

This was an unexpected joy.

However, Yan Zhiqing, who was beside Chen Zeqing, froze.

She initially thought that Wei Wucai was going to ask her for her decision.

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