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It caused her trouble as well.

Her relationship with Wei Wucai was just between them.

They didnt want any outsiders to be a part of this.

Wei Wucai wanted to say something, but then, someone knocked on the vans door.

Fang Qiaohan went to open the door.

She saw Chen Zeqing standing outside the van with a to-go box of food in his hand.

Fang Qiaohan froze before she greeted, “Teacher Chen”

Chen Zeqing smiled and said, “Do you still have a free space Its not as fun to eat by myself.

I wanted to come and eat with you guys.”

While he was speaking, he was trying to look inside the van.

Wei Wucai thought, Chen Zeqing still wouldnt give up on executing his evil plan.

He didnt get to convince Yan Zhiqing to eat lunch over at his place, so he came over instead.

Yan Zhiqing had not even said anything.

Hao Donghuai was worried about someone stealing Wei Wucais girlfriend.

And so, he responded first and said, “No! The seats are all taken!”

Chen Zeqings face instantly darkened as he asked, “Who are you Zhiqing has not even talked.”

They had all been on set, but Chen Zeqing had been filming in the morning.

Hao Donghuai and Yuan Jiangyi were with Wei Wucais special effects editing team.

Chen Zeqing had only looked at Wei Wucai and did not bother to pay any attention to other people.

He thought that the others were just employees at Wei Wucais company and werent important at all.

When he saw Hao Donghuais unfamiliar face, he couldnt believe that such a small fry would be in the same place as Yan Zhiqing.

Yet Yan Zhiqing had rejected him.

Hao Donghuai was so angry that his friend did not have an official title.

Wei Wucai couldnt even get an official title.

As Wei Wucais best friend, Hao Donghuai could not even say anything.

If it werent for that, Hao Donghuai could have just said that he was the brother of Yan Zhiqings boyfriend!

Hao Donghuai glared at Wei Wucai angrily.

It was all because Wei Wucai had been a disappointment! It resulted in even his brothers being embarrassed!

Wei Wucai was speechless.

No matter what, Wei Wucai refused to know what Hao Donghuai was thinking right now.

“Zhiqing.” While Fang Qiaohan was still in front of him, Chen Zeqing had called out to Yan Zhiqing.

From this angle, he could see her.

Yan Zhiqing then walked over and Fang Qiaohan moved to the side.

Yan Zhiqing said apologetically to Chen Zeqing, “I am so sorry.

All the seats in the van are taken.”

With an apologetic expression, Yan Zhiqing backed away, allowing Chen Zeqing to see clearly that the van was full and there was no space left.

“This…” Yan Zhiqing looked very troubled as she said, “What are we going to do”

Chen Zeqing looked over and saw that there was truly no space left.

But he still felt annoyed.

Yan Zhiqing must have intentionally called so many people to eat with her!

She made sure that every seat in the van would be taken so that he wouldnt be able to eat with her if he came over.

After all, Yan Zhiqing had just rejected him in the morning.

Initially, Chen Zeqing thought that it was fine if she had rejected him earlier.

If he couldnt eat with Yan Zhiqing, then he might as well eat with many people at noon.

Yan Zhiqing would probably feel bad about rejecting him then.

If she was eating with so many people, it would be fine if he joined as well.

But then, Yan Zhiqing was ruthless.

She didnt even bother to save a space for him.

Chen Zeqing had no idea that he had misunderstood Yan Zhiqing.

Yan Zhiqing didnt do this intentionally.

It was because Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghuai just so happened to join.

If not, it wouldnt have been so packed.

“Its alright.

If so, I will just eat by myself,” Chen Zeqing said.

“My assistant ate food with someone else and I am the only one left.

I just thought it was weird to eat by myself.”

Chen Zeqing didnt give up.

He tried to pretend to be pitiful to win Yan Zhiqings sympathy and wanted her to abandon the others for his sake.

Of course, he was dreaming.

Wei Wucai stood up and walked over.

He quietly stood behind Yan Zhiqing.

His hands didnt move at all.

However, when he stood behind Yan Zhiqing, it looked as though he had Yan Zhiqing in his arms.

Wei Wucai raised his brow and asked, “If you cant bear to eat alone, why dont I eat with you”

Chen Zeqing felt speechless.

Yan Zhiqing felt speechless.

The corner of Yan Zhiqings mouth twitched.

Why did it sound like Wei Wucai was about to force himself onto Chen Zeqing

Chen Zeqing pouted and said, “Never mind.

We dont know each other well.”

“You dont know Zhiqing well either,” Wei Wucai said.

“As far as I know, before you two started filming this movie together, you and Zhiqing had never worked together.

Whether it was the filming of another movie, an award ceremony, a brand event, or a variety show, Zhiqing had never interacted with you before.

“Although you two are in the same industry, you have never had any prior interactions.

However, Gu Fei had worked with you before.

Xu Shunxin had recorded a variety show with you, so you should really know them better.

“It would be more normal if you went to chat with them and talk to them about work.

It doesnt make sense for you to come seeking out Zhiqing for these things.”

Hearing this, Chen Zeqing wanted to curse at Wei Wucai.

Did whatever he wanted to do have anything to do with Wei Wucai

Chen Zeqing lowered his head and chuckled before he looked up and said, “Since you said as much, I will just be honest.”

He declared frankly, “I like Zhiqing.

I want to court her.

That is why I am finding every opportunity to spend time with her.”

After saying that, Chen Zeqing looked at Wei Wucai belligerently.

At this point, Wei Wucai couldnt possibly still have things to say.

Even if Chen Zeqing and Yan Zhiqing had never interacted before, it should not stop him from courting Yan Zhiqing.

Who said that people couldnt court someone they had never met before

“Thats good.” Wei Wucai nodded.

“Zhiqings high popularity shows that she is very charming.

However, she has high standards.

Therefore, I am not worried about you getting her to fall in love with you.” Wei Wucai smiled.

“Despite you not being much of a decent person, I do have to compliment you for having a good eye.

“You know that Zhiqing is excellent and you like her.

You have a good eye.

This is the only good quality you have.”

He really hated how rude Wei Wucai was being!

By pointing out that him being perceptive was his only good quality, Wei Wucai was basically saying that he didnt have any other good qualities.

In addition, Wei Wucai could have just criticized him!

But while Wei Wucai was criticizing Chen Zeqing, he even took the opportunity to praise Yan Zhiqing.

He said that him being perceptive was his only good quality and there were no others.

This was basically him pointing out that Yan Zhiqing was excellent.

Chen Zeqing had seen many cunning people in the industry.

But it was his first time meeting someone as dreadful as Wei Wucai.

“I dont need you to comment on how I am as a person,” Chen Zeqing said angrily.

“I just need Zhiqing to have a good opinion of me.

What does any of these have to do with you”

“It has nothing to do with me, but I just so happened to like Zhiqing as well,” Wei Wucai said.

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