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“…” Wei Wucai was so angry that the veins on his forehead popped.

Feeling angry, he pushed the two to the side.

These two fellows kept stealing his lines! When would he have the chance to show his best behavior!

Wei Wucai was furious.

He hastily said to Yan Zhiqing, “They said what I wanted to say.

Dont worry.

I will do this myself! I will not let him live an easy life!”

When Yan Zhiqing saw that Wei Wucai had been bullied, she wanted to laugh.

Uncontrollably, the corner of her mouth curved up.

But within two or three seconds, the corner of her mouth curved back down.

“You dont have to think that I am doing something for you,” Wei Wucai said quickly.

“I am just trying to kill off a love rival for myself.”

He whispered, “It is not your idea to target Chen Zeqing.

Its mine.

It has nothing to do with you.”

He didnt want to cause Yan Zhiqing any trouble and for her to be suspected by Chen Zeqing.

Yan Zhiqing could not deny that his current attitude made her feel warm inside.

However, Yan Zhiqing wouldnt openly admit it.

She only replied, “This is your idea.”

“Yes.” Wei Wucai chuckled and said, “It is my idea.”

With a stern expression, Yan Zhiqing walked past Wei Wucai and went to see Wu Mosen.

Once Yan Zhiqing had approached, Chen Zeqing could no longer say anything to Wu Mosen.

No matter what, he didnt dare to tell Yan Zhiqing that he wanted to film a kissing scene with her.

Chen Zeqing smiled as he asked Yan Zhiqing, “Zhiqing, shall we practice our script”

“Alright.” Yan Zhiqing nodded, pretending as though she had no idea what Chen Zeqing had planned earlier.

Chen Zeqing smiled and let out a sigh of relief.

He then heard Yan Zhiqing say, “You seem a little guilty.

Did something happen”

“No!” Chen Zeqing immediately responded with an innocent and surprised expression.

Yan Zhiqing smiled and said, “I was just scaring you.

Why are you suddenly so nervous”

Chen Zeqing emitted a dry laugh.

Yan Zhiqing really did scare him.

Yan Zhiqing sneered and thought to herself, despite behaving this way, Chen Zeqing still had the desire to take advantage of her

Thankfully, the characters in the emotional scene written by Writer Hu behaved cordially with each other.

They loved each other, but they remained courteous with each other.

That was what it meant.

Therefore, even if Chen Zeqing wanted to use this chance, he would not be able to kiss her.

Even if he planned to be closer to her through this scene, he would not be able to succeed.

While Chen Zeqing and Yan Zhiqing were filming, Wei Wucai and the other two had already made their move.

As the team leader of the Day Shadows at the Mount Lan Compound, Hao Donghuai contacted his team.

“Brothers, come forth.

Team Leader Xiao Cais future marriage depends on us,” Hao Donghuai said.

“That actors name is Chen Zeqing.

I need you to investigate him from his high school days until his college days and check for anything negative.”

Yuan Jiangyi had also contacted the Night Shadows Team.

He used the same opening sentence.

“Brothers! To help Team Leader Xiao Cai lose his status as a single man, we will do our best to help as well!

“Investigate his personal life after he joined the entertainment industry and check if there has been anything negative.”

Hearing that the two other teams had taken these two tasks, Wei Wucai had no choice but to say this to the members of “Shadowless,” “Investigate all his working opportunities, such as movies, TV shows, brand endorsement, and participation in variety shows, as well as any other work that provides him an income.

“Do an investigation on how he managed to get these jobs.

Check any investments outside of work.

Find all the projects that he had invested money in.

For example, check if he has any stores, whether its a physical store or an online store.

Check if there were any conflicts with customers or anything that people shouldnt know.

Find everything that is detrimental to him.”

The three assigned tasks for their team members.

Wei Wucai obviously didnt indicate to the team members that this assignment concerned his future marriage.

After all, he was not as shameless as those two.

Obviously, after Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghuai had told it to the members of their teams…

Their team members would naturally pass the message to Wei Wucais team members.

And so, this was not kept hidden from Wei Wucais team members.

The members from Yuan Jiangyis and Hao Donghuais teams first passed the message to Wei Wucais team members.

The members of the Shadow unit knew that Wei Wucai was courting a girl in B City.

The man who had been single for a million years had finally come to his senses!

Everyone rubbed their palms and fists, wishing that they could fly over to B City to watch this event.

Of course, they couldnt come right away.

However, they spared no effort to spread this news throughout the entire Mount Lan Compound.

Since the three team leaders, Wei Wucai, Yuan Jiangyi, and Hao Donghuai, were gone…

The deputy team leaders of the Shadow unit took charge.

And now, the deputies of the Day Shadows, the Night Shadows, and the Shadowless all grouped together.

They crouched down together with their heads facing and touching each other as they exchanged the information they had collected.

But then, they realized that everyone had gathered similar materials.

“There isnt much news.” After the discussion, the three deputies all said with regret, “I wish I could be there to watch.”

“We will discuss later as to whether we should go to B City.

For now, lets notify the other departments,” said Wei Wucais deputy team leader.

“Sure!” Yuan Jiangyis deputy nodded heavily as an indication that he very much agreed to the suggestion.

“We can easily notify the other departments by sending an email within Mount Lan Compound,” Hao Donghuais deputy said.

“However, the Hidden Guards normally hide in the corners to serve their role as protectors.

“Whether its the guards at the Mount Lan Compound or the guards doing assignments outside, they are not allowed to check their phones while they are on a mission.

They wont know even if we sent an email.”

The Hidden Guards of the Mount Lan Compound were mainly in charge of protecting the place.

Some significant figures outside of the Mount Lan Compound needed guards as well.

If they had the money to pay the price, they would hire Hidden Guards from the Mount Lan Compound.

However, the Hidden Guards of the Mount Lan Compound did not accept long-term employment.

Usually, they were hired when a wealthy person received threats to their physical safety, was almost injured, or had already been hurt.

They could also be hired if a political figure from another country were to visit for a few days.

Such short-term protection required guards at a more advanced level.

That would be the time when the Hidden Guards of the Mount Lan Compound were all dispatched.

For the sake of the customers safety, the Hidden Guards fulfilled their duties with great earnesty.

While they were guarding people, they would not do things that caused distraction.

“Then all members of the three teams should leave and tell them personally,” Yuan Jiangyis deputy said.

Wei Wucais deputy team leader gasped in shock.

“Do we really have to make such a big deal out of this”

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