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Chapter 3318: This Ruthless TruthTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

However, it still allowed Yan Zhiqings heart to calm down somewhat.

As for what Wen Ren thought, Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghui had truly guessed right.

Meanwhile, at Mount Lan Compound…

Wen Ren arrogantly held out his phone for Fang Jiaran to see.


Even though I havent appeared for so many years, I still have such a high level of popularity.” Wen Ren was extremely proud of himself.

“Look at this.

Yan Zhiqing and Xiao Cai went public with their relationship, and the server almost crashed, but our people were able to stabilize it.”

“However, I just came up to say one thing, but the server crashed straight after.

They couldnt keep it stable,” Wen Ren said.

“Its clear that my popularity is truly so hair-raisingly high.”

Fang Jiaran was speechless.

Fang Jiaran wanted to say that Wen Rens popularity was admittedly high.

It was indeed very surprising when he suddenly made an appearance, especially after not having appeared in the public for so long.

That was why the netizens had such a big reaction to it.

After all, no one knew how long it would be until Wen Ren appeared on social media again after this.

Would they ever be able to see Wen Ren again while they were still alive

Of course, Fang Jiaran did not share these thoughts with Wen Ren.

Otherwise, wouldnt he just be provoking Wen Ren

“Look, they are still repairing it,” Wen Ren arrogantly added.

Fang Jiaran didnt know what to say.

She sincerely felt that the little programmer brothers at Weibos IT department were rather pitiful.

How did they attract the attention of those people at Mount Lan Compound

“However, the staff in their IT department arent particularly skilled,” Wen Ren said with disdain.

“They actually lost control over the server just because of my popularity alone.” Wen Rens mouth twitched.

“Theyre getting paid for nothing.”

Fang Jiaran didnt know what to say.


At Wei Wucais side, everyone from Mount Lan Compound finally acted with some conscience.

After watching the lively happenings for a while, they decided to leave.

They had to give Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqing some alone time, right

What would they do if they truly pressured the couple too much and had nothing good to see in the future

They couldnt just catch one person and suck all the blood out of them.

Regardless, they had to pay close attention so that the development was sustainable.

As a result, Yuan Jiangyi was the first to stand up.

“That uh, its quite late now, so well head back first.

The two of you should head to bed soon too.”

Hao Donghuai stood up as well.

“Right, dont tire yourselves out too much tonight.

Were leaving now.”

Yan Zhiqing didnt know what to say.

What did he mean bydont tire yourselves out too much tonight

They… They didnt even have any plan of doing anything!

Following closely, Shi Xiaoya tugged on Han Zhuoling and stood up as well.

Han Zhuofeng still wanted to stay and mess around.

He was a bachelor, but he was still young and had yet to reach an age where he should start to worry about finding a partner.

The old bachelor Wei Wucai only found a girlfriend at such an old age.

Who gave Wei Wucai the courage to look down on Han Zhuofeng just because he was young!

Han Zhuofeng really wanted to provoke Wei Wucai before heading back.

However, before he could even say anything, he was dragged up by Han Zhuoling.

“Just let him off today.

He seems pitiful, so leave it for tomorrow,” Han Zhuoling told Han Zhuofeng quietly.

Despite how cautiously Han Zhuoling spoke, Wei Wucai still managed to hear him.

Of course, Han Zhuoling also knew it would happen.

He had no intention to hide it anyway.

Han Zhuoling wanted to let Wei Wucai hear him.

Wei Wucai still had a long way to go!

He still had to continue getting along with all these third wheels.

So, there was no urgency at the moment.

It was pretty late now, so even if Wei Wucai wasnt going to bed, the rest of them still had to head back and sleep, right

When Han Zhuofeng heard Han Zhuolings words, he felt they made sense.

As such, he nodded without saying anything else.

Shi Xiaoya then saw that Wei Wucais entire face had darkened.

Everything went so smoothly for others when they were in romantic relationships.

No one bothered them while they were on dates, and they would happily and sweetly spend time blissfully in their two-person world.

Why was it that there were always so many people present when it was him and Yan Zhiqing

Initially, he imagined a beautiful scene.

The two of them would be alone in the room, and they would make their relationship public together in a quiet and lovey-dovey atmosphere.

With their shoulders and heads resting against each other, they would scroll through Weibo while discussing.

Whoever spotted an interesting comment would immediately show it to the other person.

He imagined such a beautiful scene, but unfortunately, the reality was very cruel.

There had been no sign of such a warm scene at all tonight.

Instead, it had been extremely lively.

The entire room had been filled with the laughter of Yuan Jiangyi and the others.

Whenever they saw an amusing comment…

They would hear Hao Donghuais deafening yell, “Quick, look! Quickly look at this comment! Hahaha, its hilarious!”

If it werent that, then it would be Yuan Jiangyi slapping his leg.

“Take a look at this, quick.

Xiao Cais become complacent about his romantic relationship, while Wei Zhiqians about to run out of luck.”

If it werent that, it would be Han Zhuofengs voice, “Hahaha, this netizens comment is so bad.

Let me screenshot it for you guys to see!”

Not only were they live streaming the netizen comments they saw, but they were also live streaming the messages being shared in the live streaming group for Wei Wucais romantic relationship.

Although the people in the group had no way of being present at the scene, they were still enthusiastically participating in the discussions about Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqing, as well as in the interactions with the netizens.

On one hand, they were on the Internet, interacting with netizens as fellow netizens.

On the other hand, they were chatting in the group.

It was bustling with activity.

Once the liveliness started, Wei Wucai gradually found himself mentally exhausted.

The whole night passed in such hustle and bustle.

What lovey-dovey, beautiful atmosphere

It did not exist.

Now, this group of people finally wanted to leave.

Wei Wucai was simply too eager to get them to leave without delay.

As such, Wei Wucai hurriedly stood up.

He rushed over to the door.

Before Yuan Jiangyi and the others could even reach the door, Wei Wucai had already opened it for them.

“We wont be seeing you out then.

You should hurry up and head back to rest.”

His eager appearance suddenly made Yuan Jiangyi and the others not want to leave.

However, everyone still walked to the door anyway.

“No need to send us out.

Who are we to you No need to be so courteous.” Hao Donghuai clearly knew this wasnt what Wei Wucai meant, but he deliberately said it like this anyway.

Wei Wucai almost choked on his own breath.

Who wanted to be courteous toward Hao Donghuai

Wei Wucai was just faking his courteousness!

Finally, he managed to send them out the door.

Wei Wucai shut the door and let out a very long exhale.

“They finally left.”

“You know, they clearly knew that the two of us needed time and space alone, but they insisted on disturbing us,” Wei Wucai said unhappily.

“They still dont have partners, so its definitely because theyre envious seeing the two of us so deeply in love.”

Yan Zhiqing didnt know what to say..

She didnt feel that way, though.

Those people probably felt it was fun.

The biggest reason was probably that they wanted to see Wei Wucais depressed and defeated appearance.

Yan Zhiqing felt that she had been totally implicated by Wei Wucai.

However, she decided not to reveal the ruthless truth to him.

Wei Wucai was currently immersed in the happiness of having found a partner.

Letting him think the way he was thinking would make him even happier.

In that case, she would just let him continue thinking that way.

After shutting the door, Wei Wucai walked over to her.

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