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Chapter 3324: I Dont Dare to Overdramatize Her FeelingsTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

They could still remember the aura of death emanating from Hu Kaiyin when she realized that they had heard everything.

The two literally felt a shiver down their spines.

However, Hu Kaiyins confession was obviously rejected by Wei Wucai.

And it had been so many years, but Wei Wucai had yet to change his mind.

However, similarly, it had been so many years and Hu Kaiyin hadnt changed her mind as well.

And since the two members of the Mount Lan Compound famous for having loose mouths heard her confession, she seemed to have felt that there was no longer a need to keep it a secret anymore.

She couldnt keep it a secret anyway.

Therefore, Hu Kaiyin stopped trying to hide her feelings.

Even when she was in front of people, she was blatantly showing her feelings toward Wei Wucai.

Wei Wucai had very firmly rejected her.

Still, Hu Kaiyin didnt give up.

As they were teammates, they often saw each other at the Mount Lan Compound.

Wei Wucai could only ignore her and avoid her.

He tried his best not to see her.

Once, Wei Wucai was really annoyed and rejected her in front of everyone, refusing to prevent her from being embarrassed.

Although he didnt say anything horrible, he had a stern look and rejected with a cold and firm tone, which was enough to express how annoyed he felt.

Unfortunately, he couldnt reciprocate Hu Kaiyins affection.

Although Hu Kaiyin felt embarrassed, she still didnt give up on liking Wei Wucai.

Even so, she still liked him for over a dozen years now.

Some might be touched by such feelings.

Even a heart as hard as a rock would soften by such a deep feeling.

However, Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghuai thought this was scary.

It was understandable to like someone for a year or two or even three, or four.

But relentlessly pestering someone was annoying.

Hu Kaiyins refusal to give up on liking Wei Wucai after over a dozen years might be described euphemistically as deep love.

She knew he had no feelings for her and that he had firmly rejected her…

Yet, she still wouldnt give up even though she had already caused trouble for the person she liked for over a dozen years now.

She still liked him.

That wasnt touching at all.

That was terrifying!

However, eventually, Hu Kaiyin started doing missions outside of the Mount Lan Compound as an official member of the Hidden Light Unit.

The type of mission conducted by the members of the Hidden Light Unit had been explained before.

The completion of a mission would take at least six months to a year.

This time, half of the people at the Mount Lan Compound, including the members of the Hidden Shadows, visited the film studio.

Anyway, everyone was actively participating in gossiping about Wei Wucais love life.

The only people who couldnt join were the members of the Hidden Guards and Hidden Light as they were out on missions.

Eventually, everyone started doing their own assignments and everyone became busy.

Hu Kaiyin had less chance to come to see Wei Wucai.

And so, a long time had passed.

Wei Wucai didnt think Hu Kaiyin was anyone of importance, and the possibility that he had long forgotten her was present as well.

Even Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghuai had forgotten about her as well.

However, Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqing had announced their relationship.

This caused Yuan Jiangyi to remember that there was a girl who liked Wei Wucai in Mount Lan Compound.

If it was just a normal crush, it would have been fine.

There arent many people who were so stubborn and fixated.

And there were people who would still want to be homewreckers, even when they were aware that the person they liked already had a girlfriend or a wife.

But such people were few in number.

Most people would have a sense of moral decency.

If they see that the person they liked had a girlfriend, they would retrieve their feelings and find someone else to crush on.

They wouldnt stubbornly fixate on one person.

The person didnt like you, as you werent good enough.

Why would you be someone elses bitch

There were people who liked you and could see the good in you.

Wasnt it better to just walk away in a carefree manner without saying a word

In comparison, someone like Hu Kaiyin would be a little terrifying.

Hao Donghuai shuddered and rubbed his arms as he whispered to Yuan Jiangyi, “This… Hu Kaiyin liked Xiao Cai, but Xiao Cai was single, so it was fine if she did like him.

Although she did like him for a very long time, we cant say that she was doing something wrong, right”

Although it did seem like an obsession since she liked someone for over a dozen years, she hadnt been doing anything wrong.

You couldnt say that she had been doing something wrong.

Was it wrong to like someone


“But Xiao Cai has a girlfriend now, so he isnt single anymore.” Hao Donghuai said, “In this case, Hu Kaiyin cant continue to bother Wei Wucai, right She should have some self-respect.”

Yuan Jiangyi smiled and said, “If she had some self-respect, why wont she change her mind after being rejected so many times She was even publicly rejected by Xiao Cai…”

Initially, Yuan Jiangyi thought the same as everyone else.

After all, Hu Kaiyin was the only girl in the field teams.

He did think that it wasnt easy for a girl to do that kind of work.

It had nothing to do with love.

He just thought Hu Kaiyin was suffering more than them, so he cared for her more just like everyone else.

In the beginning, when Hu Kaiyin had a crush on Wei Wucai, Yuan Jiangyi didnt think it was anything strange.

That was normal.

He soon saw that Hu Kaiyin wouldnt give up on Wei Wucai to the extent that Wei Wucai was distancing himself from her and was even openly disliking her.

Hu Kaiyin had already caused trouble for Wei Wucai.

But she still continued to ignore Wei Wucais show of dislike and persisted in showing the affection that had already troubled Wei Wucai.

At that time, Yuan Jiangyi had some complaints about Hu Kaiyin.

He had become much colder toward her.

He used to help her with some things, but he refused to provide her with any help.

In the end, even when Wei Wucai had publicly said that she had caused her trouble and that he found her to be annoying…

Hu Kaiyin still chose to ignore what Wei Wucai said.

Since then, Yuan Jiangyi had gotten really cold toward Hu Kaiyin and tried to minimize any interaction with her.

Wei Wucai hadnt been unreasonable.

Since Wei Wucai was reasonable and since Wei Wucai was Yuan Jiangyis friend…

Yuan Jiangyi obviously chose to take Wei Wucais side without any hesitation.

“Therefore, I was just worried that she hadnt seen the announcement that Xiao Cai and Zhiqing had released since she is out on a mission.

Even if she saw the news, she still wouldnt be able to respond to it on time.” Yuan Jiangyi said to Hao Donghuai.

“What if it was after shes done with her mission Will she come after Zhiqing because Wei Wucai didnt reciprocate the dozen years of feelings she gave him”

“I dont dare to overdramatize her feelings,” Yuan Jiangyi said, “Considering how determined she was to have Xiao Cai, I think she is mentally sick.”

“In the past, we admired her because she was able to be on par with us in training even though girls have weaker physical strength and endurance than men.

She had never been behind in training and she persevered and successfully became the only female member of our team.”

“However, the thought of her determination in regards to her feelings for Xiao Cai, it feels like her endurance and persistence stemmed from her obsession.”

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