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Chapter 3325: How Can You Scold MeTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“If she wasnt this persistent, she wouldnt have held on to her affection until now.”

“If she has such obsession, do you think she will give up even if Xiao Cai has already started dating Zhiqing”

“She has persistently kept her affection for years.

If you suddenly ask her to give up one day, would you be able to accept it if you were in her shoes” Yuan Jiangyi asked Hao Donghuai.

“From another point of view, if you have had a hobby for years and someone suddenly told you to give up on pursuing your hobby and throw everything related to your hobby away, will you be able to accept it”

Hao Donghuai immediately shook his head and said, “I definitely cant accept that.”

However, that was different…

Still, Hao Donghuai didnt say what he thought.

Because he had realized…

He might think that those were two different things, but they might be the same to Hu Kaiyin.

“Hu Kaiyin is not like any other love rival.

If she was any other woman, they would at most play tricks and plan schemes like what Lu Xiuse and Luo Qingxian had done.

However, with the absolute power exerted by the Yan Family, any tricks and schemes are just jokes.

Therefore, theres no need for Zhiqing to be afraid of them.”

“However, Hu Kaiyin is different.

She might not have a powerful family background, but she is extremely capable in fighting.

She learned skills that can kill at first trike.” As Hao Donghuai thought about this, he realized even more that Hu Kaiyin was extremely dangerous.

“She would neither reason nor plot schemes against you.

However, she would wound and even kill you at first strike,” Hao Donghuai said, “Shes so straightforward that she is a menace to Zhiqing.”

Yuan Jiangyi nodded and said, “Thats what I am worried about.”

“And its of no use to report this matter to the house leader.

After all, we are only guessing and, she hasnt made a move just yet.” Yuan Jiangyi frowned.

“If we waited until she made a move, it would be too late,” Hao Donghuai said in a deep tone.

“Thats what I thought as well.” Yuan Jiangyi said, “Thats why I brought this up with you.

What should we do now”


Why does Hu Kaiyin make us worry” Hao Donghuai scratched his head and said, “It would be great if she wasnt so strong in fights, right”

Hao Donghuai and Yuan Jiangyi were able to win against Hu Kaiyin in a fight.

Wei Wucai could win against her as well.

So, what if they could beat her in a fight

Ordinary bodyguards wouldnt be able to beat her.

Do you think those important figures would not have bodyguards around them

However, those bodyguards were all taken down by members of the Hidden Light Unit.

Wei Wucai couldnt stay beside Yan Zhiqing every hour of the day as well.

Even if Yan Beicheng hired bodyguards for Yan Zhiqing, she could still be in danger if Wei Wucai wasnt beside her.

“However, Zhiqing can hire the Hidden Guards,” Hao Donghuai said.

“Eh” Yuan Jiangyi was so surprised that he smacked Hao Donghuai on the shoulder and said, “Hao Zi, I am surprised.

Your brain actually works fast!”

Hao Donghuai: “…”

Yuan Jiaingyi made it sound as though he had always been stupid.

“You cant even think about this, which means you are stupid,” Hao Donghuai said in a disdainful tone.

Yuan Jiangyi started explaining for his own sake, “Its hard to see your own shadow.

Because I have always been in the Mount Lan Compound, I forgot about the Hidden Guards.”

“No matter what, lets talk to Xiao Cai about this tomorrow,” Hao Donghuai said, “We will see how he plans to deal with this.”

“Right.” Yuan Jiangyi nodded and said, “Even if we spent half a day analyzing this situation, its still conjectures.”

“Alright.” Hao Donghuai said, “You should get some rest soon.

Its been a busy day.”

“Sure.” Yuan Jiangyi bid goodnight to Hao Donghuai and left Hao Donghuais room.


The next morning.

Because Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghuai were thinking about the issue concerning Hui Kaiyin.

They woke up early.

They didnt sleep well.

Wei Wucai had just tidied up himself and was just about to tell Yan Zhiqing that he was awake.

But then, he heard knocks on his door.

Wei Wucai thought that it was Yan Zhiqing.

He couldnt help but grin widely.

He immediately opened the door.

But then, the moment he opened the door, he was disappointed.

He didnt see Yan Zhiqings sweet and beautiful face at the door.

He saw Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghuais faces, which looked like old ass cabbages.

Wei Wucai immediately stopped smiling.

“Why are you two here so early in the morning” Wei Wucai said scornfully.

He was happily hoping to see Yan Zhiqing and didnt expect to see these two.

The expectation and reality were so different.

How could Wei Wucai not feel any disappointment

Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghuai were like thieves, rushing through the door.

They closed the door, With one on the left and one on the right, each of them held Wei Wucais arm.

Wei Wucai was speechless.

“What are you two doing” Wei Wucai asked with a helpless expression.

“Xiao Cai, have you forgotten Hu Kaiyin” Hao Donghuai asked immediately.

Wei Wucais face instantly darkened as he said, “Why are you talking about her”

Wei Wucai had really forgotten about her.

Wei Wucai felt grossed out by Hu Kaiyin.

It took him a lot of effort to forget about Hu Kaiyin, but Hao Donghuai had to bring her up again.

The thought of Hu Kaiyin immediately put Wei Wucai in a bad mood.

“We dont want to talk about her, too,” Yuan Jiangyi said, “However, you are dating Zhiqing now.

I am worried that she might harm Zhiqing if she finds out about it.”

As expected, Wei Wucais reaction was much quicker than Hao Donghuais.

Without Yuan Jiangyi explaining anything, Wei Wucai had already thought of so many things.

Wei Wucais face immediately became gloomy.

“Dispatch some Hidden Guards here.” Wei Wucai had the same idea as well.

It was impossible for him to be constantly around Yan Zhiqing.

He couldnt be with her when Yan Zhiqing was filming.

Hao Donghuai, who was at the side, said, “Old Yuan, look! Xiao Cais reaction is much faster than yours.”

Wei Wucai instantly thought of using the Hidden Guards.

Unlike Yuan Jiangyi, he wasnt worried about the bodyguards.

“How can you scold me” Yuan Jiangyi, refusing to yield, said, “You didnt even react when I mentioned Hu Kaiyin.”

Hao Donghuai decided not to lower himself to the same level as Yuan Jiangyi as he asked Wei Wucai, “Are you going to tell Zhiqing about Hu Kaiyin”

“I will still tell her.

It wouldnt be good if this caused any unnecessary misunderstandings,” Yuan Jiangyi said.

Wei Wucai nodded and said, “You have to tell her the truth.”

“If Hu Kaiyin could really give up in a carefree manner, that would be great.” Wei Wucai said, “But if she still intends to seek trouble with Zhiqing, I cant let Zhiqing be confused.

I have to tell Zhiqing about her.”

These were the types of troubles you would have to deal with when you were in a relationship.

For some reason, Yuan Jiangyi felt that it was rather good to be single.

He didnt have to deal with so much trouble.

“Alright,” Hao Donghuai said, “We came early just to tell you this.

It wouldnt be good if we talked about it in front of Zhiqing, especially if you didnt want her to know.”

“Then we will be leaving first.” Yuan Jiangyi said.

The two then left the room.

This time, Wei Wucai muttered sincerely to the two, “Thanks.”

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