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Chapter 3328: Heh, MenTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Wei Wucai contacted the Mount Lan Compound to dispatch Hidden Guards over here to protect Yan Zhiqing.

Everyone in the car heard the conversation he had on the phone.

In Wei Wucais opinion, there had been no outsiders in the car.

Especially considering that Shi Xiaoya and Fang Qiaohan were with Yan Zhiqing every day…

The two would be more alert if they knew about it.

Firstly, they would be more on guard if they were with Yan Zhiqing.

Secondly, Wei Wucai was worried that those two might get implicated in Yan Zhiqings matter.

It would be better if all three of them could be more careful.

Therefore, Shi Xiaoya knew about Hu Kaiyin.

And now, Shi Xiaoya was instantly reminded of Hu Kaiyin.

If not, under what circumstances would Yan Zhiqing remain in the changing room for such a long time

The changing room was very small and Yan Zhiqings costume was the only thing stored in there.

Yan Zhiqing wouldnt even have the chance to hit anything.

Yan Zhiqing being in the changing room for such a long time caused Shi Xiaoya to have butterflies in her stomach.

Shi Xiaoya quietly walked to the door of the changing room and tried asking, “Zhiqing, is there an issue You have been changing for a very long time.

Why arent you out yet”

Inside the changing room, Yan Zhiqings mouth was covered by a tall womans hand.

Yan Zhiqing could feel a really hard, cold metal prodding her waist.

Yan Zhiqings arms felt cold.

Her mind went numb.

Wei Wucai had just mentioned Hu Kaiyin this morning.

Hu Kaiyin couldnt possibly be here so quickly, right

Yan Zhiqings face turned pale white.

She could hear Shi Xiaoyas voice, but she couldnt make a sound.

Her mouth was covered.

However, even if her mouth wasnt covered, Yan Zhiqing wouldnt dare to make a sound.

If she asked Shi Xiaoya to come inside, she would be implicating Shi Xiaoya in this situation.

And so, even if the person wasnt covering her mouth, Yan Zhiqing wouldnt make a sound.

Shi Xiaoyas heart sank.

The room was only that big.

She didnt hear Yan Zhiqing knocking or bumping into anything.

But Yan Zhiqing still wouldnt make a sound.

She had to have been held hostage by someone.

Shi Xiaoya hurriedly rushed out of the dressing room.

She staggered as she ran.

Her whole body felt cold and her hands and feet felt numb.

“Wei Wucai!” Shi Xiaoya rushed outside while screaming.

Wei Wucai heard Shi Xiaoyas voice and immediately had this ominous feeling.

He felt literal chills.

It was as though the blood that circulated his limbs were taken out.

He quickly set the things in his hands aside and ran toward Shi Xiaoya.

Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghuai instantly realized that something was wrong and hurriedly followed.

Hao Donghuai lifted his wrist up.

He was wearing a watch, which contained the communication system at the Mount Lan Compound.

Hao Donghuai ran as he connected to a channel through the watch and contacted all the members of the Hidden Shadows on set.

“Quick! Gather at the dressing room and find a way to get inside the room.”

“Zhiqing might have been taken hostage.

Pay attention.

Make a move only if you are sure that Zhiqing will not be injured!” Hao Donghuai said hastily before he cut off communication.

He quickly went with Yuan Jiangyi and followed Wei Wucai to the dressing room.

They met Shi Xiaoya halfway.

When Shi Xiaoya saw Wei Wucai and the others, she knew that they had heard her scream.

Immediately, she explained everything that had happened as quickly as possible.

“There is a small changing room in the dressing room.

Zhiqings costume is inside.

But Zhiqing has been in the changing room for over twenty minutes now.

I thought somethings off, so I called her a few times, but there was no response.

Something is not right.”

Wei Wucai nodded and said, “Stay outside.

Dont go in.”

If it was really Hu Kaiyin, they wouldnt even get Shi Xiaoya back if they were to send her inside.

Shi Xiaoya nodded.

She didnt want to cause more trouble for them.

As such, she could only wait outside nervously.

Wei Wucai, Yuan Jiangyi, and Hao Donghuai then rushed inside through the main door.

Initially, they were thinking about how they could break through the changing room door without hurting Yan Zhiqing.

If they forced their way in and frightened Hu Kaiyin, Hu Kaiyin might assume that they were here to fight and might choose to hurt Yan Zhiqing.

But then, they didnt even need to break the changing rooms door down.

When they rushed into the dressing room, they saw Yan Zhiqing sitting there as if nothing had happened.

The person sitting beside Yan Zhiqing was indeed Hu Kaiyin.

The two didnt seem nervous at all.

Yan Zhiqing wasnt afraid.

She was smiling.

When they came inside, Yan Zhiqing seemed to be chatting with Hu Kaiyin.

The atmosphere seemed very laid back.

Everyone was stunned.

They were so worried and rushed here in a hurry, breaking out in cold sweat.

But they didnt expect to see this!

Wei Wucai was still watching carefully.

Yan Zhiqing and Hu Kaiyin werent exactly intimately close.

There was nothing being used to threaten Yan Zhiqings safety or her life.

The two seemed to just be chatting.

“Xiao Cai.” When Yan Zhiqing saw him, she immediately stood up and walked toward him.

“You guys… must have been scared”

They were scared to death!

Without any hesitation, Wei Wucai examined Yan Zhiqing carefully in front of everyone.

“Are you hurt” Wei Wucai asked while checking her arms and legs.

He checked her face, neck, and the area behind her ears.

There were no injuries at all.

“No.” Yan Zhiqing said.

“Did she threaten you” Wei Wucai asked.

He patted her down and didnt find any bombs being tied to her body.

Wei Wucai then let out a sigh of relief.

He then heard Yan Zhiqing say, “There are really none! Kaiyin is very nice.

She is nothing like the person you described.”

Hu Kaiyin switched to a very lazy posture and crossed her arms.

“What did they say about me”

Yan Zhiqing was speechless.

Seeing Hu Kaiyin being petty and vengeful, Yan Zhiqing immediately started sweating.




He thinks too highly of himself that he must have assumed I still have feelings for him.

He had to be worried that I might hurt you because I discovered your relationship with him.” Hu Kaiyin blew the dust off from under her nails.


Yan Zhiqing nodded and gave Wei Wucai a very meaningful look.


Wei Wucai didnt know what to say.


What is going on” Yuan Jiangyi was confused.

“Why did you come here so quickly” Yuan Jiangyi asked Hu Kaiyin.

Hu Kaiyin rolled her eyes and said, “I wasnt going to come.

I had just completed my assignment and was going to come back and report about it and give myself a vacation.”

“But then, I saw that the Hidden Guards had been dispatched.” Hu Kaiyin harrumphed out of anger before saying, “Do you really think I couldnt guess why they were dispatched”

“It must have been because you all were worried that I might hurt Yan Zhiqing, so you quickly dispatched Hidden Guards to protect her.”

“I was so mad.

I was going to say that since you all are so scared, I might as well kill her,” Hu Kaiyin said, “I cant bear such a reputation and not live up to it, right”

Yan Zhiqing had a great conversation with Hu Kaiyin because she was a very straightforward and carefree person who spoke in a very direct manner.

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