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Chapter 3333: Wrap-UpTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Time went by quickly, and Hu Kaiyin left to meet up with Xie Jiwen.

Because Yan Zhiqing was filming, she couldnt see her off.

So, the dinner they ate together the previous night served as their goodbye dinner.

They had only just met each other.

If you really counted the days, they barely knew each other for a day.

However, Yan Zhiqing and Hu Kaiyin vibed with each other.

They admired each others personalities and felt as though they had been friends for a long time.

“You have to be careful when you go this time,” Yan Zhiqing said worriedly.

Hu Kaiyin seemed to always be doing missions that were rather dangerous.

The mission hadnt been assigned to her by the Mount Lan Compound.

It was just something she was helping with during her personal time.

However, whenever there was something dangerous, she would always do it.

That fact alone was heart-wrenching.

Hao Donghuai scratched his head.

The more Hu Kaiyin behaved in an ungrudging manner, the guiltier Yuan Jiangyi and him felt.

He then asked, “Why dont Old Yuan and I accompany you”

“Theres no need for that.

You two have fun here,” Hu Kaiyin replied.

“Look at what you are saying.

We are both doing serious things here.

How can you say we are having fun” Yuan Jiangyi tried to justify themselves.

Hu Kaiyin raised her brow and said, “What proper things have you two done since you came here”

Yuan Jiangyi didnt know how to answer that question.

Could he say that he had been helping Wei Wucai with work

But if he were to answer honestly, the two hadnt really properly assisted Wei Wucai with any work.

They would always get distracted by Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqings news whenever they wanted to do something.

Therefore, it seemed… like…

Aside from helping Wei Wucai court Yan Zhiqing, the two hadnt really done anything serious.

Immediately, Yuan Jiangyi stopped talking.

The next day when Hu Kaiyin left, Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai were both on set and couldnt see her off.

Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghuai sent her to the airport.

After that, Yan Zhiqing went back to concentrating on filming.

They filmed on set for three months, and Yan Zhiqing finally finished filming all her scenes.

However, even though Yan Zhiqing was done filming her scenes, the others still werent done.

As such, the special effects team still needed to stay on set.

However, Yan Zhiqing had already left, so why would Wei Wucai bother to stay

Anyway, the post-processing for special effects wasnt that hard.

Wei Wucai didnt need to stay here.

He only stayed here for Yan Zhiqing.

So, when Yan Zhiqing was done filming her scenes, Wei Wucai left the set with her.

He then gave the work to his subordinates.

On their way out of the studio…

Wei Wucai recalled when they were in Yan Zhiqings camper van and asked, “When are we going to the Yans family home to see your grandparents”

Yan Zhiqing had almost forgotten about it.

She remembered when Wei Wucai mentioned it.

Previously, she said that the first thing she would do after she was done filming would be to visit her grandparents.

She had been on set for a long time and had been really busy and tired.

Yan Zhiqing herself couldnt even remember it.

So, she didnt expect Wei Wucai to remember it.

When Yan Zhiqing was done filming, the film crew would obviously celebrate for her since she was playing a lead role.

So, when noon arrived, they organized a feast and celebrated.

When the celebration ended, the two left the studio.

It was already 3:20 pm.

“It is a little late.

We havent been able to get any good rest since we have always been on set.

Why dont we take a break first and go back to the family home tomorrow or the day after tomorrow” Yan Zhiqing discussed the matter with Wei Wucai.

In her opinion, it would be best to do it the day after tomorrow.

She wanted to sleep for a day and a night at home, and she also wanted to sleep for the entire day tomorrow.

Honestly, it would be impossible for her to pay back the three months of sleep debt with just a days sleep.

Usually, whenever she was done with such long term and exhausting filming project, she would need at least a week to recover.

However, Wei Wucai seemed to be in a hurry to meet her grandparents.

That was why Yan Zhiqing said tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

But then, Wei Wucai was even more impatient than her.

He responded, “Should we go tomorrow then”

Yan Zhiqing didnt know what to say.

Clearly, she wouldnt be able to sleep for an entire day tomorrow.

Then, Wei Wucai explained, “Your grandparents know that we have both finished our work, and if they found that we didnt visit them right away, it would be bad.”

The grandparents wouldnt be petty and feel unhappy.

However, Wei Wucai thought that Yan Zhiqings grandparents had been waiting for them to finish their work.

They had to have been anticipating the end of their work.

They waited until Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqing were done with their work, but when it ended, Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqing didnt visit them right away.

The grandparents wouldnt feel angry, but they would definitely be disappointed.

Yan Zhiqing nodded and said that she would tell her grandparents.

Yan Zhiqing then stopped pushing the schedule back.

She called the family home number in front of Wei Wucai.

The person who answered the phone was the family home butler.

Yan Zhiqing said something, and the butler called Yan Zhiqings grandmother over and handed her the phone.

“Zhiqing.” Soon, her grandmas happy voice could be heard over the phone.

“Grandma, Im done filming.

We have just made our way out of the studio and are now on the way home,” Yan Zhiqing said, “Xiao Cai just reminded me that I had told you I would visit you the moment Im done with work.”

Grandma was really happy.

Regardless of whether Wei Wucai had really done that or whether Yan Zhiqing was just saying good things about Wei Wucai to create a better image of Wei Wucai, Yan Zhiqings grandma thought it was still good.

If Wei Wucai did that…

It meant that he was really putting in the effort.

This meant that he really did like Yan Zhiqing, which was why he cherished her so much and remembered that detail.

In addition, they had just left the studio, and they were already going to visit when they had barely gotten any rest.

He had to be in such a hurry to get approval from the elders and be officially recognized!

However, if it was Yan Zhiqing lying for Wei Wucai so that she could let Wei Wucai create a better impression…

Grandma thought it was good as well.

This meant that the two were in a very good relationship, and Yan Zhiqing knew to be considerate to Wei Wucai.

There was nothing better than a couple being in a good relationship.

This would make her even happier.

“That is very thoughtful of Xiao Cai.” Old Mrs.

Yan smiled and said, “He is even more considerate than you.”

Yan Zhiqing pouted and said, “Grandma, with Xiao Cai here, will I become less important to you”

Yan Zhiqing thought it was possible.

Old Mrs.

Yan often praised Wei Wucai.

In addition, OId Mrs.

Yan was obsessed with good looks.

Wei Wucai could definitely bewitch her grandma with his appearance.

Old Mrs.

Yan laughed and scolded, “Kiddo, no matter who I like, you are the one I like the most.”

“Grandma, I discussed this with Xiao Cai, and we decided we would visit the family home tomorrow,” Yan Zhiqing said.

“That soon” Old Mrs.

Yan was surprised.

“I thought you just finished work.

You should get enough rest.

It must have been really exhausting working on set.

You had to wake up early and stay up late.

Youre finally done with work, so arent you going to get some rest first”

“I thought that you would rest for a week first,” Old Mrs.

Yan added.

“Xiao Cai is impatient.

He said that we had promised to visit you the moment we were done with work.” Yan Zhiqing responded with a smile.

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